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    Tattoos, Mafia, Kissing, Piercings, Apple Martinis, Pokemon, Texas, Sports, Concerts, Music, Parties, Dancing, Books, Family, Food, Politics, God, The Beach, Sleeping, Meeting New Ppl, My Dog Mylee, Dallas Cowboys, Alcohol, the Army.

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  1. Back in the saddle.

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    2. Song of Ice and Fire

      Song of Ice and Fire

      lmao of course you can JiF ;o)

      Custom made huh? I dunna about that Harry. You haven't texted or emailed or anything. Kind of hurt my feelings.

    3. JiF


      Harry's a scumbag puswah. I'll kick his a$$ for you song. And I dont need no stinkin wand.

    4. Song of Ice and Fire

      Song of Ice and Fire

      Thank you deary ^^ I'd be happy for you to kick his a$$.

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