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  1. I will look at this one from a Browns fan perspective: In a way, Mayfield was saying how great Browns fans are and Browns fans have to love that. Also, who cares about the Giants? Who cares about their fans? They don’t even play next year. Now from my perspective: Mayfield is like Rex. Rex was great and fun to watch when he was backing it up, and that attitude or “swagger” was contagious. Then it wasn’t. Also, who cares about the Giants? Who cares about their fans?
  2. I would be surprised if we don't score some points. I'm thinking at least 24 PPG
  3. That was awesome. The Jets may not win football games but One Jets Drive keeps getting better
  4. At a buffet? Oh wait that was Crusher. With a prostitute? Oh wait that was T0m. Damn it!! Where were you?
  5. I found Sam to be pretty inaccurate, especially on the run, in Madden 19. I was expecting more from their ratings this year. Side-note: can’t wait to see the new jerseys (the blacks even more so) in the game.
  6. I feel he is the new DeFillippo/the other guy on the Titans. And his record wasn’t great as a college coach.
  7. I think the coach has a good chance of busting
  8. We are terrible in a losing season. I couldn’t imagine the terror that would reign if we did indeed win a super bowl, let alone rule over the NFL the way these douche bags have.
  9. I heard on the Jets radio pregame that H Anderson didn’t do as well when asked to take more snaps. I don’t have the means/time to prove or disprove this statement. Thoughts?
  10. Me too. It was a little hard to judge them last year. I think we will je good against the run this year but our weakness will be when teams spread us out and our LBs have to cover. I’m a bit worried about that.
  11. Somehow Trumaine Johnson had a 74.9. Why do I feel he looked worse than Mo? Weird.
  12. I think a good example of this is the Packers game last year. The OL wasn't great but Darnold was running around making plays. Defense couldn't close it out at the end there. The Texans game was similar--last drive, those WRs ate us up. Maybe you could blame those events on the play calling, but your point is still true. I'd breathe a sigh of relief if I came on here one day and saw that we signed Mo back, but I understand the hesitation if he is dealing with something serious like going to rehab as speculated earlier in this thread. If healthy, I think he's our best option to add some depth sans a trade.
  13. I remember how much of a weakness this was under Rex, even with a top 5 defense. It's going to be painful to watch 3rd and short if we can't cover the RB.

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