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  1. First off, congrats on the house. Are you caught up? Because there has been some. You are the leading train right now tied with JC.
  2. I appreciate you appreciating my enthusiasm. This is a very long game and my book isn't close to shut on you. Help me out, what are your thoughts so far?
  3. Was there anything specific that you didn't love?
  4. @DPRAny thoughts on JC? Gata?
  5. It is day 1 and you're calling my thoughts fluff when I can't even get someone to comment on basically anything. Keep up the good work.
  6. Answers are in bold. You can go fluff yourself
  7. It was a summary and a lot of people still need to post. If I haven't been clear enough in my posts ask me a question
  8. No hard feelings. It’s amazing how fast you get over it. Just a game after all.
  9. That is my only way to read you right now haha. I remember kingmaker well when you were scum because it was so annoying being me that game and I really hated all of you the day I got lynched.
  10. So.. any thoughts on the game?
  11. Still the VC, just for reference
  12. Same q above for @JustEndTheSuffering
  13. What did you think of JCs defense?
  14. Feeling townie about Barry and Ape. Stark too but that’s mostly gut feeling. Feeling better about DPR Feeling strongest about JC as scum. Gata maybe my #2 but nothing there to vote quite yet just have to keep an eye on it. Jets is also in here too Arsis- not sure about but closer to scum than town at the moment Jvill, pac completely mia 80/ctm are making love in their bigger than football qt so I am not sure we will get anything from them any time soon crusher is crusher, he is null to me right now and I’ve only ever seen him make it past day 2/3 as scum so I don’t really know how to read him but if he’s alive late in the game maybe that’s a sign kdels not sure on yet but I’ll give him a little time AVM is someone I need to see more from. Nothing to go on right now Posting from my phone so I might have missed someone but this is basically where I am right now
  15. My strategy day 1 is simple: get everyone to post and identify townies to work with to catch scum.

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