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  1. Drums

    Fixing the Jets an 8-Step Plan

    I like this, espeically the part about switching to a 4-3
  2. Hello to myself reading this 3-4 years in the future when it gets bumped.
  3. And Shanny as GM - a guy can dream.
  4. Bold prediction: Q has a big game today -- 2 TDs.
  5. I have seen a bunch people say Robbie didn't play like he cared last week but if he is inactive again, he was still hurt last week and a guy like that isn't close to the same player if their speed is affected.
  6. There have been some people that have said this is what Bates’ offense has looked like at USC and wherever else he has been. Bowles still sucks but I don’t think Bates is that great.
  7. Honest assessment, he did seem hesitant quite a bit. Since he's a rookie, I will spread the blame out a little bit to a lack of confidence in his WRs and O-Line as well as some of the play calling, but he still gets the bulk of the blame because it did seem like he left a few throws on the field. Still a pitiful game from the offense that we didn't deserve to win either way. If you can't score six goddam points in today's NFL, when teams come back down 20 in the fourth quarter, you're pathetic and should play your games on a Tuesday.
  8. Drums

    Possible HC Candidates

    I'm holding out hope that the Raiders part ways with their GM, since it seems Gruden already has the keys, and we can coax him into running the show here. That'd be a viable option for me with the little knowledge I have, and then he can find a head coach, possibly DeFilippo. I mean, our franchise is doomed no matter what, and in 3-4 years it'll be the same thing we are talking about right now, but a guy can dream.
  9. Drums

    Possible HC Candidates

    Talk to Packers fans and you'll see-- they hate him. If you think Bowles' game management is bad... There is no way in HELL McCarthy should come here.
  10. Side note, if you fire Mac, do you hire the GM and coach at the same time again, or did you hire the GM and let him hire a coach?
  11. Drums

    Kearse was horrible today

    Then it looked like he was open on that pick to RA at the end but Darnold probably trusts RA more, even though it was a near impossible throw. Extremely disappointed with Kearse. He isn't feeling it this year.
  12. Drums

    Link for today's SNY.post?

    Sometimes they live stream. Today is not one of those times.
  13. A REAL team ties this game no problem. Must be nice.
  14. He looked so much better in the first game, which is weird. He was making a lot happen, now he's just staying in the pocket taking sacks.

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