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  1. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    If there ever was a time to tank...

    Agree unless the Jets really get a chance to knock the pats* out of the playoffs I actually thing Rogers will have something to prove and will play hard next week also a good year to be an average team, 9 wins probably makes the playoffs, if the Jets made better decisions to start the year they could have had a chance
  2. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    “Weapons for Darnold”

    Pay Bell, draft OL help and pick up a couple of guys who can reliably catch the ball in traffic, Chrebet was a UDFA, Cotchery was a 4th round pick, etc...
  3. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Patriots losing appreciation thread

    and that eliminates Baker from the playoffs The 5th QB selected is the only one with a chance, congrats to Lamar Jackson, no agent, no BS, just playing his game, would be shocked if the Ravens move on from Harbaugh
  4. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Darnold With An Amazing PFF Grade

    Mark is that you? sounds like your game... Eliza Kruger said she was not interested anymore, sorry
  5. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Sunday NFL Games thread.

    also lead in INT at 25 - they are approaching sanchez land although three years in a row may stand for a while
  6. Ohio State NY Jets fan


    both players are good both teams suck - can't even win the internet with a losing record To be fair, Barkley had the better year, but I am glad the Jets have Sam and hope the Jets can sign Barkley as a free agent in 4 years (he is a fan)
  7. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Sunday NFL Games thread.

    imagine the draft swagger if the Jets sign Bell and Barr?
  8. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Observations (HOU) & Looking Forward

    Yes, Hopkins is elite but Rice might have been the last elite WR to win a Super Bowl Megatron, AJ Green, Julio Jones made one appearance between them and lost A good DC game plans with double coverage and/or safetly help - Jets have bad DC A strong OL makes the 4th and short conversions and probably wins the game yesterday - Bell gives the Jets a lopsided victory running and catching the ball
  9. Kitchens played QB for Bama in the 90's and has been coaching since 99 (12 years in NFL) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freddie_Kitchens Dorsey gave him a chance to call plays for the first time ever with the coaching change - Exec of the year! There has to be someone on the Jets staff with similar experience who just needed a chance - CJ had a golden opportunity at the bye and watched strike 3
  10. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    The Most Important Thing For Us To Target

    OL is still a top priority in the draft and it's not close - they can pay Bell and/or others to help catch the ball (some coaching staffs actually teach that skill) Just because Sam can run for his life does not mean that he should have to do that on every play - he will get injured eventually and that's much worse than a lack of "weaponz" see David Carr (the stash proves he is not right in the head) and Luck more recently as Sonny mentioned above
  11. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    McCarthy High on Jets List for HC

    goof point on experience but IMHO Sanchez was never the high ceiling pick, he had fluky success in college and was probably the best option after Favre retired and Stafford was taken off the board Much like Sanchez, I would be ok with McCarthy since I understand the reasoning, makes sense on many levels... Baker had a much better resume and much higher ceiling - would be interesting if the Jets find a similar coaching prospect - Maybe Williams/Kitchens and the job they is doing in Cleveland Kitchens proves that sometimes you have to give someone a chance, never called a play but had plenty of football experience - Jets should have made a change at the bye and gave someone / anyone a chance
  12. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    No One Started A Game Balls Theead

    Coffee is for closers
  13. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    C Nico Falah Watch

    not really, I was just answering the question - kid probably was better off staying with the Jets than going to active roster of a team that has not activated him yet...
  14. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    C Nico Falah Watch

    He was Sam's center at USC, so he may have had a chance to start when Long was finally moved over but probably needed to gain some weight first
  15. Ohio State NY Jets fan


    bad coaching = bowles

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