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  1. You play to win the game? Draft position is overrated anyway
  2. Did the writers/editors spell it the way they think he would have , in a peculiar quest for authenticity?
  3. From Dave “the best Jets GM of at least the last decade” Gettleman
  4. Mike Greenberg? Ugh I thought we were rid of him. Looks like Rex has put the pounds back on again. He’s come out and said he would take the non existent jets job on the humpty canty show when asked if he’d take the Giants job. Double ugh.
  5. Eckspecially the part about losing to the 0-10 bengals. Say whaaaa???
  6. You’d think that would be a basic strategy for any coach , but no , it seems to be rocket science for some
  7. Trubisky’s stats actually look a little better
  8. There is simply no point in watching this team. I refuse
  9. Actually there were quite a few they just barely lost switch back to the vet qb had a lot to do with it IMO
  10. I still cannot believe Sam had to tell Gase what he’s good at
  11. So he doesn’t have the best arm but his name is Rifle? 🤨
  12. I’m prettt sure the announcers did it on the pre game broadcast last night

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