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  1. Dump Kacey Rogers. They need a better dline and inside linebackers coach. Intense guys that yell at the team like KG, DD and Morton.
  2. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    One step closer!
  3. Didn’t work but yeah. With that said, this team sucks on the road and has always been crap at 4 pm. This falls on Bowles because as bad as the offense was, and it was baaaaad, the defense could not get off of the field for the first three quarters of the game. Denver did to us what we did to KC last week. The only difference is we were just as bad on offense as we were on defense.
  4. 1 PM Games Thread

    This is what the NFL is this year. QBs can look amazing one year and look so average or below average the next. Consistency is a rare thing.
  5. Really? They look a lot different to me. First of all he’s not throwing to Mike Evans. Second, Baker loves the game. Seems like he’d die on the field. Doesn’t have the same mentality at all. What about him tells you they are equals? Their size? A lot of people thought Manziel would bust. I haven’t heard too many people get on Mayfield. The guy’s a winner.
  6. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    This guy has it. He can be Brees, Wilson in the NFL. He's a leader, he's electric. The team feeds off of that. He has Jamal Adams' attitude but on offense. We need to take this guy! He has the attitude to play on this team. You can tell he LOVES football, and I think he loves to win even more. Let's give the Patriots and their fans a player to hate. They will hate him because he will own them. I think Darnold will bust and Rosen isn't cut out for NY, but I hope the Browns and Giants take them and Baker falls to us.
  7. This is basically what i wanted to see out of this team this year— POTENTIAL
  8. You, along with the rest of us, have no clue what these coaches are like behind closed doors, which is probably a good thing in this city.
  9. The amount of prescription drugs these players must be addicted to and they suspend a guy that smokes a plant. Shouldn’t even be an issue in sports.
  10. I think it would take a lot for Bowles to trash a guy to the media. I would hope he’s not quite as nice to the guy behind closed doors but this is unacceptable and if true, will make it easy to say goodbye to Mo in a few weeks.
  11. I don't hate this idea. Go after o-line like we went after safety last year.
  12. My prediction: With all this talk about the emphasis on the fourth quarter, we will come out flat for three quarters. But once that fourth quarter comes around.. watch out! We still lose.