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    The original post should be the new butt fumble.
  2. Drums

    Bosa Not Meeting with Jets

    This was my thought upon opening this thread
  3. Yeah, Stewart just never seemed to have it. He talked a big game but never had one. Can't blame that one on the coaches, I think he was just bad. On the other hand, I thought Hansen showed a little promise and then... nothing.
  4. In the stream, the blacked look bad ass.
  5. Trust me, I know. There are literally dozens of busses in my town in Mexico with their logo HUGE on the back, but I’ve also heard some people that didn’t know any teams and picked one with cool colors, later becoming die hard fans.
  6. I think it is fair to say none of us have but Canadians and others have said “I got into the Titans because of their jerseys,” for example, which was the point I was making (if someone is saying the logo is about money).
  7. This song is longer than a John Bonham drum solo.
  8. I think a better logo = more fans AND money. Am I wrong?
  9. I'm confused as to how it ended up as bad it actually looks (if real)
  10. I though they were going to go with that exact NY logo on a green helmet.
  11. It starts in 10 minutes but I bet it's going to be a bunch of BS for at least 20-30 more. Damn youuuuu
  12. Every day man, BUT WAAAAY BETTER. Plus a million other delicious things.
  13. Oh sh*t, thank you daylight savings! We haven't changed it here in Mexico yet so I'm two hours behind. Awesome! I get to watch 15 minutes before I have to leave.
  14. I actually liked the jerseys at first but if that dumb German Jets hat is our actual logo I'll be ashamed. A local sports store could design a better logo. Everything looks so generic.
  15. Ooooh sh*t. I think you’re right.
  16. Agreed. I'm a teacher so I welcome summer vacation haha
  17. So I guess Maye is changing his number. He's barely on the field anyway, so no big deal.
  18. And I think they will for sure. I am a person that wants a few extra jerseys. I think they're fun to try out once in a while, even if they don't wear them a lot.
  19. I like it too but I think they're my least favorite of the three. What do you think of the blacks?
  20. Same here. I think it looks better on Jamal than Robbie though-- I think it's the numbers. I thought I'd hate the black but I think I like it better than the green at this point.
  21. I agree. Green is my favorite color, although shades of green are much more delicate. Go a shade too far and you have vomit, diarrhea, pee after you just started taking vitamins, etc. Blue is so much friendlier.

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