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  1. Unfortunately we do seem to be a “get right” team but I would love for us to get revenge
  2. Oh and this too. The OP just adding unnecessary negative nonsense. Congrats to all of the people after every loss making this board unreadable. Bad enough we lose, then we have to be bombarded with more. I can only ignore so many threads.
  3. So where was this post last week? Really easy to come here with this garbage after a loss.
  4. He seems like a hard worker too. I don’t expect him to be a top 5 safety but I don’t see why he can’t at least be “solid” after getting more experience and possibly even Maye back.
  5. I still can’t believe we got so much for Adams— it is insane. That team needs to be rebuilt and they traded for a player that has few redeeming qualities. That GM is a dead man walking.
  6. Boohoo. I don’t feel bad for anyone dealing with injuries. Just another day for the Jets.
  7. True, and as long as our offense produces I couldn’t care less who was playing
  8. How does this work? Do they try to adjust at all to the time or just wake up really early on Sunday?
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