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  1. Really missing our first three starting MLBs right now man
  2. Did you make it that big so all you old timers can read it?
  3. I look forward to these videos and the Jetnation Podcast as well but I'm not sure who the Jetnation Podcast people are on here.
  4. Hahah. This does nothing to support your argument. You make him sound like Antonio Brown and your evidence is that he went bowling?
  5. Bell has been anything but a diva and seems to be a good teammate so if you want to make these statements, at least provide some examples from this year.
  6. True, especially if you are talking about, in our case, an offensive pick, but we are talking defense—where most of our picks start and end—so I’m not sure that’s the case. With Leo, he had Snacks, Mo, and Sheldon. That, at the time, was an unreal lineup. And currently, I don’t think our defense is that bad, so I don’t even ponder that as an excuse in this case.
  7. This is a weird post. Starts off sarcastic but then when you mention Mike DeVito and Pouha, it actually goes against the point you are trying to make because they were indeed really good players for us, and then the post just gets to be too much with the end part. I understand both sides to this debate, because I agree that young players need time to develop, but at the same time, we have seen this story before a couple of times, so it might not be too crazy to assume he won't end up "the best player in the draft" when it's all said and done. I think he has a higher chance of turning into a Leo Williams than an Aaron Donald, unfortunately.
  8. Yeah, if the Jets looked respectable, I'd be happy and if they somehow won, I would consider it like winning the Super Bowl. With that said, I am not getting my hopes up at all for this game, in fact I am going in expecting to get destroyed, because that will hopefully make getting destroyed a little easier. My prediction isn't based on Sam or Gase only, it is based on the entire team. Our defense hasn't looked good for a few weeks and will get shredded for at least 24 points and our offense has not looked great either, and we all know the Ravens will blitz the entire game leaving us with nothing. Is there some weird stat out there about the Ravens that I can bet on them breaking this week?
  9. We will be lucky to score 3 points. This will be the Patriots game all over; hopefully without all the Darnold interceptions.
  10. The only thing that matters is the W. The Jets offense had a chance to go out and win the game and they did. Period. Teams sometimes get calls— and it was PI so it should have been called in the first place—happens every week. Sam has struggled against Miami his entire career so I’ll take his performance this week, and hope it gets better next time they play.
  11. Exactly. Do you think it is smart to pay this specific player a huge amount? I don't think he is a top 3 guard in the league. Is he top 5? Top 10? Name one player that we paid top dollar for that has come close to living up to that in the past few years. I'm weary. I know what people will say: Beggars can't be choosers. But look at how Trumaine Johnson worked out.
  12. How much would you be willing to pay Scherff? I'm not sure handing him a blank check is smart. Even though we are desperate, it may not be smart. We haven't been lucky with monster contracts handed out to FAs so I'm hesitant with that one.
  13. I’m just happy Darnold finally got a win against Miami

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