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  1. “Sam’s continuing to grow but he’s not there yet. Josh is the leader of this team and he’s our guy.”
  2. Some cringe worthy writing right there. PS. Forte is the best running back in history? No mames
  3. I think the confidence is too much now. Time to let his play do the talking.
  4. And Barkley hasn’t played a snap.
  5. Drums


    I predict a few things: Darnold looks great in camp, Legget gets cut after the season (not rooting for this but I remember reading about his lack of work ethic), Adams gets an interception in game 1, Pryor doesn’t start until at least after the bye, Stewart is a camp casualty.
  6. Drums


    People still pay for cable?
  7. I believe we are set up to approach our future in this way. Anyone disagree?
  8. I read the original post for sh*ts and giggles but I couldn't give an actual **** what he thinks.
  9. If they are absolutely terrible, then how long until they put in Allen? They seemed to be in full tank mode last year/the offseason. Has it come back to bite them? Stay tuned..
  10. Drums

    Lesean McCoy's career may be over

    If all of this is true, my thoughts go out to his children. Domestic violence is no joke and they'll never forget it. Sad stuff.
  11. ....bulletin board material?
  12. It's better than your QBs wiping boogers on each other.
  13. Rum Diary's pretty good too-- I liked it better. It was even easier to read when he wasn't tripping the whole time.
  14. Which have you read? Also, HST was going to loan Irsay 30 mil? He didn't have 30 million haha