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  1. POLL: What do you want? Fire Bowles or nah!

    Bowles needs to fire Kacy Rodgers or be fired, I do like what Bowles is trying to do with the culture, team first is good but poor game management, a thing for old QB's and a buddy who ruined the defense does not help his case hack needs to be traded or cut - would be surprised if they can get anything in trade for hack with a deep QB class, he is just not worth a roster spot at this point, time to move on
  2. What went wrong with Mo.

    Maybe so, but he played well and did not complain for 4 years before he started to grumble in year 5, said all the right things, signed his contract in year 6 and dropped off a cliff, now it looks like year 7 will be his last - maybe it's as simple as; "he got paid and quit like the lazy POS that he is", but it feels like something else helped to create this situation (usually a lazy POS does not make it that far)
  3. What went wrong with Mo.

    1 - Idzik / Mac waited too long to sign him, probably created some bad feelings? 2 - Mac did not trade him when he had the opportunity - more bad feelings? 3 - Rex locker room, Revis plus Sheldon, 2016 team implosion, followed by Bowles discipline = No Mo
  4. The real question - Have the Jets shown enough progress?

    agree, ego's pumped up, don't think they get the same rah rah speech from Todd and maybe that is a good thing, we are not seeing it on the field so not sure which is better unless they needed to clean up the entire locker room to change the culture, seems extreme but this seems like 2014/2015 again
  5. The real question - Have the Jets shown enough progress?

    Would be interesting to know how much the culture needed to change or has changed from Rex, it appears from Mo and some of of the other old guard that they were used to a different level of "freedom" or motivation Revis did not seem motivated last year, Sheldon the same, not sure Harris has started a game in NE, just seems like players that were productive in 2016 fell off the map, could be age related but feels like something else...
  6. Star Wars Episode VIII has begun filming

    ***SPOILER ALERT reply Agree, Luke finally found peace and is one with the force, great way to finish that story, I half expected the Obi Wan pose and quote "Kylo, if you strike me down I will become more powerful then you can possibly imagine" Not many better options after years in hiding... Some random scene like the end of Han (terrible), not enough time to rebuild the Jedi order again... another clone army waiting to help wipe out the first order could have been cool but that had been done before
  7. MO Wilkerson deactivated for Saints game

    Mo has not played up to contract, Jets can't risk injury, just a smart business decision, no news here, shut him down for the year, he has earned it One of the few decisions that makes sense this year
  8. Kearse is one of the few positive outcomes of this year, and I would like to see him signed longer term, there are not many hard working, good person, productive players on this team - he is one
  9. Star Wars Episode VIII has begun filming

    Saw it last night, great film IMHO - well worth watching and you can judge for yourself, I will go see it again and I have seen them all in the theater, (no books or cartoons just movies), The Last Jedi was better than I expected from the trailers BTW - don't scroll up and read the spoilers
  10. Playoff team next year?

    The division could be interesting next year, Bills will probably have a new QB, it will be do or die in Miami with Tannehill and Gase, NFL will identify and ban the anti aging drug that tammy is on (has to be cheating somehow) - Goodall has nothing to lose with his new contract Mo will revert to pro-bowl form on one of the teams in the AFC east
  11. Browns Steal G Geoff Gray from our practice squad

    part of the insider trade for #1 overall
  12. Kenny Britt reportedly nearing Patriots deal

    Wow, $17m for 9 games - Revis must be pissed, Sashi was making Mac look good
  13. Jets Sign QB Joel Stave

    better stats too except he was a UDFA and hack was a second round pick https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joel_Stave
  14. Breer's Draft Column

    Nice to see them highlighting players who benefited from staying in school for another year Seems like we have seen too many kids come out early and hurt their careers like Jalin Marshall, plus Smith and Lee could have used another year, I am sure there are more
  15. Would you be okay if Mac doubled down on QB's in the draft?

    If the Jets need to sign Cousins, AJ, the remains of Luck, plus use every draft pick on a QB to find the franchise then I am ok with that plan - I am done taking in strays who have some good games in green and move on - Joe needs to meet his equal