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  1. He’ll need it if he keeps wearing shirts like last year’s rose vomit one
  2. You don’t think his special status will carry through to his next team?
  3. This is one thing that did not need changing. They had the best unis in the NFL
  4. “Many of you”. Oh.My.God
  5. We will not have the 1st pick. It's the Jets. The "best" we will do is 3rd and we will get the best darn DT available
  6. He’s already revealed more about his philosophy than Mac ever did. Never heard a single thought from him about football in his entire tenure
  7. Can you remember the last time the Jets had two quarterbacks?
  8. What’s this about a three week quarantine? Who could handle three weeks of being cooped up with either one of them?
  9. I think he’s referring to the mindset of the coachee, rather than the coacher. I hear it all the time how difficult it is to manage millennials
  10. It looked that way when gettleman took over but now it looks like after Mara trying to drag Eli ‘s tenure into infinity, Dave has freed himself from maras orders and is doing his own thing last year’s very suspect pick is starting to look like it will pay off and this year’s draft was very serviceable it looks like that ship is being righted. Unfortunately let joe judge be the mouthpiece . That’s part of a coach’s role. Doesn’t sound like any other media training. Much ado about nothing
  11. The original post never said anything about relativity to scheme. Stop changing your goalposts
  12. Was Becton the BPA at 11? I mean consensus not a O line desperate team’s BPA?
  13. They can’t all be related. That’s some serious unsocial undistancing
  14. So how do you suppose you got unbanned today. What took you so long to come back and check.
  15. The evolution of his name from Goodell to Roger to Rog, mirrors the evolution of his draft night posture: standing formally, sitting at attention, reclining in his club chair

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