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  1. Wow, great finish! I thought Brady had done it again but not this time
  2. I wonder if this loss increases the possibility of us having a chance to sign Jensen
  3. Besides it being a little sketchy, I imagine teams are being more disciplined at the moment, just avoiding as many people as they can, if possible.
  4. It weakens the Bills and the Giants don’t matter. I wouldn’t mind it at all
  5. Looks pretty cool but I'm one that loves the all blacks
  6. Hmm… pretty sure they all won playoff games last week. I could be wrong, though
  7. This is a HUGE need and I strongly believe it’s the best weapon Zach could ask for. Fixing this hole is a must. Sign, trade, draft. Whatever it takes but we need at least 2 dawgs.
  8. Do you not remember the vicious Fitz cycle?
  9. I am a firm believer that Josh Allen would be backing up Cam Newton in Carolina AT BEST, if the Jets drafted him. I hope he thanks his god every night for that.
  10. Difference between Mac Jones and Tom Brady: Brady gets better when his team is down, Mac Jones gets worse. GOOD
  11. Thought I heard from Nania he played in a zone blocking scheme in college
  12. If the price is right but if the player has other injury concerns, no— we gotta get away from being the home of the broken toys.
  13. I can buy most of this but offseason plans seem like top secret sh*t. No way Wilson is going to tell that to some random fan— if he even knows. Also, JD never does what is predicted. No one saw Fant coming, among others.
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