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  1. Xtina

    Poll rank our last three GM’s

    I still have no idea what Macc’s Football philosophy is and what kind of a team he is trying to build. I wonder if he does. I hated Tanny but at least he had a strategy
  2. Our minds are boggled.
  3. Meaning the team has already decided, maybe even told him he’s not coming back, but the nfl is discouraging in season firings. After the Bills loss he was more Un animated than even usual, like he totally lost interest and was just going through the motions
  4. It seems likely this will be Bowles’ worst season as a head coach
  5. Xtina

    For the Darnold doubter.

    In fact they did a little mini segment on such throws during the course of the game and those throws resulted in end zone TD catches or long, near the EZ, completions
  6. Look at the rock on her finger. Oh yes he is
  7. Ambassador. Great work if you can get it. Clearly the Jets are at the forefront of his thinking
  8. Read: Todd Bowles is still here. Don’t change anything, and nothing changes
  9. Xtina

    Bad Coaching At It's Finest

    More proof positive that Todd is completely incapable of making any adjustments on the fly. He needs an entire week to prepare, he is so rigid and inflexible he can’t do anything in real time. This alone is reason enough to get rid of him pronto
  10. Xtina

    Darnold at Rangers game tonight.

    They said today on ESPN that he is out of the walking boot but playing against the Pats was still in question
  11. Very much so. This was hard to listen to. Even worse than usual. More morose and uninspired than ever, like he knows he has to say these words but has no belief in them. No expression at all in his voice. Sort of how the players played!
  12. The famous Artie. Doesn’t get any better
  13. Report: Xtina Not Expected to Continue Watching Jets Games
  14. Xtina

    NY Post Back Page

    Only because Bowles Buster makes no sense. Yes he’s a bust but he’s certainly no ball buster so it just doesn’t work

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