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  1. Count on him to find a way to be worse than last
  2. The most watchable thing on this team is the helmet ETA must be nice money Loggains is making. I could do that job
  3. You mean they didn’t look under rocks, in caves, or anything?
  4. The nfl has already inspected it and declared the turf is fine
  5. Sam should just say screw it and call the audible. What’s the first that can happen? Gase sends him packing? He’d be doing him a favor. last year the offense started to improve when Sam took a stand and told gase what he was good at and to use that. He needs to do something like that again
  6. Who were these brilliant coaches and coordinators Management insisted they had to hire so that Rule couldn’t? Did we get them?
  7. I wonder who can kick their leg up higher? A punter or a Rockette. There should be a competition. It could make this season interesting.
  8. It’s so weird how only the jets have these problems; none of the other 31 have to deal with injuries, traded players, no preseason or training camp clearly gase is a great coach and his 30-36 record proves it How is it possible to be so wrong?

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