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  1. Ok, couple of follow ups Do you think the cheating the astros and pats* did was similar, same or totally different? Do you think astros or pats* got off easier? I think my point (before the virus really started) was the astros were getting killed but the pats* seem to have gotten off easier...
  2. Challenge is it will probably be a decade or more before it's "100% safe for everyone" At some point life has to move on - what level of "safe" seems to be a personal point of debate and will change over time - especially with allergy and flu seasons coming soon - sneeze and go directly to jail
  3. pats* are tanking for Trevor - part of the BB retirement plan
  4. seems like leadership, locker room guy with big arm for camp and practices - once offense that both can run, but Sam 10x better
  5. Clark and Hall picks have me excited again - the Florida picks were questionable but looks like we turned the corner
  6. Agree, just feels like trying to get too cute playing with house money when it's always your money... a slow RB, QB that does not run, and an OT with below average quickness laterally and on pulls to play in a Zone scheme? In common, seems to be leadership and drive so maybe part of culture change - time will tell Still very happy with draft overall add KJ Hill and all is well
  7. Davis will be a very good player for the Jets - if anything the criticism could be that he was selected too soon considering higher value options - unlike Mimms the board did not fall well for the Jets between these picks, and Zuniga was possibly the mistake (JD first panic move?); 68. New York Jets from Giants - Ashtyn Davis, S, California 69. Seattle Seahawks from Panthers - Damien Lewis, G, LSU 70. Miami Dolphins - Brandon Jones, S, Texas 71. Baltimore Ravens from Patriots, Chargers - Justin Madubuike, DT, Texas A&M 72. Arizona Cardinals - Josh Jones, OT, Houston 73. Jacksonville Jaguars - Davon Hamilton, DT, Ohio State 74. New Orleans Saints from Browns - Zack Baun, LB, Wisconsin 75. Indianapolis Colts - Jonah Jackson, G, Ohio State 76. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Ke’Shawn Vaughn, RB, Vanderbilt 77. Denver Broncos - Michael Ojemudia, CB, Iowa 78. Atlanta Falcons - Matt Hennsessy, C, Temple 79. New York Jets - Jabari Zuniga, DE, Florida (have to hope Greg Williams wanted this pick) 83. Denver Broncos from Steelers - Lloyd Cushenberry, C, LSU
  8. Prince Tega Wanogho T AUBURN Tyler Biadasz C WISCONSIN KJ Hill WR OSU Thad Moss TE LSU
  9. I liked the Davis pick but it was too early (got cute) and the next 10 picks probably left a big hole in the Jets draft board and more importantly lost both Centers (either one would have solidified the OL) Selecting anyone near polite (fat gator) was probably a mistake but can't expect perfection - JD was great overall and can still add impact players like WR's DP Jones and KJ Hill - Is Moss kid still out there? Give JD credit for checking boxes for needs and the trade down and Mimms picks was amazing - A/B+
  10. lots of talent went off the board from 69-78 - it was like a hit list of players you would have liked the Jets to draft - JD is do a great job filling needs but may have been too cute with the giants pick...
  11. four picks today with a trade down and JD still gets Mimms new record already and 3 picks to go LOL
  12. not easy in Green and he knows
  13. comp pick - we will be up for a while
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