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  1. If the defense can get just one stop all game, Jets can win
  2. Is the offense playing really well or is Iggles defense just that bad?
  3. Non sequitur. Effeminate auto correct snd I don’t have editing on my posts
  4. No kidding. It’s a complete non sequined and not even really the case
  5. He has a long long way to go before he can go anything remotely resembling fine tuning
  6. Pretty dumb move politically. I guess she doesn’t realize she’s not the governor of Buffalo.
  7. This is ridiculous. You’d think Matt Ryan never threw a football till now
  8. Any word on Saleh and whether he and his 7 kids, wife and nanny are all still living in one hotel room?
  9. Those are the toys they let him play with
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