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  1. So just looking at the top 2 trains you have the jgb where everyone that voted has actually given reasons while the ape train is verbal saying something, leelou following, hess doing whatever, and smash following hess. Wtf? Seems pretty.. slapdick.
  2. Ok, thanks. Seems everyone else is available during the day anyway. Probably just a me problem.
  3. They seem to be able to plug anyone in and get some success.. except Lance. I wouldn't be surprised if they plug someone like Tannehil over Matt Ryan. He seems like burnt toast.
  4. I don't believe a word you say but you've made me laugh out loud like 10 times in this game so I really hope you're town
  5. Real talk: flying with ten kids to a math competition tomorrow so I think I can get on tomorrow night when I get to the hotel but Friday is the actual competition plus traveling back home so I will absolutely not be around that day. @Jetsfan80 if you plan to make all deadlines at 3 PM I'll never be around. Sadly I have to work at work.
  6. Your leg is a 90lb anorexic aerobic instructor
  7. I'm always a duck head in mafia but I'm, like, a totally nice guy in real life
  8. Crush, anyone else catch your attention or just jgb?
  9. Super lame move by @Barry McCockinner to leave until day 2. P*ssy.
  10. Yup, I'm getting some of what I like to call dickhead vibes haha. I only use that when referring to Crush and it's proven to be a scum tell in the past. I'm in. unvote vote Crush
  11. I don't think Ape's random posts are alignment indicative tbh
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