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  1. Same thing happened when he said “electric” in the preseason. Same thing happens when fighters say “don’t blink”. You just have to go to work and speak with your actions.
  2. Yeah, same here. He is playing badly, missing throws he made last week-- he has to play way better in the second half. But the defense set the tone for this game. I thought deferring was a good idea but... nope.
  3. Hah, just beat me to it, although I am thinking 17-13 Jets
  4. I think this might be a defensive battle but I’m always wrong.
  5. Lol at the people anointing him after playing against 3rd stringers in preseason and a Todd Bowles coached defense which made backup qbs look like gods when they played us.
  6. Play action played a major role last week. It was their bread and butter
  7. I thought they looked awesome until I saw who they beat— a bunch of scrub teams. They somehow always luck out with easy schedules.
  8. Instead of being happy, or dare I say proud, this is what these threads turn into.
  9. Yeah, you take our trash, Belly.
  10. It’s going to be a long wait until Monday
  11. New England will be a huge test for Darnold. CAN'T WAIT
  12. I think I agree with you-- who knows what we'd get out of Trent Williams at this point.

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