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  1. I agree but they can’t actually trade him yet right? Someone mentioned 6 weeks. They can’t wait forever to hire a coach.
  2. Can’t be from years ago since they’re all wearing masks
  3. I’m okay trading for Watson but not interested in trading for anyone else. The rest, build through the draft and capitalize on the rookie contracts. We need to get a pipeline going or we end up like we did with Tanny. Good for a year or two and then screwed for a decade.
  4. There are three types of people: those that make things happen, those that watch things happen, and those that ask, “what happened?” I wonder which one JD is.
  5. Depends on the amount we would have to give up but he would improve the team drastically. This is one scenario that GMs think about when stockpiling picks. JD knows how to navigate trades and it might be his best skill he has shown thus far. He wouldn’t get the wool pulled over his eyes.
  6. The Jets just donated 1 mil to social justice organizations a few weeks before the season ended and regularly speak out in support. Hopefully that would help wine and dine Deshaun.

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