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  1. Drums

    Brown or Bell

    Either pick one or move on, sheesh people.
  2. Drums


    Why on God's green Earth are they basically wearing the same color? How dumb is that?
  3. Drums


    I didn't watch any of yesterday's games but Orlando vs. San Antonio was a great game! That was fun. I was rooting for Orlando and I'll root for them next week.
  4. Drums

    Kap and NFL Settle

    Well, I saw the noble part but that was like saying "no offense but.." then saying something offensive. I don't remember bringing up the race card though. Can you please quote me on that? I appreciate you putting indigenous in quotes (talk about offensive). I'm currently working in Mexico where there are quite a few indigenous people in the streets, along with pueblas all around the outside of the city in which I live, but I mostly donate to a really solid charity for women and children anytime I am getting rid of clothes and that's all you need to know about that (they can sell them or wear them, it also supports men). I also disagree with the rest of your post but to be honest, you offended me with your post about indigenous people in quotes. What a bunch of crap. Have a nice day.
  5. Drums

    Kap and NFL Settle

    Well see, I don't think you are a piece of sh*t. I just think there are MUCH WORSE people than this guy. I don't really care about him nearly as much as you seem to hate him but I still felt the need to have a discussion and some of the opinions I read here, I thought, well we must have some very charitable people.
  6. Drums

    Kap and NFL Settle

    The point of my post is practice what you preach. You don't need millions of dollars to help other people out. I am in a position where I can help people out and I do so every chance I can. I go out around winter time and give homeless people packages with water, socks, a blanket and some other necessities. I donate clothes and other things to indigenous people. I buy candy and piñatas for orphanages at Christmas time. I am not close to rich, in fact I bet I earn a ton less than you, but there's plenty of people with much less. I'm not showing off, I am making a point. Some of you are acting like Mother Theresa or something.
  7. Drums

    Kap and NFL Settle

    Worst post I've ever seen on this board, and that is saying something. Are you also at shelters helping people in your free time like the other guys in this thread?
  8. Drums

    Kap and NFL Settle

    With this type of statement I'd have to assume you're at the soup kitchen every Sunday, and donating every penny you can to children's hospitals and the like. Let's get real.
  9. Drums

    Kap and NFL Settle

    Personally I havent seen either instagram and don’t care but he donates to charity and I recall he and some others getting a plane and donating a bunch of food and water to Somalia year or two ago.
  10. Drums

    Kap and NFL Settle

    Or he couldn’t afford to pay lawyers forever?
  11. "I'm getting Michael Irvin's number, the big 8-8."
  12. He came off as EXTREMELY dumb the one time I heard him speak. How can this guy survive the combine interview process? Baker made his dumb mistakes but the guy is smart. I hope someone trades a king’s ransom to us to get him, I just don’t see it happening.
  13. Drums

    AAF First 2 Game Highlights

    I’m surprised so many of you guys liked the games. They were okay but a bit boring because receivers couldn’t catch. On the bright side, it feels good to start fresh and have a chance to root for a good team.
  14. I'm watching both games. Orlando looks like the best team so far. I've watched San Antonio a little more and they look good but can't score points. Almost had a pick 6, settled for 3.
  15. The Memphis Express' logo is a jet and they have the most ex-Jets. I'm not going to make the same mistake twice.
  16. I need to see that rule play out. If a team is good enough, they can keep the ball for the entire game. At least that’s what I get from it.
  17. I will try to check it out. I was just looking over the rules and saw this: There will be no kickoffs; halves, odd overtime periods and after scores will begin on each team's own 25-yard line, the same as touchbacks in the NFL and NCAA. In lieu of an onside kick, a team can keep possession of the ball by attempting a scrimmage play from their own 28-yard line and gaining at least 12 yards.[22] (The original proposal for this play had teams making a 10-yard play from the 35-yard line.)[21][2]
  18. I was joking haha. Pushing this frivolous thread along. However, I do enjoy seeing the renderings
  19. Yup, he is simply a good, solid player as of right now. The problem, and this goes for life as well, is expectations. Manage your expectations and you'll never be disappointed. Since we have been in dire need of a game wrecker, those expectations were put on Leo and just the same, they'll be put on the guy we take at 3 if it's on defense; hence some disappointment. With that said, how much do you think Leo is worth? I don't think he's worth 14 million in a season and I've never really been one to complain much about how the Jets spend some rich guy's money when we have cap space. I wouldn't trade him and I'd bite the bullet for one season if I had to but I wouldn't pay him 14 mil per season if he was extended.
  20. I don’t think many underrate him, but instead say he isn’t elite, or great, just good. That’s basically what your post says as well. We all hope this change in defense shows us his true potential but I’m starting to worry we are building Gregg double g Williams up too much.
  21. Drums

    Adam Gase blocking scheme

    I love Powell but he’s injury prone. Had a chance to prove he wasn’t with his last contract so I doubt he’s back. With that said, what the hell is Cannon good at? Cool last names? How can we get the most out of him?

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