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  1. It is a mess, and the fiance is cranky now >.> but we rigged something up so hopefully that'll do for a little bit until a more permanent solution is found.
  2. I'm still not getting a good vibe from Jack. I don't like how he restarted the JiF train after votes were reset. It reeked. I'll quote it later. I also don't like the assumption that the mafia couldn't possibly have these roles or they're dumb because they didn't use them how I would. *shrugs* However I do agree that AVM has some splaining to do with the death of the cop.
  3. Sorry guys, trying to catch up. Last night was date night with me and the fiance, and today our sump pump went out and our basement is flooding because it was randomly 60 degrees here today. So I'll post thoughts in the next couple hours or so.
  4. That is the funniest fricken thing I have read for forever. That's exactly how I feel right now. I just lold for 5 mins straight
  5. I will reference your handle anytime you'd like
  6. Just saw this. My handle is not a game of thrones reference. Games of Thrones is a reference to my handle
  7. Holy goodness you ducks talk too much at night.
  8. Will post more when I get home from work. It's snowing/raining and I don't want to die.
  9. Agreed. Bandwagoning doesnt sound like fun to me. maybe scum fun. *eyes leelou*
  10. I agree, I want to see how many scum are on the jif train.
  11. Maybe? That reference went over my head. Lulz
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