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  1. Odd comment. They don’t have to be on IR to be out for the game.
  2. Rodney Harrison just said he’s the best SS on the PLANET and the other one (?) said “the best thing about the jets the last few games, nay the whole season” (I ad libbed the nay)
  3. First time in 16 quarters the skins scored a TD so there’s that
  4. I was wondering who that was standing casually on the sideline. Oh- it’s the head coach!
  5. Speaking of the “great one”, just imagine Brady was the one hit. What would be happening now. And. If this isn’t roid rage I don’t know what is
  6. Is Garrett our QB killer? I smell a pattern
  7. This gives a hint to why Gase was so beloved by players in Miami. Incidentally what’s the deal with Falk’s injury grievance?
  8. Look at you trying to steer the ship back on topic 😛
  9. It’s a very accurate representation of the play. Might as well be the clip in the YouTube highlights. Kudos to him for finding such an accurate representation of his play
  10. Just like Colin Powell. And just like practically every other Colin and Connor out there now
  11. “The league hopes this provides that chance”. LMFAO. Hopes so badly that they made sure it wouldnt happen until It was certain it couldn’t work. And even now are making it as difficult as possible. How about waiting till he’s 79? That wouldn’t be any less obvious
  12. Who names their child Dowell????

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