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  1. 4 PSL For sale or Trade

    Just walk away.......That is what I am doing. Offering my Row 7 seats to people so sit around me if not im out! I look at it as my PSL balance is what I would pay in season tickets.......I would lose 2000 on preseason tickets and lets say I sell every other game for 60-125 I could lose another 2k to 4k in ticktes......plus still owe 10 k on PSL. Sorry but even if jets become a 3x superbowl championship team in 5 years dont ever see making any of this money back. I have other things I can use money on
  2. 4 PSL For sale or Trade

    Can not treat like a taxable event unless you own them for business and they are in the business name and still iffy
  3. 4 PSL For sale or Trade

    see above
  4. 4 PSL For sale or Trade

    Well I can not afford my season tickets nor can I find a broker like last year who wants to buy them. I will have to default. The jets manager said that it will NOT affect our credit report and that we will forfeit any money paid to the jets. Also the Jets MAY OR MAY NOT come after us in court for the remaining balance. I honestly do not think so because if they resold our psl why would they come after us for selling a seat twice? I just dont think it would hold up in court. All i know is that it will not affect my credit and they may or may not try and collect. On jets website it says nothing about trying to collect in court just lose tickets and money paid so far. I just graduated so I dont have any assets just bank account so my situation maybe different from you! I will not be able to pay season tickets come may 1st so at that point i will be going into default. If I can find someone to buy the season tickets or PSL great but no one wants them.
  5. A word to the wise on PSL's

    forgot to quote you see above!
  6. A word to the wise on PSL's

    I just spoke with a manager they said it WILL NOT affect my credit if I default! They may or may not go after you for the remaining balance!
  7. A word to the wise on PSL's

    Has anyone defaulted?? what is the result? Does it affect your credit if you default and will the jets come after you for remaining balance?
  8. 4 PSL For sale or Trade

    Did you get a lawyer?? Season ticket bill comes in a month and really need to figure out what to do. If I do not pay season tickets I guess than I lose PSL at that point and than they can come after for me the remaining balance of $10,000. I really can not see myself paying 10k in tickets, when I know I will only get maybe 2K back in resale and than pay another 10k in PSL when NO ONE has the money to buy a PSL.
  9. 4 PSL For sale or Trade

    There is nothing we can do those are his price for this year, if jets do better than he pay change rates for next year. if you hear anything if jets will come after us if we default let me know
  10. 4 PSL For sale or Trade

    I used a broker to buy tickets last year but he only would want regular season only at face value.....Last year I sold my Tickets for 1500 for the full season each so I make a good buck. Now debating what to do. Default on all 8. Pay off 4 move them to another name in family and default on 4 or what.
  11. 4 PSL For sale or Trade

    What will happen if you default? Will the jets come after you for the remaining balance?
  12. 4 PSL For sale or Trade

    Thank you, If I can not find someone to buy them at these price I may either: 1) sell season tickets at face value for whole season.....125 a game x 10 games x 4 tickets = $5000 (If anyone on here is intersted) or 2) Default on my account and keep my other 4 PSL. I will also sell PSL in sets of 2!
  13. 4 PSL For sale or Trade

    Selling 4 PSL section 126 row 20 now for $6,250 TOTAL. This includes all fees and you can pay the jets directly via credit card or cash. Great deal if someone in upper deck wants an upgrade or if someone wants jets season tickets!!
  14. 4 PSL For sale or Trade

    It looks like I will be selling to a broker. I have only found people interested in 2 not 4. I will be selling PSL and Playoff tickets through out the year and will restart next year for PSL + season tickets and Superbowl lottery option to all PSL holders ONLY. Thank you and good luck to everyone.
  15. Is anyone selling a JETS Season Parking Pass??

    I have 2 if your interested.....whats your price for them??