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  1. He treats players like adults, who just happen to be adults. It’s a good stategy when it works but it’s not working, and surprise! He doesn’t seem to adjust. Guy can answer any historical question about football but fails to see he’s about to become history himself. It’s getting sad and tough to defend him.
  2. Drums

    Jets +9 @ Jax

    I think we will win but you never bet on the jets
  3. Drums

    Yeah, it's been a rough start

    @GreenWhite I can see you are without the info to back up your negativity. Good to know
  4. Drums


    I want them both to lose but the Patriots losing three in a row would be nice. I think the Dolphins will eventually come back to Earth. I don't trust Tannehill.
  5. Drums


    Patriots play the Dolphins next.. big game.
  6. Drums


    Patriots giving up
  7. Drums

    Yeah, it's been a rough start

    Which stat? Just curious. I thought maybe you would go by yards or TDs but he's around 22 there. Carr and Dalton have thrown the same amount of picks. Keenum, Bradford, and Mariota have a worse QBR. So, what can you be going by?
  8. Drums

    Tannehill CBPOY?

    Same--much better story-- but Fitz has outperformed him and I guess you can call what he's doing a comeback.
  9. Drums

    Tannehill CBPOY?

    If it was given out after week three, I think it'd go to Ryan Fitzpatrick.
  10. Drums

    ENJOY this football Sunday.

    F Kirk Cousins and while I'm at it, anyone else named Kirk.
  11. Drums

    ENJOY this football Sunday.

    I think we will beat Jacksonville next week. I'm watching them today to see what they're all about. I feel like that's the type of game the Jets usually win once a season or so. Similar to last year, I think we come out very physical.
  12. Drums

    Todd Haley in 2019

    Yeah even with the playoffs they seemed happy to move on, which I thought was a mistake. The Browns were desperate for a guy that didn't give away games and that's what they got with Tyrod but they still lost haha
  13. Drums

    Todd Haley in 2019

    Yeah they call him the most conservative qb in the league. He doesn’t want to throw picks so he hesitates. If his first read isn’t open, he takes off. I didn’t see it when he played us that much but I have been going to the Buffalo boards a little to see how they view Josh Allen and they have talked about Tyrod a bit, mostly happy he’s gone because of performances like last night far too many times.

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