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  1. Drums

    If the Giants are dumb enough

    To be honest, I think Gettleman's job is on the line this year so I do in fact think they will take a QB and do what it takes to move up somewhere.
  2. Drums

    Free Agent Centers

    I really wanted us to draft a WR early this year but it looks like itll be pass rusher in the first and a lineman in the third. We HAVE to trade down.
  3. Drums

    Brooks On Bell's Impact

    I went from against singing Bell (last year) to hoping we did, to kinda growing numb to it, and now I am fookin' pumped!
  4. Drums

    Pennel now a Cheat

    They love signing our castoffs and I can’t remember the last time it actually mattered.
  5. Drums

    Top Remaining Targets for Jets

    I hope it's Callahan but he's slot so we still need a #2-- I think Roberts can do it though.
  6. Drums


    It might be up on youtube later but SNY is terribly inconsistent when it comes to that.
  7. That's what I was thinking about after their trade yesterday. They were a playoff team last year if Mayfield and GW took over sooner, but can their new HC handle Landry, Mayfield, OBJ, AND this pressure? I guess we will find out. Not sure how their DC will do either.
  8. Drums

    Wake leaving Miami

    That's some good news
  9. Drums

    Barr Stays with Vikings

    Maybe he really is lazy. Maybe he really is scared about Williams wearing his ass as a shoe.
  10. Drums

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    It's more than the city, it's the team. The Raiders can move to Vegas but for some reason, they seem like a pretty bad franchise at this time. A little bit in limbo if you ask me. They were looking really good a few years ago, the year Carr went down. At this point, eh. Just my opinion though.
  11. Drums

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    Definitely not the first place I'd choose if I was him. I'd rather go to the Colts, even for a little less money. Or NY for more. Oakland's right up there with Buffalo as places that are hell holes. Throw in Cincy and you've got your trifecta.
  12. No, I'm definitely not taking football too seriously but you are definitely being negative. I respect opinions, I know I'm on a message board, but you're trying too hard and going on my ignore list. Adios.
  13. Well that makes sense as to why you're so obsessed with negativity on a message board this morning.
  14. Some of you guys are crazy pessimistic. You don't have to be bowing down but damn, admit we're actually trying to get better. Some people just like to see the world burn.

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