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  1. And maybe Joe is talking to Robby's agent, this shows he is paying attention and other reasons to do this now; One less thing to consider when the FA frenzy starts Keep retirement out of the thought process, Maybe even an example for QW, Leo had Mo as his example...
  2. not sure I remember if he ever drafted a RB? even Idzik found a WR (albeit often injured) in the WR draft
  3. Best DL on the team - Mac kept wasting first round picks trying to replace him - JD gets it done and will hopefully use the first round pick on Offense or at least a player who will impact the game
  4. Reason is simple: Roger Staubach, nicknamed "Roger the Dodger", "Captain America" and "Captain Comeback" back when there were sports stars that kids could look up too, Navy Academy, Vietnam Vet, no drama or headlines... He was fun to watch in the 4th since the game never seemed over until it was - no quit
  5. Wow - that's a class of 83 for RB's - Brieda hit 22mph on his TD on on MNF
  6. I would hire Rex before Bowles but Norv should never be allowed to be a HC again - so much wasted talent Ryan Bowles Turner Shotty
  7. Will be interesting to see what happens once they fire Monken, aftering seeing Winston get better and Mayfield get worse someone has to look the the common denominator - the OC - glad he is not coaching Sam Mayfields performance was the reason Kitchens got the job and that team is not built to tank so expect Dorsey to step in soon
  8. Monken seems to have ruined whatever Kitchens was doing right in Cleveland with Baker
  9. Yes sir, instant classic #Buckeyes https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2019/10/8/20904153/san-francisco-49ers-cleveland-browns-joey-bosa-baker-mayfield
  10. Not Surprising when a team takes a DT with 4 first round picks in 8 drafts and the Jets have a losing record since drafting Mo, with only 1 winning season in 8 since the first round DT insanity started, with people expecting different results with QW (definition of insanity)
  11. Jay totally mishandled the QB situation - publicly stated they were staying with the vet and then pull him in the second quarter of the next game - throwing their #1 pick into the fire with no preparation and it showed While on the other side of the ball, the Giants, made the change and gave Jones a full week to prepare and looked much better than Haskins despite similar draft status definition of a Career Limiting Move
  12. They didn't practice, Gase gave them a week off - can't make this up - LOL
  13. Jets will go 0-6 and than win 8 of 10 with Sam back
  14. several players on the DL playing better than the two top ten picks on DL

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