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  1. Good for Douglas holding out for such a huge raise from the original offer. Sounds like a good negotiator- just what we need. Chris may not know much about football but he certainly seems to know more about organizational dynamics than Woody And I really appreciate Douglas acknowledging the fan base you can tell he is steeped in Eagles culture where the fan base is monolithic, and demanding its about time “Jets Nation” stopped being ignored, I for one am tired of it
  2. How refreshing! Even bothering to address the fan base, wow
  3. Freak. And the new beard isn’t helping
  4. They’re “only” a million dollars apart? Over one year or over the course of the contract? Even over the course of the contract that’s hardly only. It sounds like Douglas thinks he has all the leverage and is trying to fleece the Jets. C and W offer him one of your residences for free and a lifetime supply of Tylenol.
  5. Completely meaningless word salad. Means nothing. He’s not smart enough to make a subtle comment like that
  6. Thought this was frowned upon here (judging by the reaction I got when I said it in the past)
  7. perhaps He could be President some day
  8. The hiring of Gase after being fired by Miami is exactly analogous to the Bills hiring Rex Ryan after the jets fired him he never doesn’t stand this way. Can someone please give him some standing lessons? Yiu have to be truly exceptional to get away with such poor interpersonal and presentation skills, and he’s given no indication of it
  9. You could rent some horror movies too
  10. I say we resign Teddy Bridgewater. All my horses but one (Butchie) have had Jet names, currently it’s Teddy. And his tenure was very short lived

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