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  1. BB has treated players like garbage and he gets away with it since he is the "goat" and wins.... dropping players like a bad habit when the hoodie feels it's time... probably why his coaching tree struggles, hard to run that type of program without the rings... I bet there are quite a few players hoping Shady (ad now Gronk) can succeed without BB As a Jets fan, I don't wish any of them well but might enjoy watching one final FU from Shady to BB as they both fade into history... I might even buy the "tell all" book once the truth finally emerges...
  2. agree, I don't see the fit with Kirk but OBJ has talent - Mayfield is not a good fit either, especially with Landry, can be only one Rooster...
  3. Was Gase part of the trade up for Tunsil? if so an OT is not out of the question
  4. Proof that you only need two clowns to make a Circus
  5. All good - we all need some fun and laughter these days, now the rest of the world knows what it's like to be a Jets fan
  6. I think this one stands out because it's more informative vs his normal dose of opinion, rarely positive and mostly negative... (click bait) I have zero interest in the "journalists" opinion, give me the facts and let me decide, this one comes close to doing just that, (mostly from the scout but still interesting) second the big thanks @KRL ........
  7. Great Read - Thanks for posting more good information here; https://www.historyofvaccines.org/timeline#EVT_100403 https://www.historyofvaccines.org/timeline/polio
  8. I hope I am wrong, but history shows otherwise (polio still exists, flu every year...) doing the same thing and expecting different results...
  9. Agree but this worldwide Government reaction gives me pause since this might be the first time in a couple of thousand years of recorded history where Government (society) has valued human life over money... Do they know something that we do not know? ~6 million years of human evolution, why is this different? Darwinism no longer applies?
  10. Flattening the curve is extending the curve (that's the goal) - to give healthcare systems more time to respond, provide more respirators, beds, better testing, etc.. There are few if any reports that show fewer people getting infected (the virus is everywhere and will do what it's going to do regardless) Also little chance of a cure (no cures for Flu, Cancer, Heart disease, etc) - Corona will most likely be a part of life on earth, the question is how we manage it - I think testing is the answer and the extra time is helping with faster/better testing- test negative to leave the house but society must go on
  11. Rams Select Austin Mack - WR - The Ohio State University @choon328 OTC @King P On Deck Thanks to @Lith & everyone else for this life distraction https://www.nbc4i.com/community/health/coronavirus/in-this-together/ohio-state-marching-band-practices-social-distancing-in-buckeye-battle-cry-video/
  12. LOL - good to laugh a few of use would have signed up for QW last year - disdain the pick not the player
  13. Just for fun, (in 202 NFL draft) I think there will be several WR's drafted after the first round who have better careers than WR's drafted in the first round (not named Jeudy) There be be zero OT's drafted after the first round who have better careers then first 4 OT's drafted in the first round
  14. Would not be upset if they signed Kelvin Beachum for reasonable money - he played hard and the drop off without him was huge - not sure what he is looking for but he would have value coaching up a rookie and to add competition
  15. had like 8 snaps with a sack for a loss of 7 - could not beat out Falk...
  16. this dude is not an NFL QB and proved that last year - I get the signing for his knowledge of the offense but there has to be better options before the start of the season
  17. Mac probably would have paid him $25m per year with Charlies blessing LOL
  18. Dallas can't afford to pay Jamal, they still have not signed Dak, why would Jamal want that?
  19. As a fan, it's embarrassing to see how little help Darnold has had in his first two years, as a rookie he was set up to fail with an incompetent lame duck coaching staff followed by a controversial HC (on a second/last chance deal) and one of the worst drafts in Jets history (redundant pick at #3 and a mash unit) zero help for FQB
  20. The poll does not have balance since option #2 is still missing EDGE - would need to add cost to balance the poll and make it fair Quinnen Williams, Clowney, or Ngakoue (less 1st or 2nd round), 3rd round pick and 6 mil less cap space per year for 4 years? also think Leo will still be playing after QW is retired
  21. Last year was the must trade down year - Thanks Mac
  22. The LA Rams select OL Jonah Jackson from The Ohio State University Jackson joined the Ohio State football program in the summer of 2019 as a graduate transfer following a four-year career at Rutgers - Started all 14 games at LG for OSU (would love to see him fall to the Jets as a late round heist) Great quote from combine: "You're going head-to-head every play, so you've got to be nasty. You've got to have a little something off in you. It's definitely vital to being an interior offensive lineman." @Wonderboy Is OTC @Dcat on deck
  23. Rams Select TE Thaddeus Moss LSU @HawkeyeJet is on the clock @New York Mick on deck
  24. cheaper contract than expected - figured Jets would keep him at that number
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