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  1. Drums

    Sam Darnold vs Kellen Clemens

    This is how bored we all are.
  2. Browns are boom or bust this year and expectations are sky high. Kitchens will be tested.
  3. What’s your support for that kind of statement?
  4. Drums

    Jachai Polite

    Haha. Hey there is actually truth to your statement.
  5. At first I was somewhat numb to the pick but I’m definitely excited now. For some reason, the Polite pick made me feel better about Q as well.
  6. For a bunch of dudes you all love that drama
  7. Drums

    Jachai Polite

    Well fingers crossed!!
  8. Drums

    Jachai Polite

    Is it really a gamble taking him in the third? Id say Nathan Shepherd was a gamble but Polite might be a steal
  9. Drums

    PFF Makes the Case for Leo

    The article says he is good but hasn’t been elite. We know.
  10. Drums

    Gase did NOT want LeVeon Bell-Cimini

    You forgot about the glitter. Oh wait, no that's just the mods.
  11. Drums

    Prove me wrong

    I know-- and after a while, less people are optimistic. It's hard to see the same patterns over and over again, denying them at first, but after ten times you have to stop and say, "hey..." Even though I never heard of this guy, I wanted the Jets to draft a TE that could block (and hopefully catch) to add a little help to our offensive line. What's his name came in as FB last year and helped us out at times but now he's gone. We have Bell now, too, who's going to want that blocker. The TE looks like he punishes people with his blocks-- he's a pretty big dude on the field. I hope he is fun to watch. I do like Polite and the LB we added as well-- I think they might contribute at some point. I've accepted Q now I guess who should hopefully be fun to watch. Still scared about the line though, and the fact that injuries destroyed us at WR last year and we didn't do a whole lot to address that (adding one guy doesn't address that in my opinion), but having Bell should help so... fingers crossed. New coaching seems to help this team and others ignite some fire and win some games. Here's to hoping that helps here too.
  12. Drums

    Prove me wrong

    I like the TE we drafted. Given our TE depth chart, I think he has a chance. Given our FB depth chart, I think he has a chance. Wouldn't be surprised if he's in there somewhere on gameday.
  13. Drums

    Meltdown Thread #2

    That would be the nail in the coffin.
  14. Definitely a little jealous
  15. Drums

    Chris Simms on Q. Williams

    Heard that before. Remind me on fourth and goal when some no named RB runs it in for the go ahead score in the fourth quarter on us. They better dominate the game and make everyone else look better or we are ****ed.
  16. That's a good way to put it. Safest pick in the draft, we can predict EVERYTHING they would say. We couldn't trade down and we couldn't reach for an offensive player, so it is what it is. At least he will be good but we've heard it all before so I'm not freaking out about the lack of a press conference.
  17. I don't know-- I think some people are either trying to read into the lack of a press conference, or maybe just being a little dramatic. I could see if we just picked a QB or something but it's a DT. I just don't think you'd hear anything valuable in it, that's all.
  18. Drums

    Two OG Top 15

    Seems to be hitting the range for them
  19. Drums

    You Think We Have It Bad...

    Kinda nice to see
  20. No one wants to get fleeced by anybody but sometimes you suck it up if there’s a player you love. There wasn’t anyone worth trading up for, sadly.
  21. I want him even less after reading through this thread. Cheers.
  22. Khal Drago (OLB) perhaps, or Jaqen H'ghar in the slot
  23. I’ll take that, especially if we can trade down a few spots and still grab him.

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