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  1. Did anyone else notice how he was very animated and talking to players on the sideline in the first half? I don't think they showed him once in the second half.
  2. Tank move, fine with it. Ficken was probably our highest scorer this season haha
  3. I am okay with that as long as he is fired at the end. If this guy somehow puts together a few wins at the end of the year and they keep him, my head will explode.
  4. That's all that matters. Cheers
  5. I'm rooting for the Giants because I feel like the Eagles are a better team and will end up winning more games. I am more worried about competing with the Giants for the #1
  6. NFL.com is saying the NFC East is on the line tonight. That's scary
  7. Woah woah woah, we need the Giants to win
  8. I for one would love to see him coach again. Preferably for another division rival.
  9. IT HASN'T BEEN FIVE YEARS YET?? It sure feels like it.
  10. Amen Also, even if you love to play, losing ain't fun and from things I've heard and read, most do it for the paycheck anyway.
  11. Anything Bane says in The Dark Knight Rises
  12. I won't be able to support this team if that happens.
  13. I think JD did attempt to rebuild while remaining competitive but once injuries hit, I think he knew what was up (we all knew after that scrimmage in the summer) and went all in on the rebuild/tank.
  14. Teddy needs to learn how to avoid contact when he takes off.
  15. Looking at these games, maybe we can get a little cushion this week if we lose. I think if any of the teams at the end of our schedule rest their starters we're in danger. I don't think it's far fetched to lose 16 games but it's not a guarantee.
  16. Rhule's over here gathering the entire offense and giving them a talking to.
  17. Watching the Bears Carolina game. Good defensive battle.
  18. Fitz does well against us and I think he will shred us this week with passing but also with his feet.

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