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  1. Unless the jets are willing to over pay, a young guy like him that could be in line for at least 2 more contracts, it would be a bad business decision for him to sign here. If an established team can offer similar money, I can’t imagine him signing here where his value could be destroyed.
  2. He’d be a distraction at this point. I don’t think any team would want their HC to be a distraction. Completly different reasons but urban myer ruined his opportunity because of that in less than 1 season. Everyone has the right to pursue legal action but he probably should have waited until all the hires had been completed before pulling the trigger.
  3. The jets need to go out and bring in someone special, much like the bills did with diggs for JA but I can’t imagine GB will let him walk. He’ll likely be tagged and traded if he goes to a new team. Are the jets really going to pay possibly 2 first rounders and 30 mill a year? I just don’t see this team, with this many holes, being the team that pays that kind of price. Not to mention, would adams even want to come to a team that could hurt his value after his deal runs its course?
  4. I’m personally not worried about him at this point. Injuries and horrible passing stats were more to blame for his year than him being a good or bad signing. He also happened to miss time when we got the good josh Johnson and mike white games. He was mostly active when the offense was performing at its worst. He’s by no means an elite WR but I don’t think he’s a horrible pick up either. Excited to see what he can do in year two.
  5. The patriots have 6 Super Bowl rings, the Bucs have 1 while he was on the team. Brady is a great qb but he gets far too much credit. Look at the other great qbs of his era. In an era where teams need to be broken apart every 3-4-5 seasons, the patriots were able to field good to great teams year in an year out. While guys like Peyton manning needed 30-40 points on any given week to give their teams a chance to win, Tom Brady had teams around him that could pick up the slack when he wasn’t at his best. The accomplishments were / are amazing but you can argue that outside of his last year in NE, Brady had never once been on a bad team. The patriots as an organization should be getting just as much of the credit. the sample size is small but Brady misses one season and his team won 11 games without him. Peyton on the other hand misses a season and the colts were drafting first overall. The patriots, despite being inconsistent with their high draft picks, were consistently fielding top tier NFL rosters. Their ability to find the diamonds in the rough type players, whether it be in FA or late in the draft, was impressive.
  6. I think 90% of the board here has been begging for a trade back in Rd1 for years and years. It never happens. With that being said, yes, I’d like for this to finally be the year the jets trade back and accumulate more premium picks. This team needs so much help. Get as many high upside prospects on this roster as possible! I’d love to see this team move the 4th pick as well if one of the two top pass rushers isn’t there. Turn 4 and 10 into 4 firsts plus some second and 3rds.
  7. Elijah Moore averaged 75 yards a game the last 6 games of the season. Also had 5 TD's in that same stretch despite inconsistent passing performances. Moore has a chance to be that exciting / dynamic WR that we have been waiting for.
  8. dude was surrounded by other star players at alabama. This year in ATL, he was it heading into the season. We have no idea why he really needed to take the season off, but there is something off with him. dude is still really young. Don't think the veteran leadership is here to support a guy like him.
  9. I don't think 2022 is as important in terms of wins and losses as it is for the team just being more competitive. If the team pulls out 5-6 wins and can keep games somewhat close in the losses, that is a move in the right direction. With how things are going, 2023 will be the season where the pressure will be on.
  10. You can probably put together a 5 minute highlight film of the 2022 season of players around the league doing the same thing. I can't recall ever seeing anyone get flagged for that.
  11. Blows my mind that anyone here would want ridley. Yes, he has shown some talent, but this isnt the type of team that can take on a player like that. He needs to be on a team where he is just one of the guys on the team. If he came here, the pressure for him to succeed would be immense. For a guy with mental health problems, it makes zero sense for this team. He is not a good fit here.
  12. I think its mostly because of how well of a game JA played. For the most part, seems like he's a fan favorite if you like the bills or not. If JA didn't play as well as he did, I think there would be more talk of the bills playcalling during those last 13 seconds of regulation. No matter how you swing it, the playcalling of the kick off and the 2 plays leading up to the game tying FG were horrible.
  13. Chiefs have recently won. Don't think anyone expected the niners / bengals to get this far....they want it im sure but I think most fans for these teams would be consider this a successful season. The rams on the other hand have sold out and is all in with this team. Rams def have the most pressure to win here. Rams is my vote.
  14. I think a bigger argument can be made in where these QBs end up and the talent around them. The difference between Herbert, mahomes, and burrow and say Wilson, Darnold, fields, Lawrence and etc should be minimal as far as raw talent goes. But when you look at the young qbs who come out guns blazing, it becomes clear that the guys who are succeeding are the guys with talent around them. The guys who are foundering and struggling don’t have much support.
  15. I wasn't comparing their skill sets....I was comparing their rookie seasons. If you judged JA after his rookie season, it would have been very difficult for anyone to say he would eventually develop into a top 5-6 QB in the NFL. I'm not saying ZW will develop into an elite QB but making conclusions about any rookie QB, especially a QB in the position ZW was in, this early into the process is premature. Because of the burrows, mahomes, and herberts, people have unrealistic expectations that any and all highly drafted QB's should be able to walk onto a football field and be good from the first snap. Its not how it normally goes.
  16. JA looked pretty bad in year 1 and 2. 52% and 58% completion percentages....then in year 3, he boomed. Wilson and JA had pretty similar rookie seasons. With that being said, the bills put a team around him that could support him / prop him up as he struggled / developed. The bills could keep games close and take the pressure off JA which enabled the bills to keep JA's confidence in tact. The jets couldn't do that with Darnold. The jets need to do the same with Wilson or his confidence will be destroyed by the time he is ready to reach his potential.
  17. I'm no expert in how viewership correlates to dollars.....but I can't imagine viewership is peaking at 11:00pm EST on a sunday night regardless of how good the game is.
  18. NFLPA wouldn't want that. With every additional play, the risk of injury increases. OT needs to end as quickly as possible but it would be nice if they could figure out a way to do that while giving both teams an equal opportunity.
  19. From a business standpoint, the NFL doesn't really care. As far as they are concerned, their ads were sold and aired during regulation. All their sponsors were advertised during the game. The NFL upheld their end of the bargain and made their money. At that point, the NFL and the TV stations want the games to end. The TV stations don't want these games going on for an extra hour as its now costing them money. With that being said, college OT rules where they start off at the 25 would be much more exciting. Maybe for the NFL, they start off at the 50 and have to go for 2 no matter what. But again, the longer the game goes, the more the TV stations lose. what the fans want and what makes the TV stations / NFL money are two different things.
  20. I’m not, it took me a while but after I saw Kirk cousins and Anthony baar use the jets to get more money from the Vikings I finally realized that all this team is at this point is leverage for players to sign with other teams for as much money as they can get elsewhere. I have little no expectations regarding high profile free agents. It ain’t happening and if it does, it’ll be for way too big of a contract. Jets need to build from within and do it well if we’re ever going to see this team so well. We’ll start getting free agents when players and their agents don’t view this team as a bad business decision.
  21. Because they draft well and when they become competitive, they trade for or can lure good free agents to sign. Most good free agents sign with better teams because it’ll keep their value in tact. Very few good FA’s will sign will bottom feeders unless the contract is so much richer than the better team can offer.
  22. I was asking a few buddies, when was the last time anyone has seen a 45ish yard FG missed because it was short? I was so confused at first when the refs were waiving that kick as no good.
  23. Wild card weekend was pretty bad outside of the bengals vs raiders game. This weekend has been entertaining.
  24. I didn’t think I was rooting for anyone either but I caught myself yelling at the screen like I was a life long rams fan. Couldn’t watch Brady get credit for another comeback when the team they were playing was literally doing everything in their power to lose the game.
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