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  1. A kid in high school got a giant Dallas star on his arm with his name “Brian” underneath. I literally laughed when I first saw it. I love tattoos and will be getting more soon but hell no to getting a Jets tattoo
  2. At some point I thought the mods put a restriction on him only allowing him to create threads in the Mafia forum. Better that way imo
  3. This is why I haven’t bothered debating because none of us know. Only time will tell.
  4. Yeah sometimes when you get loud you get attacked. Happens to me a lot haha, especially early game when I have no idea wtf is going on.
  5. I love the show but haven’t really been able to get into the last 1-2 seasons.. but I still wanna try again.
  6. Thanks for modding 80! Good game everyone. Happy to see @BUM-KNEE come alive this game! Just FYI, this is how we spread Covid to you all:
  7. Yeah I completely understand. I really hope everything works out. Poor guy
  8. Sorry to hear that Definitely sending good vibes your way. Good luck and keep us posted
  9. There are basically zero leaks that get out and the ones that do have all been wrong so are we even really sure there was any kind of major disagreement about how to approach Darnold?
  10. I like this. Now we can see what Joe Brady can do with Sam and we can see if he can improve. JD seems to "take care" of the players he trades away (they go to good teams) and he gets a good return.
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