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  1. Who were these brilliant coaches and coordinators Management insisted they had to hire so that Rule couldn’t? Did we get them?
  2. I wonder who can kick their leg up higher? A punter or a Rockette. There should be a competition. It could make this season interesting.
  3. It’s so weird how only the jets have these problems; none of the other 31 have to deal with injuries, traded players, no preseason or training camp clearly gase is a great coach and his 30-36 record proves it How is it possible to be so wrong?
  4. It’s sad when players come to the jets from real teams, and are so horrified by what they see as the jets “practice” that they speak out. Hasn’t Gase ever been on a real team to know what it’s supposed to look like? also, maybe he can borrow a real coach’s playbook for a little while and find a fourth down play besides punting
  5. If Rex Ryan was allowed to scapegoat Brian Schottenheimer without Jets fans uttering a word of disagreement, then Adam Gase can scapetoat Dowell Loggains and Jets fans can similarly keep quiet. Irrelevant analogy. Does not compute.
  6. Somehow all those players are hurt and they didn’t even play in met life’s “sticky turf”. And the turf was picking on 49’ers players I guess. Really low class of Shanahan
  7. Which game do you think they’re winning?
  8. He is definitely a “student” of the game. Meaning he can’t bring his “encyclopedic” understanding to a real life situation.
  9. Gase Is so embarrassed he’s covered up his whole face with his mask

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