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  1. Calm down please. He wasn’t ready last year and probably can’t step in immediately and start this year. No one said anything about cutting him did they? But you can choose to generalize a statement made as if I am always calling to cut people their second year. Jeez.
  2. I really thought Parry Nickerson was going to come on during last season. Maybe a second year will do him well; he seemed like a ballhawk.
  3. Seems to be a lot of experience on this coaching staff. I remember (I think it was last offseason) when Bowles hired “teachers” and that’s all you heard all offseason. I think we actually have that now.
  4. If they start losing games, they’re ****ed. And let’s not forget this is the Browns.
  5. What would you give up? And what do you see being reasonable to give up?
  6. That's the point I was making haha. If you're interviewing someone you gotta do your homework and ask meaningful questions. The guy has repeatedly said he can talk hours on Ozzie, so why not explore more than the surface? Cheers.
  7. Eh. He’s been everywhere this week; at least phrase the questioning to get new information. I’d rather hear how he got into scouting, how being a player has affected his current career, challenges he’s faced— you know, meaningful content that I wouldn’t get from any other resource on him. Just my opinion.
  8. How many times is he going to get asked the same questions, ex: about Ozzie? There has to be something else you can ask this guy.
  9. Wtf. There is a picture of orangutans out there with the same haircuts. I seent it.
  10. Yup, I read that as well. Interested to see how that works out. "But moooooooooom, I want to run the football team!"
  11. I agree but he's been acting owner a while. Chris seems fresh and he's been making a lot of changes, hopefully for the best.
  12. It's not that at all actually. I like Chris Johnson, I like the way he speaks. I don't like Woody.
  13. Thanks. I dread the day Woody walks back through the door.
  14. Also, Chris Johnson is a way better speaker than Woody
  15. Exactly. Had to emphasize my point and Lee was perfect for doing so. I forgot about Buster haha
  16. He had some moments. Maybe getting laid out against Detroit messed him up all year, who knows, but he's my least favorite Jet right now. I disliked him more than Darron Lee or (insert any other player here).
  17. People here hate on Mo but his first year was AWESOME. Last year he was better when Trumaine wasn't in. I wouldn't mind bringing him back; however, I'm not saying he's Revis just that if he's here, we're better than we are right now.
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