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    Countless interests (see my facebook or my website), but obviously I'm here because I'm a rabid NY Jets fan - and have been one since as long as I could remember (late 1970s/early 1980s), and have recorded every game since the early 1990s.

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  1. The refs blew. (How can a downed player be stripped of the ball? Never seen that in my 30+ years of watching football, let alone twice) The WR's hands blew (Oddly, Braylon's hands were good and the others weren't). The OC's playcalling was out of rhythm and mis-timed (it seems in the losses, this is more apparent). The fake punt would've been a good call if it wasn't for the location of the field that they attempted it. Other than that, a great game.
  2. Haha, sure, I'll chime in. I usually work at the computer late at night so that's usually when I'm online. Tx sometimes (rarely) has a good point but drowns it out by being obnoxious troll most of the time.
  3. I noticed he isn't on JI much anymore... now he's here? Ugh... he's gotta' be a closet Jets fan to spend so much time on Jets boards.
  4. Yes, she is a real person, my wife. She was thrilled at the chance of winning free tickets, and seeing that we're all Jets fans, she didn't think she was going to get attacked. This upset her. Does every message board have to have several posters act like they are ten years old? I usually read this board and JI, but this is why I don't post on MBs anymore. I understand that regular posters feel intruded upon if a newcomer comes and wins, but if you have a contest for free tickets, new people will sign up. Like someone mentioned, if you have to have a minimum number of posts to have a chance to win, then so be it... maybe everyone won't feel so defensive. We live in Upstate NY, and although I've seen every Jets game on TV since I was a child, only once I've seen them in person, this year's training camp in Cortland. When we saw the contest on Facebook, both me and my wife tried to win. We didn't win, but thanks for the insults! Congrats to the winner from both me and my wife. Can't wait for Sunday!
  5. Count me in. Long-time Jets fan and occasional lurker finally made a profile.
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