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  1. I think this is total BS (another stinker from Cimini), more like bowles ruined any chance for Leo to be successful with the Jets (maybe the NFL) with terrible coaching and no accountability during Leo's short career in the league Anderson outworked Leo last year (strike 1) then Mac gave Anderson a sizable contract (strike 2), then Mac further screwed the Jets and Leo when he made the QW pick at #3 (strike 3) Sad, because I like Leo and Cimini makes it seem like Gase is to blame for Leo's situation, it's laughable considering he covers the team and watched it all unfold I would be happy if Leo would take a hometown discount and stay with the Jets but his agent won't let that happen. The best we can hope for now is a dominant season (maybe mid-year trade?) and then Leo is gone next year In one year, Gase (and Greg Williams) will help Leo more than anyone in his NFL career and it will not be close - that should be the focus of the article, no reason to pretend that bowles fought to get him extended, even if true he failed in every way possible, no point to make that reference (get a job Cimini)
  2. easy to forget how good the special teams were with such a bad overall team performance lost a couple of pro-bowl players, kicking and returning - Boyer did a great job and I expect that will continue - bowles may have "valued special teams" according to Boyer but he clearly did not help them with a terrible defense and limited offense
  3. Great idea with the new uniforms that will be fun, couple of questionable decisions that could have been fixed if they just ran it by the fans like Fan appreciation day with Steelers in town? just hope there are more Jets fans in the stadium
  4. Some of the best defensive players in the game gave up under todd-kacy and TJ was not near as bad as Revis quitting season - kacy was the worst and had a golden ticket from todd - that's over now TJ had his career years with GW and I would bet he bounces back this year - any ideas to make it fun?
  5. "Pride only hurts it never helps" - Marsellus Wallace increased salary and responsibilities and the order of interviews will not matter, just have to fight through that stuff, when you're retired and kickin' it in the Caribbean you're gonna say, "Marsellus Wallace was right."
  6. I will hold judgement until I see the finger wag
  7. lol good point, just hard when you look at that list of CB's - thought the OL was bad - wow
  8. Mac invested ~$150m and 4 draft picks on CB's in his time here (plus back to back Safeties) and this is what the Jets have to show for it
  9. Thanks Sarge, better question for the OP; in 3 years, who is still on the roster ? players need to step up thier game for more than 1 or 2 of them to remain Jets after the JD overhaul stat of day Mac drafted the same number of QB's as OL (3 each)
  10. only issue I have with timing was the extensions, two years ago, they both could/should have been fired after year 3, it was clear bowles lost the team (twice) and the roster had no plan, or preparation for a FQB that said, I am fine with the timing this year and tend to agree with SAR on this... CJ said he would give Mac a chance and was true to his word, Mac had a decent (not great) FA not sure he gets awards for paying the most money but the team added core players - the draft was terrible (did not help the team), and CJ acted quickly (finally) to fire Mac - hired top guy on the list
  11. like it our not, so far it's Gase - without him Jets don't have Douglas CJ would still be glowing over Mac and the "amazing" (ie crappy) draft class
  12. very happy LOL but JoeD was was getting that contract in the next year or two from at least 1 of the 32 NFL teams, he would have options but he choose the Jets, GM was the next stop on his career path, he's ready and young enough to make a run, hope first time's the charm
  13. interesting to see the Vegas stadium getting built, that has to be part of it slot machines at halftime
  14. good intro for Joe - no real information as expected but he does seem real and happy to be here, nice touch showing respect to the people who helped him along the way Kim had a good question, rest of media looked and sounded like pathetic weasels
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