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  1. You really should do some more research before posting such nonsense. Let me ask you this, why don't you go back and post each of these teams records against teams with wining records, then see how they stack up against the Jets mighty 1-3 record against wining teams. I dare you, see if you can find one of those teams with a losing record against good teams.
  2. I can answer that, it's simple really, you see the Jets are 1-3 against teams with wining records and feasted on bad teams early in the season to get you're 9-3 record. Sorry but that is the reality of who the Jets are, you can try and hide from it, pretend it isn't true or whatever, but the fact is this is not a very good team. It's comical to me that so many Jets fans bought so much into the Rex Ryan Hype that they are still in shock over the second worst beating in franchize history. The Jets can, and most likely will make the playoffs, but the reality is the Jets real chance at a Super Bowl run this season, ended about 1 second after kickoff Monday night. Sure, no Jet fan wants to belive that, but it's the "reality" of the situation.
  3. You're joking right??? If that's the best you can do, then maybe you should be asking, where are the jets Rings the last 42 years?????
  4. You do understand that for every player you double it leaves one player uncovered right??
  5. Keep pumping yourself up, it's only going to make me enjoy watching you cry even more.
  6. Can't wait to see how you feel tomorrow.
  7. Really??? So the Ravens, Steelers and Colts didn't have wining records?? Or even the dollfags??? You know Jet fans on the whole, could very well be the most delusional group of fans in entire NFL. Well this is you're time Jet fans, get ready for it, because reality is only about 14 hours away. Remember this word "PRETENDERS"
  8. And if it draws a flag I'm all for it, you're flat out liar if you say you don't wish Dirty Franchize could do the same.
  9. Are you new to watching football?? Honestly, it's a real question??? You're saying you have never seen the NFL's great QB's work the officials to get calls for their team? It's only crying if the guys not your QB.
  10. Look you can talk about ranking in any fashion you choose but the reality is the winner of this game increases their odds at reaching the Super Bowl by a huge margin. When the Jets lose and Jet fans start the "It's only one game, and we are better on the road talk", I'll be sitting back laughing my a$$ off.
  11. Son there are Jet fans I will actually feel bad for when reality sets in, you, not so much.
  12. I call it alot better than a team that needed two Ot's and a couple late game flukes against 4 teams with losing records to win
  13. I agree overall, but still think you're being too kind. The Jets are PRETENDERS, and it's going to be comical watching Jet fans figure that out.
  14. I would hope every Jet fan feels that way, but what you believe and reality are shockingly far apart.
  15. Whats even more incredible is the Pats faced 7 teams with wining records and are 6-1 Sorry but the Jets are PRETENDERS, and that harsh reality can't be changed.
  16. Maybe "enshrined" is the wrong term but the fact remains that their are only two defensive game plans on exhibit at Pro-Football HALL of Fame and the name under them is not Fat Bastard.
  17. Reality calling, the Jets a 1-3 against teams with a wining record, care to take a look at the Pats record against teams with a wining record?
  18. I'm already calling Klecko out as being one of the first on this board to start spining after the game that it was a good loss, and the Jets are better off on the road with a wildcard game.
  19. Could be the stupidest thing I've seen posted on this board. Let me ask you this, how many "defensive game plans" has Fat boy Rex had enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame???
  20. Hey I really don't blame you, if I was a Jet fan I would want to belive that too, but reality is a funny thing, it always shows up at some point. The Jets are "PRETENDERS" and the next three games are going to force you to face it. Now I don't expect you to belive me, just sit back and watch.
  21. Well lucky for you, you get 41 years of nothing to be sick to your stomach about.
  22. You mean to tell me they have schools in N.Y.?
  23. You do understand that the Jets have only faced 3 teams with a wining record and are 1-2 in those games? In recent weeks the Jets have needed multiple OT's and late game heroics to beat teams with losing records with no shot at the playoffs, who exactly do you think this Jets team is?
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