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  1. build offense from the trenches - OL help has been needed for 6 years
  2. he stepped down - retired or moved into consulting role - Browns lost him when the team moved to Balt - might go down as best ever if they win it this year
  3. Considering this is about the third "last game in Oakland" it does not mean much also agree adding Vegas will be fun
  4. If a RB can play 9 years, I think it's possible, especially with the new rules to protect players
  5. I blame the BBTB12 bounty program and their secret organization to take down any Jet who is doing well, I hear they even spiked Joe's drink before the Kolber interview
  6. Most of the QB's coming out of College have a legitimate dual threat ability - including 3 of the Heisman finalists and all four of the playoff teams - it has been part of the NCAA game for a decade, the NFL was slower to adapt (probably due to injury risk - see RG3) Haskins was an exception as a very successful (50 TD's) pocket QB Lamar is one of the first to be featured (offense built around him) - credit to Ozzie and the coaching staff but he also has a great arm and can stand in the pocket and throw the ball as well as anyone - I think that's the difference as most of the other "wildcat" QB's ran first and only passed when they had too - I don't think it matters to Lamar (who is also his own agent) If he stays healthy, he will change NFL offenses forever, like LT changed NFL defenses but without hookers and blow
  7. Joe Burrow is 6 months older than Sam Darnold
  8. exactly - put Sam on the 2009 or 2010 team and Rex makes good on his SB promise
  9. nothing can hurt us after that game LOL last night was not embarrassing - result was expected and the Jets tried but are not good enough - there is a reason Mac was fired
  10. this team spent a decade looking for a decent QB - Sam is not the problem, challenge in 3 years will be if they can pay him without a team around him
  11. Is Quinnen Williams injured or did he just eat to many cheeseburgers?
  12. professional talent evaluators are simply not good and this is not new 3rd round QB is the GOAT, 6th round QB close but cheating clouds his career, HOF players are not all first round picks, plenty of UDFA's in the league, etc...
  13. A win would be nice but not likely A loss hurts the pats* so have fun

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