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  1. If the Maccagnan hire is not official then he should be able to talk football with his old friend Quinn
  2. Jets Interviewed Todd Bowles (ARI) Tom Cable (SEA) Anthony Lynn (NYJ) Doug Marrone Dan Quinn (SEA) Frank Reich (SD) The list is getting shorter with Kubiak staying in Balt and Denver looking to protect Gase for one more year of Peyton If we assume Rex to Bills and DelRio to Raiders that leaves four jobs open with 6-8 legitimate options, Jet should hire Kyle as OC ASAP if they are set on Quinn
  3. Sounds like they would promote Adam Gase to keep him on staff and keep Peyton another year this could happen
  4. I voted Quinn since Bowles has to answer for 2012 in Philly (loaded with FA and could not get it together) could interview Adam Gase now that the Broncos are done, if they need more options
  5. also less chance Revis leaves the AFC East next year
  6. Only good thing is he already hates the Pats and Fins It will be funny to hear him say "play like a Bill" and so much for not announcing coach or GM signings during playoff games - why are the Jets waiting?
  7. We are drving up from Columbus on Sunday for the game, tix in 105, should be fun
  8. Still working on tickets but should be there GOB are you going to Cleveland again? (will need a new grill )
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