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  1. Kind of surprised we didn’t trade down considering the next pick is a trade. Trade up for a RB? Yikes
  2. Pick number 3 will be named Ilijah. 4: Ulijah. 5. Olijah.
  3. A QB AND somebody to throw it to??? Christmas in April
  4. OMG if only he follows in Joe’s footsteps
  5. Nice to see Zach acknowledge the fans
  6. Tanks God we dodged that bullet
  7. Do you put the salad in individual bowls ahead of time, or big bowl on the coffee table and everyone takes turns getting it?
  8. Uh. Why can’t I edit my post above? Have to add a second one? the page numbers under the post title on front page are also not an improvement, ridiculously oversized and cumbersome looking. The graphics just don’t hit the mark here. It doesn’t look updated. It looks retro or something. Is this the sort of feedback that can be solicited BEFORE paying a developer? Doubt it. min glad people like dark mode but I don’t know how any one finds it usable. I feel like I go blind trying to read it
  9. Can’t you just get rid of the outlives around the reactions at least. It takes up so much space and is so distracting, making that seem more important than the content. And something better than “popular post”? Which is pretty meaningless and stuck at the top just adds lives to the post
  10. Not enjoying anything about this upgrade, especially the circle outlines around circles, redundant and space wasting. (The outlines around the reactions bubbles) totally superfluous. Everything has to be in a box or an outline now. And the “popular post” “thing” (it’s not a banner like the old one)- dumb and non descript. Other similar things, reduce the usage and thus time that will be silent.
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