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  1. Me too! And to give us a chance at the top 2, but my gut tells me no one is staking their careers on this guy. He flat out sucks and won't be good.
  2. Looks like the type of qb play we've had since Pennington left. NO THANK YOU. I believe when it comes down to it, Allen is going to slide slide slippidy slide.
  3. Jets 5th worst to agents

    How is Belli not on the least trusted?
  4. Delete

  5. Translation: Browns shouldn't pick Barkley in the first-- they should build the line and draft Michel or Chubb later and they'll still be good. Also, Darnold is overrated and Mayfield will be there at 3. So if I were them, I'd try to trade down but not further than 3. Two top 4 picks are great no matter where you sit.
  6. If I were the Browns, I would trade the #1 to the Jets for the #3 and next year's #1 (if Mac is down) and pick up Mayfield + Nelson. Then take a RB early in the second.
  7. Agreed- that stat should have been averaged per game played
  8. Can a #3 overall QB in Rosen

    Yeah, I've been wondering for a while why Darnold is somehow "head and shoulders" above Rosen.
  9. The only thing a smokescreen like this may accomplish is the fact that teams may not be as desperate to jump the Jets if they think the Jets will take Mayfield. Let's say Rosen is on the board at two but the Giants don't want him- well teams will "know" the Jets don't want him either and they can try trading with CLE instead.
  10. Nothing really leaks under Mac's reign so I am going to go with smokescreen.
  11. New rock group - Greta Van Vleet

    Is that bad? Jack White is one of the best musicians of my generation. He's written so many great songs and he's a great drummer too (bastard!). I like Deap Vally because they're not a "throwback" but a representation of what today's rock and roll sounds like. No offense to this band, but they're for 40-50 year old guys trying to relive the 70s, or a younger guy that hasn't discovered much new music lately. However, that doesn't mean there isn't a bunch of rock and rollers out there right now trying new things. Deap Vally is a band of two females rocking the fk out which you don't see every day, but sure.