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  1. Dead serious... If Mark cannot demostrate in the cold of the Meadowlands, in the cold in Pittsburgh, in the windy city, and back in Joisee in january - if he cant, then, time to draft another QB who loves the cold. I dont think Sanchez "warmed up" till the 4th this past monday where he over rated what he could do with a football Why a billion $ stadium doesnt have a dome is beyond me
  2. The lesser paid Jets made a cool mil this past monday night by putting up 6 figures on the Pats winning by 17 or more. The Pats may have even received a kick-back of 10% of what these Jets made. Bellicheat didnt cheat, but, he was "in the bag". If we blow out the Fish this weekend, that will seal this NY-NV-MA deal That's all I have to say. Next time, I'll tell you which politicians and union leaders have off-shore bank accounts set-up by billionaires to betray their constituents.
  3. Imagine this... Bellicheater expects us to do the same old thing on offense and instead we come out throwing to TE's that havent caught a thing this season We line up John Connor in the TE position as well just to confuse. We put Santonio in the backfield for a few plays. We put LT outside at WR. We line up D'Brick as a TE on a 3rd down play and run to his side (because the LB has to back off if the ball is thrown to him) If all of this is an impossibility, then, why the heck do we have FOUR friggin TE's and an OC doing the SOS!?! PS - Somebody in Vegas made millions be
  4. Rex had 10 days to prepare for the most important game for this franchise in 12 years and he FAILED completely. If he does get us to a SB one day (yes, I said IF!) what makes you think he'll win the THAT game. Bet the house on this: we SUCK after bye weeks!
  5. I'm sorry, I had to say this cause all this guy does is play like he's 10 feet tall. Keyshawn called Wayne a flashlight and Clowney is selling bibles in Africa this week.
  6. The Pats have the youngest team in the NFL and make more substitutions than any team as well. They have 9 of the first 74 picks in this years draft (2 one's, 2 two's, 2 three's) They can draft practically anyone they want in April. Their #1 pick this year has 6 int's and Wilson appears to be a moronic bust. Young and sure handed Multiple substitutions (like in '01) Brady Best homefield advantage 2 more Super Bowls
  7. I know Boomer is a Jets fan. And, clearly Jets fans fall into two camps: 1) Young optimists and 2) More wary older fans who have seen it all - especially with this team! I know Boomer falls into Camp #2. Personally, I'm glad he said it to counter the tremendous BS coming out of NE this week. Don Shula used to pull the same crap: tell the opposition how great they are, rip out their throats, and then tell them after the game AGAIN how great they are. Sickening. This game is a pick 'em at best for the Jets now with Leonard out and a dimwit replacing him calling signals in Lowery.
  8. That's true and thank God for that! (playing "not to lose" in a playoff hunt) But, at the same time it was the key injuries on defense that made us go 0-5 after starting 10-1 in '86. Obviously, 90% on this board are too young to remember, that's why theyre calling die hards like me "Fish" fans. Clueless ********.
  9. The way I see it the Pats dont score in the 1st, but, via the camcorders that are planted around the stadium (just kidding) score 10 in the 2nd, and 7 in the 3rd, and 13 in the 4th for a total of 30. The Pats D can hold the Jets to under 30. The Jets couldnt score 30 against some of the worst defenses in the league just a few weeks back. Leonard's replacement will not only be exposed in the 4th, he will be exposed for the rest of the season by esp. the Steelers, Bears, and Bills. Bad bad vibe for monday night. I'll say this however, if we win this monday night we go on t
  10. At the Thanksgiving dinner table last night my cousin said he would rather work for Jerry than Woody. Why anyone would want to have an insane egomaniac for a boss is beyond me. Who would you rather have as a boss?
  11. Wilson just doesnt seem to be too smart. He reacts slower than he seemed to react in college and he continues to refuse to turn his head after crossing the goal line. Disappointing. I wish we got that dude out of Rutger's, but, Belicheat took him 2 picks ahead of us (Rex spent the week talking to the press about the kid - please Rex - dont do us those sort of "favors" craft week - ok?)
  12. The Pats will have 6 picks in the first 3 rounds this coming draft (that's 10 rookies added in '11) The Pats are building to have the youngest fastest team in the league with the most blue-chip college players. Tanny's gonna have to do some masterful player shuffling to keep us ahead. PS - On the NFL Taday show last week, Marino said "Danny Woodhead will make a difference this week in SD". Man, we all saw this guys potential and we still listened to the David Clowney clowns?
  13. I just have this feeling this is what we'll be seeing in 2+ months: * We finish to our best regular season record ever at 13-3. * The Pats finish 14-2 to take the division. The Steelers (who beat us) go 14-2. The Ravens (who beat us) go 13-3. * The Giants (who ESPN said today has a better DL and receiving corps than us) go 13-3 as well. NY newspapers say the Giants are "better" at seasons end. Bill Cowher announces at season end he "wouldnt mind" coaching the Giants and the NY media switches attention from Rex to the new "jaw" (the "old jaw" was Don Shula of course *
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