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  1. I'm listening to "One Night In Bangkok (Vinyshakerz Screen Cut)" by Vinylshakerz (http://bit.ly/d2TM85) #pandora

    1. Mentos


      One night in Bangkok is the soussvanwerlnou, tau gitda toocah tika tika too.

    2. Mentos


      Couldn't remember any words last night. I remembered one line now. I think the devil's standing next to me.

  2. Im in Florida but I'll go home early to go to a home game...ha ha hells who am I kidding I'd leave my own wedding to go to a home game
  3. next best thing to watchin @Mark_Sanchez & @DUSTINKELLER81 (my dream team) on Sunday at home is watchin in FL with 2 of my Favorites!

  4. my housekeeper almost threw out my new JETS tee..its soaking in saline to make it look old...gees..

  5. as I load my IPod up with Ramstien and J Bieber for my run, I ponder what tunes my fav Jets players work out to...

    1. BroadwayJoe12


      I see nacho really being into Abba and showtunes.

  6. Back in "Bird Land" but so excited early XMas present is tix to both Nov home games!

  7. love being back "home" I can go into a store and see JETS gear and not ravens...

    1. Maxman


      Welcome home!

    2. LWren


      Thanks...its great walking into a mall and seeing JETS Green...although its almost all gone...gotta love when our team wins!

  8. just showing off my super fun shirt...can't help that boobs are in the shot...blame the man upstairs...
  9. Yeah Baltimore Fans think the Ravens are the best team ever..so it would really tick them off to have a Jets Book on the coffee table...the trash talking in this house deserves its own reality show
  10. Hoping my broken toe turns GREEN instead of purple...my roomis keeps telling me its purple for the Ravens...ugh.

  11. want this for my coffee table...and to piss off my roomies..
  12. score..found a mini bag of almost all green and clear gummy bears in the pantry

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