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  1. I get what you're saying but we got our ass kicked last year by them and BB is still there. It still means a lot to beat them.
  2. We're going to have to score more than 24 points to win this game
  3. Oh thank god. Id hate to see Musk have to spend so much buying an app. Hows he going to eat?!
  4. Weren’t they basically Islanders fans because of GVR? Last I checked, we got that tumor removed.
  5. I think that’s called “the Stranger” but I could be wrong. @Jetsfan80 please confirm.
  6. OP is doing to Dolphins fans what everyone does to Jets fans. I say let them eat cake
  7. I want to see the Jets make Harbaugh whine on the sidelines like the little baby he is
  8. What’s up with teams playing the same team within a few weeks?
  9. Are you Irvine Welsh? Reading your posts make me feel like I’m reading Filth again.
  10. My thoughts exactly haha Moore was loving this experience. He had a lot of fun. Seems like a really good dude, proud he’s a Jet
  11. Confident in JD Not sure about Saleh but he has a real roster and needs to develop the draft picks. He talks the part, seems smart. I don’t regret his hire. I think Wilson will have a good year and if he doesn’t, he isn’t the guy. More than Wilson, I’m actually confident in the offense. What? I think we are on the right track.
  12. We are going to be fine this year if we stay healthy on the lines. To touch on the Dolphins, if they start losing, I can’t imagine McDaniels leading them out of the storm. I get the feeling he will be one and done.
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