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  1. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    How bad is offseason NFL info?

    at least the run of ex-pats* on the circuit has been reduced, that circle jerk was unbearable Agree the goofy games and bits have changed the definition of these show from sports to soaps - day time TV for home makers
  2. Complicated is probably the worst way to describe Jets' QB Situation: more like compelling, exciting, maybe even intriguing - simple and straightforward and Darnold does not need to start games to play meaning football and develop his NFL game - Montana appeared in all 16 regular season games during his rookie year without being named the full time starter, he became the full time starter his 2nd year, leading the league with 64.5% completion percentage, 3rd year, he won the Super Bowl
  3. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Jets QB Josh McCown has enduring quality

    hence the famous line from Bernard Shaw's play Man and Superman, "He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches." proven false in many situations but football seems better suited, knowing the game and executing the game are different skillsets I did not like the McCown deal when it was signed first but agree he can help Darnold
  4. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    DL dept. - player eval.'s, etc. ~ ~ ~

    The DL has not been a strength since Snacks left, the Jets signed the wrong guy (the "no name" UDFA was the star, Mac went with the big names and failed). Yes, Mo and Sheldon were 1st round picks and most knew their names but they were JAGs on the field, Sheldon did not play to his strengths in Bowels defense (misused?) and Mo just plain quit on the team after he signed that contract, maybe he had issues with the delay getting his money and slow played as some kind of retribution or he never really recovered from the leg injury or was just lazy - either way his play on the field over the last couple of years will be easily replaced The rest of the league apparently agrees since they both had to sign 1 year prove it deals as bit players on two of the best teams in the NFL - not the type of cornerstone player who carries a team to the promised land - but odds are one of them will have a ring next February and we can revisit this prognostication; The DL will be at least as good as last year and possibly better if they gel
  5. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Rotoworld: NFL's Best GM's 2018

    You are what your record says you are Zero "Top 100" players in 2017 or 2018 (60-100 announced) - Zero OROY, DROY, a few pro-bowl alternates that "horseshoe" provides Mac's only real hope with Williams, Adams and Darnold
  6. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Leonard Williams ~ ~ ~

    This, Williams and Adams were both safe picks (good players worthy of a second contract) and I think that was partly the goal, yes, you always want great/HOF players picked that high but swinging for the fences earns as many strike outs as home runs... The Jets had almost a decade of "strike outs" first round picks who were not worthy of a second contract, and wasted all 2nd round picks, many were out of football bad - a team needs some foundation to enable a star to shine explains the Nathan Shepherd pick (who I think will outperform Mo) this should be the first year since Brick retired that we see some foundation, some consistency...
  7. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Can the Jets win the division this year?

    If McCown starts more than 5 games and Brady is healthy - I do not think the Jets can win the division or go far in the playoffs so should focus on developing young players If Bridgewater is healthy and on form (big if) they could catch fire and make a run If Sam wins the camp battle and starts the season anything is possible but if the Jets win the division I will be on the lookout for the four horsemen I think the defense will be fine, not great ever with Kacy, but good enough to win games thank to Mac landing the best CB in FA (maybe the league)
  8. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Collection of Jets associated personas on Sam Darnold

    LOL, guess it's been a while since I have had to listen to him - amazing that turd collects a paycheck - clown show, makes the guys on Jersey Shore look smart
  9. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Collection of Jets associated personas on Sam Darnold

    This is great, glad to hear from Joe and Nick Francesa sounds like a moron almost ruins the interview but Sam continues to impress
  10. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    finally read the entire story, amazing, would like to get that first picture from Sept 9th 2017 Interesting the Giants told him they would take him at 2, guess they also assumed the Browns would take him at 1 and just fed him some BS - the pro day was crazy, still don't know how the Browns passed after that but I am thankful, seems like everyone just likes the kid (even the security guy)
  11. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Jeremy Bates crucial to Darnold's Development

    Fitz and McCown had career years, so agree someone should get credit but that list brings home the futility of the last 6-7 years, Bates is the 6th Jets OC in the last 8 seasons - we should get a medal for supporting this team, its a curse, LOL
  12. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Jeremy Bates crucial to Darnold's Development

    Tony Sparano (2012), Marty Mornhinweg (2013-14), Chan Gailey (2015-16) and Morton (2017) How could you be worried about Bates - he will be fine
  13. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    If Bridgewater is Traded...

    Right now the Jets (on paper) have the best QB room since Vinny and Chad, no reason to rush anything, let it play out, no need to make big changes until preseason (unless you get an offer, you can't refuse) Great experience for Sam competing with others in the room; Experienced NFL career back up, Promising young QB career halted due to injury and a 2nd round bust with all of the "measurables" All will work as hard as Sam to make it and this should drive Sam to work harder realizing how close you can come and still not make it - he has to prove that none of them have his potential or confidence, he cannot have the job handed to him, he has to earn it twice (in coaches and the players minds) so he can lead the team - I want to hear McCown say "Sam is ready and has earned this opportunity" and I am willing to wait since that will really signal "the moment that the Jets shifted into a new gear" as the Jets CEO Christopher Johnson so eloquently mentioned
  14. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Contention Begins in 2019

    Clearing dead cap space, and spending more cap on players actually on the team will help 2019 too Over $10m in dead cap for three years in a row, I know the Jets are not the worst in this area but that's a superstar player who could make a difference
  15. Beachum's plan did not seem to work for Bortles... although the QB seemed to improve after he left, not a reume to be making those comments