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  1. In theory, at least to me, a top 5 pick should be a plug and play, above average starter within the first season or two. That pick should have HOF / pro bowler upside but not necessarily become either.
  2. Brady and the patriots were always padding stats. Peyton manning, at least for the majority of his time with the colts, was carrying mediocre to bad teams on his back. With that being said, I didn’t look it up but I did look up most pass attempts in a single season. Aaron Rodgers most in a season is 610 attempts which puts him in a tie for 52nd most in a season. Tom Brady on the other hand has 7 seasons in the top 52, Brees is in the top 52 10 times…I’d say a lot of those big passing yard seasons have a lot more to do with attempts than anything else…
  3. We’ll at least nobody will tell you you’re a pessimist. I hope they do well but I don’t see it. I hope you’re right and I’m wrong.
  4. Am I setting the bar low or am I being realistic? The jets are drafting 4th in the draft this year, they drafted 2nd last year. This is a young team that isn’t good yet.
  5. Outside of detroit and jacksonville, every other team should still be better than this team next year. If this team can pull off 6-7 wins next season, we should all be pretty happy with the progress.
  6. I know it won't happen, it never does, but a trade down from 4 would be great if both of the top pass rushers are gone. I just don't know outside of Hutchinson or Thiboduex if there is a guy that really sticks out for this team with the 4th pick. There are just so many holes to fill. Maybe one of these QB's can make a run up the draft boards and be worth it for one of these teams to trade up. Maybe we can swing a trade with Atlanta or Denver at 8 or 9, pick up another first + second and keep on trying to get as many talented prospects on this roster as we can.
  7. Lol, I’m the only one that voted pats. My logic is that I don’t think the pats are good enough to win a super bowl. If the pats win in rd 1, neither the bills or the pats will win the super bowl this year.
  8. This has been the jets problem since rex Ryan walked out the door. This team has been used to drive prices up for FA’s for quite a while now. Very few FA signings over the last decade have came here and left with equal or increased value. At this time, we’re plan b or c. We won’t have a legit shot at the FA’s we all want to sign until this team starts hitting on draft picks and this organization starts being competitive consistently.
  9. lol, a large majority have been hoping for a high pick trade down for years and years. It doesn't happen. Since we've seen a bunch of GM's and coaches over the the johnson ownership, I'd assume woody wants the shot at the star vs gaining multiple picks. We've had so many chances to do so and it never happens. He's probably much more involved with these high picks than anyone will want to believe. After last year, I'll no longer even consider that this team will do anything of the sort.
  10. Im in my 30's so never watched him play but watched a few documentaries of him over the years. From what I've seen, he was also an amazing athlete prior to his knee injury. With that being said, he's in the HOF for the super bowl 3 win and him being one of the first true sport celebrities. Not so much for what he did on the field over the course of his entire football career. He brought a lot of attention to the league.
  11. NFL is smart. Brainwashing these kids into being NFL fans early so that they become paying customers when they grow up.
  12. Question for you all. Think about all the free agents the jets have signed over the last 5-10 years…. ok, now try to think of players who signed free agent contracts with the jets and went on to sign another big contract with the jets and / or another team. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a single player. The only player I can really think of in general is maybe Demario Davis but we traded for him and then we didn’t resign him. I’m sure there are a few but my point is, this is not an ideal place for good free agents to sign. The agents know this, the players know this, the jets know this. It’s practically been proven that if you sign here, the likihood of landing another significant contract is low. I didn’t read every post in this thread but for those who want us to get guys in free agency…it’s going to be difficult to land those A and B class free agents. JD, in many ways, is handicapped because of the team he works for. For the most part, if the money is close, it’s a bad business decision to sign here. Our only real hope is to land players through the draft. If this team can build right, free agents may be more likely to gamble in the future. as this team is now, it’s career suicide for these high impact free agents to sign here unless the money is so much higher than the other offers that they have no choice to take the risk.
  13. If there was only talk about how the team was struggling it would be one thing. Urban was becoming a huge distraction and let’s be honest, what we heard was likely not everything. Between the embarrassment of the blonde chick grinding on him at his bar, to him not flying back with his team, and the loser talk / degrading of his coaching staff that had leaked, he was becoming too much of a headache in too little of time. Don’t blame Jacksonville what-so-ever all things considered.
  14. This list assumes, at least for not signing players, that players would sign here to begin with. I’m sure these players agents are aware that most players that sign here, leave here with significantly less perceived value. Unless this team over pays by a wide margin, it isn’t a smart business decision to sign here. The Anthony Baar situation is a prime example. If all things are equal, this team isn’t going to land the impact guys we all get upset about when they sign elsewhere. Until this organization can right the ship, our best chance of solving roster problems will be through the draft.
  15. Where these kids get drafted is almost as important as the skills these prospects have / don’t have. Does anyone here actually think had either Wilson or Lawrence went to the pats this year they wouldn’t be doing just as good or better than what mac jones is currently doing? Pats play great defense and can run the ball as good as anyone. Mac doesn’t have to carry his team to win games. Wilson and Lawrence are on sh*t teams. They may or may not be better than Mac but as rookies, they are already being asked to put their teams on their backs. Not normally a good way for first year guys to build confidence and develop.
  16. The early successes of guys like Herbert, mahomes, and mac and have given fans of other franchises unrealistic expectations for first year QBs. The fact of the matter is those 3 guys went to stacked teams. Mac jones is on a great team. Herbert and mahomes also were put in amazing situations. TL, Wilson, and fields are on bad teams. On top of having to learn the game, they also have to shoulder the load and don’t have a whole lot around them to keep games competitive. Mac jones and the pats offense can do absolutely nothing for 5 straight drives and they’ll still be in the game. Zach Wilson and TL on the other hand, if they don’t put up points in the same scenario, they are likely down multiple scores and the game can be out of reach quickly. This is a big reason why teams like the jets are constantly shuffling around qb’s while other franchises seemingly find productive qbs more often. The added pressures of big prospects on bad teams are overlooked when it comes to development.
  17. Confidence. Just like in anything, when you are succeeding, you feel better about your self. Davis was on a winning team last year. On a losing team this year. Combine that with a downgrade at qb at it makes all the sense in the world. mims, pressure of limited opportunities. Last year, no worries about losing playing time. This year, if he drops a pass, he may not see another snap that day. Those are my explanations for the stats.
  18. There are still people on this board that think we can attract free agents or get players like Russell Wilson? Only way we land elite players is if we grossly over pay or there isn’t much of a market for the player. When this team is good, maybe that can happen but you have to be insane to think Wilson would ever want to come and play for this team.
  19. Greg Knapp passed away a month or two before the season started. He was supposed to be the QB coach. With most of the other good candidates already having jobs with other franchises and what not, Rob Calabrese was elevated to QBs Coach. The Greg Knapp passing was not only sad but also put the team in a bind. Bringing in another "QB coach" mid season, to me, doesn't seem all that odd when you consider how we didn't have a hand picked QB coach on the staff at the start of the season.
  20. This season sucks. I was expecting this team to have a top 5-10 draft pick this year but I was hoping to see some competitive games. I blew off a family get together today / seafood feast to watch this game. I regretted that decision after the first bills drive.
  21. I disagree, this is good news. Sends a message that if he wants this job, it will have to be earned. If Zach can’t win this competition, he was never going to amount to much anyways.
  22. They just signed desean Jackson today. Prob takes them out of the running…
  23. I know they were tinkering with his contract before they agreed to release him. I don’t know enough about the contract but I find it hard to believe he’d willing give up guaranteed money (think I saw 7+ million).
  24. That’s how it normally goes when a player is released during the season. Players salaries are guaranteed for the year if they make the opening day roster.
  25. Correct me if I’m wrong but the browns are on the hook for his salary this year. Nobody will likely claim him so he’ll likely sign for league min with his next team. The browns will pay the difference and odb is a free agent next year.
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