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  1. why? because all you people do is take jabs at the pats..welker this, woodhead that, their D sucks..and then all three shred the jets to bits. Its over..DONE. It was cute for a while that the little jets thought they'd take down big bro, but the game is over. and all that "didnt we shred the patriots week 2" sh*t talk..no, you didnt..you beat the patriots week 2..The patriots CRUSHED you this game. Thats how you shred someone.
  2. They shouldnt buck up, they should all admit they were wrong. All these fans do it talk a bunch of S..and then the jets get STOMPED. Like I said before, the patriots are clearly better than the jets. Any arguments now?
  3. the site should be renamed jokenation.com if you really think Manning is better than Brady.
  4. SO I guess this year finally puts it to rest. Tom Brady is better than Peyton Manning. Had Brady lost all his players, he'd still be playing at a high level. All these years, Manning has had is Hall of Fame type players and now he doesnt..Look what happens.
  5. considering that not a lot of people on the planet can do that..i guess they dont. Good thing they have other ways to beat the jets.
  6. Where is the drawing of Revis "Island" getting exposed by Moss in week 2? Man, that was great wasnt it? Had to be the most embarasing thing to happen to him in his nfl life..all that slouch talk, and Moss makes a one handed over the shoulder catch causing revis to fake a hamsting injury to save face.
  7. well the patriots are clearly better than the jets, so that part makes sense..but I do agree that the chargers shouldnt be.
  8. oh, you mean he got better as other teams stopped trying? Same thing right?
  9. LT has basically already shut down now that the weather is getting colder..Sanchez will probably shut down soon as well. Expect a close came, some where around 38-24 patriots. Game over by half time.
  10. I know this is a Jets board and everyone will disagree..but the fact of the matter is the patriots are a better team than the jets..The pats have won games against teams like, Indy, Pitt, and SD, while the jets have squeezed by such power houses as Detroit, Cinn and Houston..It should be a good game, but its pretty much going to be like this eppisode of Happy days where Richie comes back from the army, thinking he is tough and it goint to lay out the Fonz, but in the end the Fonz shows him who is still in charge.
  11. He is clearly the best qb in the nfl..and if you dont see that you're just kidding yourself.
  12. Here is Revis's stats Revis* *Meaningless stats after he faked an injury after getting OWNED by Moss.
  13. Holy Sh*t Tom Brady is good..hands down the mvp this year.
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