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  1. As a fan that has gotten increasingly pessimistic from my teens to now into my late 30’s, I actually think that we hit on Moore. This kid looks special and could be a player the jets will utilize for years to come. The only downside that I can recall from memory was the production when Zach was out to when he was in. It looked like josh josh johnson, white, and Flacco showed that this kid can be really good. Hopefully, Zach can get better and utilize moore. I’m excited for the future with this kid.
  2. I would like to see this team go and get a Christian Kirk or juju. I’m not a huge fan of either as a teams #2 but love both of those guys as a #3 / primary slot receiver. Having one of those two guys in the slot will allow us to move Elijah moore around to get the good match ups. If we went that route, I’d be all about getting the best players available regardless of position.
  3. Lol if we signed barkley, we’d be signing him to be our number 1 back. Nobody who would be trying to land barkley would be trying to get him as their back up. Carter would be the 1b if the jets went out and got him.
  4. Lol. Or does it show how aware he really is. You think it’s good for him to not say teams are interested in him? He’s gonna stay quiet so that he gets drafted at a lower position on a sh*tty team? I’d say the exact opposite, I’d say he’s extremely aware…
  5. In theory he’d be a good fit here. With that being said, I could see a team paying up for his potential. For this team, at this time, it’s not worth paying up for a risk/reward RB when this team isn’t ready to compete for a playoff spot.
  6. I’m all about people getting paid that deserve it but you’d think at this stage in his career, he’d care a lot about legacy and rings. The guy has had nearly $300 million in contracts. He also seems like a smart guy so I doubt he’s squandering his money away. He’s already created generational wealth, why not give the team he plays for some flexibility and go out and get at least one more ring? I’ll likely never see that kind of money so who am I to say what he should or shouldn’t want, but how much money do you really need when you’ve already made that much in your career?
  7. Lol, yea that’s one way to look at it. But in addition to having good qb’s, be in an offense where deep passing is more prevalent. I’d also say he’d be a fit in Vegas or in Washington as well.
  8. I think DK is a mid level #1 WR. Very talented, good overall WR. With that being said, his style, I don’t think it’s a good fit in this offense. He’d be great on the chargers, bengals, rams or some of these other offenses where the offense can attack you at any level on any given play. In this offense, there is too much short and mid level passing, I feel like DK wouldn’t be utilized to his strengths. Like him as a WR but don’t like him on this team.
  9. Not opposed to it. Not counting his rookie year, 2 years without Darnold, 950ish yard season and a 1k yard season. All other years with Darnold, averaging around 650-700 yards a season. Would also allow us to use one of our other firsts on another position of need.
  10. Burrow was playing pretty damn well in his rookie year if my memory is correct. Regardless if mahomes sat out, him being that good in his first year starting is also an extreme outlier. i doubt we’ll see qb’s play that good, that early very often. We just happen to see 3 guys within a few year period do it.
  11. Yea, ekwonu would give us some flexibility. If becton regresses, becton could also potentially be moved to guard and ekwonu gets moved to tackle. I like the flexibility. The potential for having a great o line would be there, the coaching staff would just need to figure out who plays where.
  12. Yea, im sure its never happened before. The colts starting Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky for an entire season proves the colts could have cared less if they got the number 1 pick and the right to draft andrew luck.
  13. Aikmen, Eli manning, Peyton Manning, John Elway are a few others that come to mind. People seeing Mahomes, Herbert, and Burrow starting off amazing have made people forget how hard it is for a young QB. I wasn't a fan of the Wilson pick but I'm also not going to throw dirt on him either. A not-so-great rookie season on a not-so-great team isn't enough to say wilson will be good or bad. Plenty of other QB's that have played that have had bad rookie seasons that wound up having decent to good to great careers. lets hope wilson is one of them.
  14. Lol, Tom Brady’s “last TD pass” game ball is going to auction this weekend. Heard estimates that it could go for around $1 million. Can you imagine being the person that buys that ball and he came back the following season?
  15. You def won’t get a “team package” but I think your wrong on the pricing. Disney+ has around 80 million subscribers. Amazon has around 150 million subscribers. I can’t find exact numbers on direct tv but I think it’s only a couple million at this point. Direct tv is about dead. Anyways, when Disney or Amazon get the package, they won’t need the $450 per season to be profitable. They may make it a relatively inexpensive add on to their current service. Amazon for example, They can make more money charging their 150 million users say an extra $10-15 a month during the season than direct tv could get charging $450 to their subscribers. They could also just charge a $100 flat fee and bring in way more money. Point being, one of these massive companies getting it will likely result in a less expensive product since they’ll be able to reach just about every single person in the market. Direct tv couldn’t do that so the pricing was insanely high.
  16. Its not what Zach needs, it’s what the offense needs. A stud OL can produce exceptional gains in the running game. How nice would it be to have a rushing attack that can take over a game and take the pressure off Wilson? A great rushing attack should make it easier to throw the ball. Let the kid gain some confidence without having the pressure of having to carry the offense.
  17. I’ve read on a few sites that depending on where ekwonu goes, he could also be drafted to play guard. I kind of like the pick because it would give us some flexibility on the line. If becton can’t handle the LT position, move him to guard and have ekwonu play at LT….or vice versa. I think we would have the pieces to have a great o line, the staff will just need to figure out where each piece fits in.
  18. extmenace

    FA WR's

    I think Kirk is the best fit on this list. Although I’m not a huge juju fan, his ability to catch balls on short routes would def help Wilson. I just don’t understand how that guy can catch so many balls and literally get no YAC. He had 95-100 catches yet couldn’t break 900 yards in 2020. Also seems like he cares a lot about being famous… Mike Williams and Gallup, I don’t know if Wilson would be able to utilize them to their strengths. I think the jets need to get quick, shifty WRers that can make plays in the 5-15 yard pass ranges.
  19. Although I think Ridley is a terrible fit here in NY, you’d almost have to make that deal if it were presented. Just worried that if the guy had mental health issues in atl, what kind of issues will he have in a tougher, more brutal market?
  20. Hopefully he is picked by someone else at 4. Can we, just one time, get a kings ransom for a high draft pick?
  21. quarterback play is a big deal for the fringe #1 WRers. Cooper isnt hopkins, he isn’t adams, he isn’t elite. If you put him in an offense with a baker mayfield, Zach Wilson, or some of the mediocre qb’s in the league, he isn’t going to be good for 1000 yards. Cooper has been on teams where the qb play has been good to above average his whole career. With that being said, if cooper is cut loose, I just don’t see why he’d sign here when him and his agent probably know that going to a team with a questionable qb situation would likely hurt his earning potential. He’s only 27, so he likely still has 2 good contracts left. Signing here vs another team in better shape could and likely would cost him 10’s of millions of dollars.
  22. Last year, when the options could have been chase, waddle, smith and even pitts…yes, I’d love the idea. Unfortunately, 2022 doesn’t look to be as good as 21.
  23. The last few weeks when he had a real chance to play, he had some TD's and some decent games. Nothing spectacular but he did show that him and Zach wilson were starting to build something. I used to be one of those guys that hated over paying but when you see what teams like the Rams and Bucs are doing, it appears there is almost always a way to stay under the cap. I think for Zach Wilson and the special teams sake, we need to keep berrios on the team. Even if it means over paying a little. It's not like this team is over flowing with talent and this team has some tough roster decisions coming. 9 seems a bit high, but most negotiations start that way. Jets should just lock him up, even if it is a little above market value.
  24. If not, we can take hutch or thibo and could go OL in rd 2. I know literally nothing about Garret Wilson though. I know stats aren’t everything but just looking at those, is this guy a top 10 pick? Anyone know a little about him? Drafttek also has us taking Wilson at 10 as well.
  25. https://www.espn.com/nfl/draft2022/insider/story/_/id/33227214/nfl-mock-draft-2022-jordan-reid-new-two-round-predictions-top-64-picks-featuring-six-quarterbacks-senior-bowl-risers #4 OT NC state - Ikem Ekwonu #10 WR OSU - Garett Wilson #35 Edge Cincinnati - Myjai Sanders #38 TE Colorado State - Trey Mcbride thoughts?
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