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  1. Did Forte deliberately get Morton's name wrong just to be a d**k? it started out as a good game plan, then sputtered. Like ALWAYS . It's getting tiresome
  2. Believing it's not fixed is like believing in the Easter bunny. Not the other way around
  3. This is what is wrong with the NFL today. Hours since the game has ended and instead of talking about a great game, a terrible game, football all the talk is about the officiating this is what's going to kill the NFL. Not anything else
  4. You are naive or willfully blind if you haven't noticed that certain teams are favored and others are treated like stepchildren. And that the game has become about gambling and they have to protect the billions of dollars at stake. Do you honestly believe the officials of a billion dollar industry could be this incompetent all on their own?
  5. This. In their zeal to call every play correctly they are over doing and over analyzing. Talk about unintended consequences
  6. This is worse than that time Megatron and the Lions got robbed of that TD
  7. The Jets will never ever win anything with the league having it in for them like that
  8. The Jets may be unrecognizable- but the refs sure are same old same old
  9. Sorry to hear you can't afford a new TV without hocking assets. How many times can we down vote one post?