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  1. The Jets are without a pro-bowl caliber Center for the first time in almost 20 years, since Mawae was signed in 1998
  2. Lou Holtz ''I've written a fight song,'' he explained. ''We're going to sing it after every Jets victory.'' The song, to the tune of ''The Caissons Go Rolling Along,'' started: ''Win the game, fight like men, we're together win or lose, New York Jets go rolling along.'' The glory days LOL
  3. Star Wars Episode VIII has begun filming

    "I care" - easy movie quote from which movie? have tickets and will take my son on opening night, 3rd year in a row, very cool since I was his age when I watched A New Hope in the theater with my Dad, the audience stood and applauded when the Death Star exploded! The series and the development of these characters have been a lifelong endeavour, will be sad when they kill Luke but that is my expectation... Rogue One is my favorite of the new movies Anakin meets Obi Wan was the best of the prequels IMHO
  4. Very true, the traits of the so called "SOJF" are cultivated over many years and should be appreciated like a fine wine
  5. The Vlad pick was the end of the best OL the Jets have ever put on a field - so that got my vote hack was the worst QB in the draft and Jets selected him at 51 Sanchez was frustrating, so close yet so far, just seemed like he gave up/in too soon, butfumble anger turned to meh, much like his career Kyle finger wagging will always remain a part of Jets lore ghost was just disappointing - talent was there, fire was not and that was the time of Favre so vern did not get the bad press he deserved - although he does seem to make most top draft bust lists now
  6. General manager Mike Maccagnan, head coach Todd Bowles, offensive coordinator Chan Gailey, quarterbacks coach Kevin Patullo, and two scouts drove to State College to conduct the workout at Penn State’s indoor football facility. https://www.si.com/mmqb/2016/05/06/themmqb-christian-hackenberg-new-york-jets-quarterback-private-workout-nfl-draft-2016 http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/happened-day-jets-drafted-christian-hackenberg-article-1.3450117 Pennsylvania State University (Penn State or PSU) is located in State College. Though "Happy Valley" is another often-used term to refer to the State College area, the term also includes the borough and the townships of College, Harris, Patton, and Ferguson. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_College,_Pennsylvania
  7. Mac went to Happy Valley for a private workout and fell in love - we can agree that the scout who arranged that workout should be fired but every story about the pick has Mac all over it We can also agree that the HC, scouts and staff should be on the hook if hack really was BPA at 51 since he was one of the worst QB's that I have ever seen play vs the Buckeyes, measureables, smeasurables.. the kid was bad and not sure how anyone thinks he will get better in the NFL
  8. Kurt Benkert (Virginia)

    I am onboard with the minimum 60% completion percentage
  9. Bye Week Blues

    Football was yesterday, and no porn on a Sunday, you will go blind... Casino, Draft board, eat, sleep, drink, sleep, eat, honeydew projects... Eagles Cowboys if only to see Jerry provide more feedback on rodger - this will be their season
  10. Saturday College Gameday Thread - Nov 18

    Great catch by the WR Davis of Wisconsin and what a TD run - Jets could use that OL
  11. Mark Cannizzaro Thinks McCown Should Start The Remaining Games

    The article reads like McCown helped to improve the performance of those around him and if that is true, maybe Cannizzaro has a point but that is a stretch without significant insider information or a deal that he comes back to coach with the Jets if they let him start the rest of the year... The uncomfortable part of the article infers that the Jets somehow owe him for being such a good guy, they are paying him $7-8m with the starting bonus money and WTF does this statement have anything to do with the NFL "That isn’t fair and shouldn’t happen for a number of reasons" - that sounds more like a jilted teen after their childhood sports hero just got cut or traded - the post has nothing on the Jets sounds more like an Eli article but McCown did not win two SB'a for the Jets
  12. Saturday College Gameday Thread - Nov 18

    Wisconsin looks vulnerable vs meatchicken, still a 7-7 tie game in the 3rd and that interception will not help
  13. Really does look like hack 2.0 - two wrongs does not make a right
  14. Breer On Josh Allen

    Wentz had a 64.1% completion percentage and had another year of experience (Senior)
  15. Breer On Josh Allen

    Jets already have a hack and have already paid him for two more years of "development" no room for Allen, good luck to him but the Jets can't draft another QB with under 60% completion rate