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  1. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Bridgewater trade-market; DEN

    Nobody gets a pass on that, once again the "pro" scouts were wrong, Mac selected Lee over Lynch but followed up with hack in the second Let's say Mac takes Lynch in the first but still needs a LB, oh look Deion Jones is just waiting for the Jets, similar positions and prospects, better draft result Lynch + Jones > Lee + hack
  2. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Anyone else dealing with a weird anxiety about Darnold?

    Let's hope BB plays the part of Norton and relieves us of his presence
  3. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Anyone else dealing with a weird anxiety about Darnold?

    Indy loved Peyton, Drew helped to rebuild New Orleans, maybe it's just our turn, it has only been 50 years of torture but we are fine...
  4. Must have something inside, Jim Tressel lied to protect him and lost his job/career as a result, great man and coach, that was a huge loss to the program seems to be a thing with OSU head coaches - time will tell if Urban survives
  5. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    serby's on board with darnold

    Thanks for posting, the article tries to be positive but you can tell serby was stabbing himself with a pen, I don't like the Bridgewater dig, not sure where that's coming from, plenty of room for Teddy and a NASCAR reference? "start em up", really, attempting to appeal to Jets fans? LOL - maybe watching Sam wear #14 is bringing back memories of Richard Todd kicking his ass - the Post will need a new beat writer for positive articles to write about the Jets https://deadspin.com/149060/why-your-hometown-columnist-sucks-steve-serby It was Halloween night, 1981, when the feud between Steve Serby and Richard Todd came to a head — the reporter standing up bravely to the quarterback and declaring, "I am an award-winning journalist, and from now on you'll call me Mister Serby!" We won't detail what happened next, except to say that doctors labored for two hours to remove a notebook and pen from the anal cavity of a reporter from the New York Post.
  6. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Hackenberg signed by eagles

    Captain in the 4th preseason game, revenge? philly is playing with house money... Close to home for hack, will help launch his new insurance company (along with $4m of Jets money) Good Luck Stave was better in school and in practice last year if the Jets want a camp body
  7. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Josh Rosen the One Who Got Away?????

    I would have been happy if the Jets had drafted Rosen, shocked he lasted as long as he did, wish the kid well - very happy with Sam, no regerts
  8. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    How good would Darnold look?

    He would be better with the Cowboys backup OL at this point - wake up Mac, get some more coffee
  9. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Articles About Darnold's Debut Thread

    First or Last
  10. I thought Jackson looked good? couple of TD's on the run
  11. agree, if other teams were in the hunt he would have signed a bigger contract in the offseason, a Teddy trade depends on an injury to another starter and I can't root for that Better to keep him on the Jets (extension) to have a positive QB room for the first time since man walked on the moon
  12. They should at least have the starting OL in there the entire game - they need the practice too
  13. Agree it is worth asking the question, a contract extension like 5yr $35m with incentives for starts, wins, TD's, playoffs, etc... that would pay him starters money if starting and playing well, provides solid future for him and his family, great team member, and also adds to trade value if a starting role opens up and he wants to go, (assumes Sam entrenched as starter and Jets get high draft pick win-win-win)
  14. and I don't want to see Darnold behind the Jets first string OL vs the Falcons first string DL Uncle Josh starts, Teddy second - hope for no injuries so Sam can finish the game - OL can finish the game too since they would be 3rd string on most other teams
  15. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Trade for Mack?

    hence the reason this thread is fantasy, unrealistic, crazy, funny, etc... the Jets do not have any combo of players (not named Darnold) that would even be considered in a trade for Mack - a #1 is where this talk starts O-line has to take priority over pass rush and it's not close - Jets have the best prospect at QB since Namath, and have to protect Sam or go back to the drawing board, Luck is a great case study why pass rush waits, unless they find something under one of those rocks...