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  1. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    The Most Important Post-Game Quote You'll Ever Read

    a not so subtle shot at the vagiants and the end of the article was good too Avery Williamson was told that Namath had fired up the crowd by guaranteeing the 2018 Jets can beat anybody. “We can beat anybody,” Williamson said. “We have a young team, but I feel like we’re maturing in the right direction.” No one more than Sam White Shoes Darnold. “I loved ’em,” Darnold said, and smiled. “Felt like Joe out there.” If the shoe fits, kid, wear it.
  2. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    The Giants are 1 and 5

    I watched some of the game last night and don't think Eli is the reason they are losing, he might not be able to carry a team anymore but don't think he was ever that guy... the team just does not execute, seemed sadly familiar, like they know they lost before they play the game, at one point Barkley walked over to OBJ to calm him down, so much for veteran leadership or follow the money - with a 2019 cap hit of $44m for just Eli and oBJ - they have that team locked up for a few years Barkley on the other hand looked great! glad he is a Jets fan too
  3. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Approach at the Trade Deadline...

    Agree A team with limited talent should focus on keeping and building around the few players who can help that team get above .500 next year, last minute contracts have not been good to the Jets unless there is a planned regime change
  4. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    JetNation Site Rules

    search for George Carlin 1972 monologue "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television" or JN 46 year old comedy but still funny and true - should provide some guidance
  5. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Congrats Drew Brees

    If I remember correctly, Bress was not very good to start his career, seemed to get better once they drafted Rivers (competition?) and then got hurt, the injury was the same as Chad's so there was probably return of the noodle fears - I am sure there are necro threads somewhere Agree on Miami medical staff, think Drew actually wanted to go there but landed in the right spot, Great for him and NO
  6. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    I want Darnold to throw for 4,000 yards this season

    I like it, a difficult and measurable goal that is achievable this year It's sad the Jets record books are littered with bad QB's, but nice to see Joe still at the top and it would be even nicer to see Sam start to make a name
  7. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    O’Hara is kind of a ...

    Just another NFL Network shrill, total bias, similar to ex-pats* announcers After the draft he was stroking the vagiants, saying Lauletta would be better than Sam and they got Saquon, masterfull drafting...
  8. Ohio State NY Jets fan


    really? wow so much for the Elway knows more when it comes to picking QB's - it's a crap shoot that Keenum deal makes Fitz and uncle Josh seem cheap in comparison and then the Jets defense let that happen - probably while they were celebrating
  9. Ohio State NY Jets fan


    and that should do it, finally!
  10. Ohio State NY Jets fan


    and Crowell is in the Jets history books
  11. Ohio State NY Jets fan


    looks like Denver will be in the Market for a QB again - give them credit for trying
  12. Ohio State NY Jets fan


    this team does not have a killer instinct, this game should have been put away a long time ago
  13. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    OBJ not happy...again

    and he had a butt fumble play - LOL
  14. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Tailgate Menus Jets vs Broncos

    Enjoy, but smelling "sliders" on your breath should be the least of your concerns
  15. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Does Drafting Offensive Lineman High Really Work?

    Agree in theory but Tanny tried that with limited success, players are generally better, cost is higher and scouting is not good enough to really separate the bust percentages, with only 64 players in the first two rounds and anther 200 getting drafted after plus UDFA I think we still need a mix Almost every year, you can see it play out, the "hot" teams hit on a few later picks (including the cheats*) and will be headed to the playoffs back with lineman, I think the "planet theory" bitonti is good strategy there are only so many ~300lb athletic humans who are agile enough to perform at this level - get one when you have the chance

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