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  1. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    How can we justify drafting a DT at #3?

    The Jets can't justify drafting a DT at #3 after drafting four first round DL in the last 8 drafts with only 1 winning season (no playoffs) to show for it so let's watch them do the same thing again, hoping for different results
  2. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Crazy Mock Draft from Jeremiah

    we did not hear much about Oliver until the Scouting Combine - usually not a good measure of success
  3. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Why can’t Mac get a 2nd for Leo?

    Leo was advertised as the best player in the draft too, much like QW the pick does not translate to wins... in 3-5 years the best player in this draft will be one of the QB's leading his team into the playoffs
  4. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    GM related question

    The Saints GM Mickey Loomis had a couple of magic drafts, but not consistent - with a few clunkers too
  5. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Bosa scares me

    only thing that scares me is Mac not getting Bosa signed considering the process his brother went through with the Chargers all of the top ten have questions, even the "BPA" QW has played only 1 full season on a loaded team I would be fine with several picks but prefer a trade down and OL focus
  6. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Russell Wilson Agrees to a Extension

    $35m per year for any player is nuts almost 20% of the cap? update - 2019 cap is $188m
  7. the only thing that has proven true over the years is there is no sure thing in the NFL draft Scouts are wrong most of the time and while they might be able to evaluate skills, maybe even "talent" they clearly cannot evaluate desire, passion and work ethic - the #3 pick will get enough money guaranteed to live the rest of their lives - so it's totally subjective if they put in another real day of work after that (gholston) probably why day 3 and UDFA picks to make it, they just work harder
  8. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    The official JetNation group outing

    Sounds like fun - have not been to a "home" game in years - do Jets fans still get the axehole, axehole song at Metlife too?
  9. Ohio State NY Jets fan


    55 butfumbles on the initial post (record?) seems to show this site handled this entertaining thread just fine, no fan really wants to trade El Presidente - Go Jets!
  10. meh, overhyped WR - not sure how he helps the Panthers and the clowns on NFLN talking about pats* losses are nuts - BB and shady are all that matters, rest are bit players worth kicking the tires but just another bit player
  11. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Sterling Shepherd Deal (Robby Anderson comparison)

    Terrible deal - Giants are desperate after trading Odel and overpaid Shepherd regardless, I realize this will be the comparison Anderson's agent will use but that a lot of guaranteed money for a kid to sit back and enjoy the rest of his life on...
  12. Not sure I want Mac picking after the top 10, until the 5th round - UDFA Maye is his only 2nd, he has not hit on a 3rd round pick Herdon is only 4th round pick after 4 drafts...
  13. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    Jets Preseason Order Announced

    agree, game got way too aggressive, don't need injuries in the preseason
  14. LOL - Jets are the new black, Broadway was a rebel before the Snake - all good and I think chuckie drafts a replacement for Carr
  15. Top of page 2 - the new football graphic looks better when it's not inside of a football shape may go back for a mini helmet to check out the color in person

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