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  1. It’s a very accurate representation of the play. Might as well be the clip in the YouTube highlights. Kudos to him for finding such an accurate representation of his play
  2. Just like Colin Powell. And just like practically every other Colin and Connor out there now
  3. “The league hopes this provides that chance”. LMFAO. Hopes so badly that they made sure it wouldnt happen until It was certain it couldn’t work. And even now are making it as difficult as possible. How about waiting till he’s 79? That wouldn’t be any less obvious
  4. Same here. I watched it over and over asking what was the penalty and was told “he drove Rodgers into the ground”. Like so what?
  5. I could see Woody losing interest after being physically and mentally separated from it for years. Chris has no ownership stake, does he?
  6. You know who’s looking really good all of s sudden ? Ryan Tannehill, now that he’s not holding back Adam Gase any longer
  7. I’m really shocked Sam didn’t openly badmouth his head coach
  8. I could not believe they called PI on the giants to put the jets at 1st and goal for an easy touchdown. I had just started watching and had to confirm uniforms
  9. Well after all according to CJ , Gase is coaching to where the nfl is going. So maybe he’s waiting for the nfl to catch up
  10. If say, the QB (or any player I guess) falls down in his own end zone, does the other team get a safety? Or does the falling down team get -2 points?
  11. Is it possible to have a score in negative points?
  12. Wishful self delusion.
  13. OMFG you can’t make this Shyte up if you tried. Johnson is sooooo out of his depth. It’s painful And “tireless nights”? I want tires on my nights
  14. Is he a high functioning “nerd” with an “affinity for things on paper” but absolutely ZERO interpersonal skills. ???? If so lock him in a room with his x’s and o’s But keep him away from actual human beings!!!!
  15. Ok. I still don’t know what skeptable’s point is
  16. WHats your point? Im on record hating the hire IMMEDIATELY
  17. YEs, the criticism is unfair because, well, the team is doing so well. Obviously How disgusting. What are his excuses? What a loser. Even worse than Woody. Unbelievable that that’s even possible. This will probably be the nail in the coffin for me first time I’ve ever agreed with anything manish has said incidentally

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