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  1. Darnold needs to do that all of the time or we’re screwed. That is how bad of a team we are
  2. He was on the field for the first play of last week's game. Part of why it went the distance was because he got blocked and taken out of the play.
  3. I’m interested in Roman and Bieniemy. No Daboll for me. Haven’t read too many positive opinions from Bills fans.
  4. I tend to agree but there are some clear instances, especially game one where Sam missed throws simply because of his mechanics. I think it was Joe Blewitt with the breakdown on Jets Xfactor. If he made all the throws anyway, it would not be a big deal, but he definitely has some habits that hinder him and therefore hinder the team.
  5. Yeah and they signed him knowing he was hurt. Bravo Mac!
  6. Yeah and as much as I didn’t like him at first... he was better than the others we had/have but if young guys get a shot (Cager, etc) I’m ok with not bringing him back at this point
  7. What makes you say that? I haven’t had a chance to really watch him that much yet with the all22 but he doesn’t seem that bad to me.
  8. Concussions are no joke. That sucks. Some of the other injuries, I think, are just guys not wanting to play through the pain for Gase. We don’t have too many “tough” guys. Becton got hurt and kept playing but other than that...
  9. The other thing we don’t talk about much, even though it does get mentioned from time to time, is that every coach brings over some guys from their system. Rex brought a couple guys over and they contributed. Wtf has Gase brought that has been any good? ******* Falk? Fales? Give me a damn break. It’s just further evidence that his system sucks.

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