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  1. Cut Robby Anderson NOW

    He went from undrafted FA to starting WR and had a good season before Petty came in, but yeah, no ambition whatsoever. I have no idea what Mac should do here. He's a good player but listening to him talk and seeing his actions, he doesn't seem very smart. I'd hate to lose the player though.
  2. I'm getting pissed off with all this talk about more running. I guess Bowles likes going 3 & out with a defense that doesn't get TOs or sacks, but hey--HEY! We get a lot of QB hurries and that wins games!

    Find me a sport/team/company where production doesn't trump everything and anything. Teams will turn a blind eye to a lot of things, but once that production goes away, adios muchacho. Ex: steroids in baseball, deflate-gate, etc. -- Just don't get caught!
  4. Beningo vs Mehta. Wow

    I have never listened to these guys, nor do I know who they are, but I can guarantee the jackass is the one with the mustache.
  5. TN is a waste of a team in the playoffs- especially against NE.
  6. I might've missed it. There are times when my streams aren't the best. I've seen people here talk about him and some of the plays he's made and I've seemed to miss them; that's had some influence on my post.
  7. I think Stewart will turn out pretty good next year. I didn't see anything this year that made me say "WOW" but for some reason I still think he'll be good.
  8. Lately, I think about this every time visit this site.
  9. I had high hopes for this guy and he started off strong, then disappeared. He looked like a goon the last few games-- his face, body language, and movement. If this is your "rookie year" then take a rookie contract. However, realistically I understand him wanting more, but I am not sure anyone will pay more than 4-5 M. 6 would be pushing it.
  10. I don't think anyone actually read this, just reacted to the title.
  11. You know it, I know it-- this is why I think he must know it too.
  12. With the Gruden hire, FA QBs, rookie QBs, trouble in paradise--- this has the potential to be the craziest offseason this millennium.
  13. Unlike most, I haven't been very hard on Mac, but this offseason is going to make or break him. I don't know if that would mean he'd be gone after this year or not, but he better do what needs to be done and stop dicking around.