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  1. I see a lot of people putting dream team lists out there and they all look exciting but are we just setting up expectations to feel bad about it later or do coaches actually bring in coordinators they don’t have relationsips with?
  2. Drums

    Want to be sold on Monken?

    Interesting. I'm used to our defensive head coaches coming over and bringing defensive players so I never even thought about this. I think this is the guy I'm leaning towards. I think he and Boyer would be good, and I think everyone here all wants Greg Williams but I am not sure how far fetched that'd be. A forum could dream..
  3. John Elway can kiss my ass. He's a terrible GM period. With that said, Harbaugh is a good coach and would be worth a trade but is he worth a first round pick or more?
  4. #1 defense but not enough offense. Buh-bye
  5. Drums

    Lamar Jackson

    Jackson reminds me of Tyrod Taylor (legs, plays it safe on throws), but it's his first year and I think he has a higher ceiling
  6. I have no idea anymore
  7. My post isn’t for or against McCarthy, but I don’t get this way of thinking. Leaning on history to make a decision is one thing but flat out deciding because of a stat in history doesn’t make complete sense to me.
  8. Oh they’ve been doing that a lot? The only time I watch American tv with commercials is during Jets’ games haha. It is sometimes fun to catch up on things.
  9. Wow did anyone else see that old collect call commercial? "Haddababy Itsaboy" -- Been a while since I saw that.
  10. How about from now on, no one open his threads and at the very least avoid commenting. That will end this quickly. Some people just love attention.
  11. If the Chargers get up by two scores, I think this game might be over early.
  12. Drums

    Elite positions with #1 pick

    True, and it looks like a great pick, but he suffered a few concussions in a short period of time and his career may be in danger if he doesn’t adjust his game (I think he had 3 this year).
  13. Drums

    Pres wants AB

    I looked at his twitter and it's really no big deal. Fact is, the guy is a good person. He could be much much worse.
  14. Drums

    Pres wants AB

    I don't have twitter but a quick look and he has over 594k followers. Damn! I'm a huge fan of Jamal, and with that follower count, he is pretty influential; not necessarily with the team but with the media. Every single post he makes gets put here and in articles. Main point is: Could this actually be tampering? I don't think it is, but you have to be careful with this league. That's all that matters. With that said, he doesn't abuse women or have any other off the field issues. I'd rather have him posting things like this than actual controversial or just plain ignorant tweets/posts that could really stir things up.
  15. Drums

    Pres wants AB

    Agreed. He comments on EVERYTHING. I've supported him up until this point but dude, chill. Take a week off.
  16. This guy would be a stellar OC.
  17. Drums

    Jets to interview Mccarthy

    I didn't say I wanted him, and originally was completely against him for the reasons you've mentioned here, but I have no idea who the best hire would be at this time so I'm trying to look at all sides from all perspectives.
  18. Drums

    Jets to interview Mccarthy

    Here are two knocks on McCarthy: 1. Hasn't really had great running games in GB - fix: sign Bell, and hopefully a solid lineman 2. His defenses have never been that great - fix: hire a good DC to get the potential out of the talent we do have on defense He might have another super bowl win or two if these two things were better in his career at GB.
  19. I wouldn’t mind a game in Mexico because I would definitely go, but no one here cares about the Jets. It’s Patriots, Raiders, Dallas, Seattle, and Packers country. I literally see public busses with giant Patriots’ logos on the rear window.
  20. I have detested hiring Jim Harbaugh, but somehow I've come around. Seems he will stay in college but I think he's #1 on most people's list here. Same can be said for me about McCarthy. I think those are the two most obvious choices for us and for whoever does the hiring for the Jets, but I can't see Mac wanting to hire someone that will take his responsibilities away, unless he's stressed the F out, realizes it's too much for him, and wants a break.
  21. Drums

    Re-ranking the 2018 QBs

    The fact that there's so much debate about #2-4 tells you this is an interesting QB class. The most interesting thing about these QBs is that the ones I've watched the most (Darnold, Mayfield, Allen) all seem to look like they did in college. Mayfield is running around slinging accurate passes. Darnold is running around dropping buckets and making plays. Allen is inconsistent but has shown what he can do. Who cares about the ranking? Look at the NFL. There are a ton of young, promising QBs out there, some are in the playoffs. One might even win the Super Bowl this year. I'm excited as hell!
  22. Drums

    Gase Fired

    Since a lot of fired HCs rebound as coordinators, I'd be interested in Gase in that role (if he is any good). I always look at Wade Phillips as a DC compared to HC. I want experienced coordinators, at least on defense. I'd take a newer OC if the HC is experienced.

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