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  1. Play action played a major role last week. It was their bread and butter
  2. I thought they looked awesome until I saw who they beat— a bunch of scrub teams. They somehow always luck out with easy schedules.
  3. Instead of being happy, or dare I say proud, this is what these threads turn into.
  4. New England will be a huge test for Darnold. CAN'T WAIT
  5. I think I agree with you-- who knows what we'd get out of Trent Williams at this point.
  6. Would you do Leo for Trent Williams and a late round pick? We would keep the ratio of Williamses to other names. Give him #92 and boom, Bob’s your uncle.
  7. Gase said it was an ankle injury
  8. I heard a hilarious stat this morning that he only plays well at 1 o'clock and sucks 100% at every other time.
  9. Some of the post game interviews will be on the Jets youtube channel and website, but SNY is greedy. Otherwise, you can do what I do and listen live to the NY ESPN post-game broadcast with an app or on their website.
  10. Still won’t make the playoffs. Allen will tie you down for another couple of years. Enjoy mediocre... but knowing the Bills and your post quality, you’re probably used to it.
  11. They're a sad franchise and if you ignore their trolls, they will quickly go away.

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