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  1. Negativity bests positivity when it comes to getting clicks.
  2. Main thing I get from this thread: Baldy- guys want to be him, girls want to be with him
  3. Drums

    “Get It Done Tanny!”

    I think he is a smart guy but it does not seem he has learned from his mistakes.
  4. They had a gala last night and apparently everyone was in pretty high spirits haha. Media is going nuts though— nothing else to talk about in May.
  5. Wtf does that even mean? As in, how is that even possible? Not that I agree or disagree, just trying to understand..
  6. Do you not get enough attention at home?
  7. Drums

    Robby signs tender

    I'm sure you'll be here to say "I told you so" like a real champ, too. I'm so tired of hearing that he'll be an afterthought in this offense. If he is, fine, but what's wrong with thinking if Gase is such an offensive genius that Robby wouldn't be productive? I don't understand this mentality that you have. I'd love for Q to finish a season but Robby actually has, and you can call him a one trick deep threat pony but I saw him score in the red zone quite often last year and last time I checked that's medium at best. I'm not even in love with the guy, I am just tired of all the complaining. Broken records.
  8. Drums

    Robby signs tender

    Ding ding ding
  9. Drums

    Robby signs tender

    I must have missed him going to jail and being suspended. Oops. What’s he done since then? Also I am pro-weed but it wouldn’t get in my way of playing in the NFL. You guys are ridiculous with this hate on Anderson.
  10. Drums

    Robby signs tender

    Glad you’re not running the team. He’s been fine and is a main target for Sam so I think you’re just a hater.
  11. Drums

    Robby signs tender

    Comparing him to Gordon? Really? His off the field stuff has been so overblown. He’s been great for a while now. Next argument?
  12. Drums

    Robby signs tender

    Why is everyone in such a hurry to get rid of Robby? Who would replace him? He actually scores points.
  13. Drums

    May 15th, 2019

    Winter is coming
  14. As a coach, I kinda trust Gase but as a GM, I'm scared.

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