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  1. Xtina

    I love Adam Gase

    The hiring of Gase after being fired by Miami is exactly analogous to the Bills hiring Rex Ryan after the jets fired him he never doesn’t stand this way. Can someone please give him some standing lessons? Yiu have to be truly exceptional to get away with such poor interpersonal and presentation skills, and he’s given no indication of it
  2. Xtina

    How wrong we all were

    You could rent some horror movies too
  3. Xtina

    2020 Free Agent Class

    I say we resign Teddy Bridgewater. All my horses but one (Butchie) have had Jet names, currently it’s Teddy. And his tenure was very short lived
  4. Xtina

    2020 Free Agent Class

    You know a competent GM would be studying this list.
  5. This aggressive move is what the jets have been missing
  6. Xtina

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    Strategic thinker. Yep
  7. It’s a perfect microcosm of the nfl’s priorities: as long as teams win, nothing else matters
  8. It’s about perception and they are the keenest observers of it
  9. No but maybe the gm he brings in will replace him before the season or demote him to OC where he was supposed to be in the first place. The ultimate coup de Grace this team is a laughingstock. The second biggest blunder , after only belichik’s hasty departure according to radio personalities
  10. Don’t think that’s the case. I think it’s meant to illustrate his inability to evaluate talent. After everyone agreed in one season how good he is, he’s all aboard the Sam train
  11. The roasting goes beyond that to dissing the hiring “process” of a coach. Williams and Gase were the choices for coordinators but they couldn’t get anyone to agree to that so they got stuck with Gase as HC by default. It all makes sense now!
  12. The NY Jets: when it’s noteworthy that a coach and player are speaking
  13. LOoks like he’s trying to make a point, nothing else. Kicking, pissing on a guy he already knocked down. Reminds of the wife who sold her husband’s Mercedes for $800 during the divorce to get back at him. The more I hear the less I like
  14. No, no power struggle at all. The coach helping to choose the GM, no power struggle at all

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