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  1. Yes but who’s to say the busts that started right away wouldn’t have benefited from sitting before starting
  2. There are many If Only’s right now with this team. Just gotta move on
  3. Is there anything more satisfying in life, than seeing Tom Brady saddled with “head coach” Todd Bowles ?
  4. Yes, you tell Zach what his emotions should be
  5. I don’t know what the obsession with Zach’s family’s supposed wealth, from Booger to some “fans”. Anything I’ve seen does not suggest anything close to a trust fund. His father owns some gas stations and “some other businesses “ and one article actually said “it’s not exactly clear what Zach’s dad does for a living. I can attest that owning a gas station is not a profitable endeavor unless you’re the oil company. My father had a gas station for a while and eventually just wound up converting it to a spare lot for his dealership
  6. Xtina


    When do we start calling him Bam Bam ?
  7. Can’t believe they wanted to give him an unsportsmanlike conduct first that “celebration”. He said he don’t be flashing the peace sign again
  8. And they both had comparable rosters on day one. the Jets team was devoid of talent. At least Daboll has something to work with
  9. They could invent an assistant type position like Belli did for Patricia. Think creatively!
  10. The question is who will it be, not who you want or think it should be
  11. This just shows how dominating our defense is
  12. There is no reason to lose practice time due to an injury, with the availability of motor imagery as a practice technique, and now with the advent of VR this must be even easier. It’s said the brain can’t distinguish between visualizing moves in your mind vs actual physical moves. They must use this in football, every other sport does. You see skiers skiing their run at the top of the mountain with their eyes closed. For heaven’s sake, I visualize riding my jump course and my dressage test over and over, the day before and day of the show. “Motor imagery is a mental process by which an individual rehearses or simulates a given action. It is widely used in sport training as mental practice of action, neurological rehabilitation, and has also been employed as a research paradigm in cognitive neuroscienceand cognitive psychology to investigate the content and the structure of covert processes (i.e., unconscious) that precede the execution of action.[1][2] In some medical, musical, and athletic contexts, when paired with physical rehearsal, mental rehearsal can be as effective as pure physical rehearsal (practice) of an action.[3]”
  13. Wasn’t hackenberg excellent at breaking down film? Gruden was absolutely in love with him
  14. Sure. We can trust the reporters to not embellish
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