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  1. Drums

    Barr to the Jets, or not

    This isnt last year’s coaching staff. Williams will wear his ass as a shoe if he is lazy.
  2. And still add humphries or is that redundant now?
  3. Drums

    Lee A Goner

    Might be a different story if he finished strong last year. Oh well.
  4. Drums

    NFL Free Agent Updates

    Okay, Mac seems busy but let's see what he can actually do when it comes to bringing some of these needs home. Fingers crossed!
  5. Drums

    Thoughts on Jets backup QB

    Doesn’t matter; Darnold is starting 20 games next year.
  6. First offensive coach in a long time so I expect the offense to improve a lot with Gase’s added input on players.
  7. Drums

    Nice article

    I know right?
  8. Drums

    Kevin Zeitler

    My friend's a Browns fan and we joke every year about playing in the AFC Championship. If that comes true, I'll be a little freaked out.
  9. Drums

    Kevin Zeitler

    We need to move on from Winters somehow, this year or next. He had one good year, a few terrible years, and some bad years.
  10. Still hoping for something like this: But the stripes look different.
  11. I'm hoping or green helmets but this grey has grown on me. I'd be happy with this. The main thing I guess I'm looking for is a change of the green shade and different helmets.
  12. Exactly! I fancy a trade down and hopefully Jonah Williams, then Campbell in the 2nd. I was watching games (not highlights) last night "Campbell vs." and I did it for Metcalf too but Campbell's games looked better. He makes a lot of plays.
  13. If what I've read about Gase liking smaller, shifty WRs, Paris Campbell fits the bill.
  14. "He's awesome. Playing against him sucked." -Sam Darnold
  15. Sounds like Seattle might use the franchise tag on him.
  16. He was pretty active in the super bowl too but I wouldn’t come close to breaking the bank for him. I think his market might be somewhat reasonable though.
  17. Lynch seems to make a lot of good moves but theyre still picking second. Agreed, that Jimmy trade looked great but how many games has he played for them? Guy’s made of glass. Samuel L. Jackson style.
  18. I love that and I hope we somehow find a way to sign Callahan for the slot CB.
  19. It's back! I want to see this thread hit 100. I just hope they work in some gunmetal grey. It's grown on me a lot. But when it comes down to it, if it's the look of what Jamal Adams shared way back last year with green and white, kinda simple, I am cool with that one.
  20. I've tried to watch as many games as I could, which hasn't been that many, but I've seen the most of Orlando and they seem fun to watch so I'm going with them. With that said, I probably watched three plays of their game yesterday.
  21. Drums

    The GAS (Music Gear) Thread

    It comes with all of the wires and equipment you need but I think you can use regular tools. It's like Legos for cool adults.
  22. Drums

    The GAS (Music Gear) Thread

    I’m a garage rocker. You guys should check out a website called “build your own clone” if you are into older guitar pedals. They have the original tone bender, fuzz face, etc. They send you the schematics and all the parts, you just have to build it. My friend built a few and they sound great.
  23. Besides the fact that it most likely isn’t consentual, the weirdest part is... did you copy and paste this from somewhere else? Just curious.

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