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  1. @KRL how'd Mims look to you?
  2. That's incredibly disappointing but maybe it means he is thinking a lot? Hopefully he just needs some time.
  3. When you see people staying after practice to work, that sh*t is contagious.
  4. So this is how it's gonna be huh?
  5. I think he is going to make games super fun to watch. Last year who did we have to get excited about? Becton, Mims maybe. Now we have quite a list of people I can't wait to watch this year, win or lose.
  6. True! And a bit with Moss maybe, but I was still pretty young when he was here so I don't remember.
  7. I can't remember the last time we had a WR destroying everyone and everything in their path, let alone a fookin rookie.
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