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  1. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Updated Roster - February 4, 2019

    Can cross Mike Pennel, Terrence Brooks and Kevin Pierre-Lewis off the list some work to do only have 2-3 starting OL under contract
  2. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Trading Down

    agree, but don't see how a defensive pick helps Darnold develop into a FQB and make no mistake Sam succeeds or the pick does not really matter - I am not interested in the best dlineman on a 2-6 win team This year I would prefer a reach that helps Sam vs anything else
  3. Good points, I was thinking Bortles at 6.5m and a draft pick vs McCown at $10m so the idea was interesting at first, agree his overall stats are not good but he has played well in spurts, AFCCG, maybe some time on the bench is needed Agree Brock is a much better option if he can signed to a reasonable deal
  4. Bortles would be an interesting back up, if they can redo his contract, he has all the measurables, made the mistakes, could help Sam and maybe the team for a game or two - could be an interesting trade chip if he makes (or looks like he makes) a turn around
  5. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Free Agency Strategy

    Does Dallas also have to sign Dak this year, he is still on a rookie contract, 4th round pick?
  6. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    RoadFan's post-ban thoughts and reflections

    Welcome back Roadfan (edit I finally read the rest of the thread LOL) Don't think the goal should be to change other posters minds (free thought) IMHO this is a good place (forum) to say what you think and enjoy the moment if/when you find a few who align with your thoughts - also the only place for sports news (ESPN and NFL network = fake news LOL) also a good laugh when reading threads that do not turn into personal arguments
  7. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    In a Jetsy move NYJ hire Joe Vitt

    Sauce for the goose
  8. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Kareem Hunt Signs with Browns

    the butt wipe with ball during the collapse in Cleveland changed his popularity - did not seem to play that well after that game either - I think the Jets have to keep him next year due to cap hit so we will see him in a new offense, I think he has potential to do well with Gase and I don't think he wants the crazy eyes in his face LOL
  9. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Kareem Hunt Signs with Browns

    surprisingly brilliant? plenty of time for a reverse, cut him after the draft if there is public outcry and everyone forgets before the start of the season when it could become a distraction
  10. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Chances of the Jets Winning the AFC East in 2019?

    Currently the Jets do not have enough players signed to field a football team so while in theory we are a year away, reality is a biach I do not expect the pats* to sweep the Jets and fins next year - but they lost a few last year and still had a bye and home field for the playoffs - yes they had to beat KC at home and that was their toughest test in the last 8 years
  11. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Macc's biggest flub

    Hack was the worst single decision (undraftable based on his play at PSU) - worse if that impacted his decision to take Watson/Mahomes but think of the other bad moves erased if Mac traded up for Wentz - they miss out on Lee, but no Hack, no $12m Fitz, no $10m Josh, just more young players on a team ready to compete Very happy to have Sam but Mac was 3 years late on his decision to trade up for a QB
  12. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Is Claiborne A Keeper for Jets Secondary in 2019

    Claiborne has been a good Jet and I would try to keep him, for player with a long injury history, he stepped up for the Jets that said, I would not be surprised to see Tampa give hima longer contract
  13. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Would you trade back so Giants could move up?

    yes, they did not help but did not hurt the Jets last year - I would be the adult and take the call
  14. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Michigan DE Rashan Gary gaining momentum as Jets pick at #3

    and a local kid, probably the worst possible selection for the Jets at #3 give him ~25-27 million guaranteed to replace who? help Sam how? lead pipe lock?
  15. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Was this the worst Super Bowl you’ve ever seen?

    so glad I did not watch the game, titanic rerun was much better

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