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  1. This is funny. Because jets fans act like their team put an end to the streak. HA, reminds me of dumbass yankees fans who would constantly bring up 1918.....Oh wait, you are those same yankees fans. Anyway oxoboxo, your post is so pointless, who cares if the pats didn't go undefeated, have the jets ever come close to that? Absolutely not. The jets are a fraud, and they will get put in their place this sunday.

    Most Jets fans are NOT Yankee fans. We are unfortunately Mets fans. Most root for the Red Sox over the Yankees. Now if you want to talk about 1986, we're all ears.

  2. Hard to say how much cheating helped. Some could say you haven;t won a championship since, but you guys have owned the ACF east and been a powerhouse since Mo Lewis eviscerated Drew Bledsoe. So jet fans have no one to blame but themselves.

    I'm glad this isn't a Giants forum cause I hate the way old people smell.

    Sal Alsoi just made a bad decision and it did nothing to change the game. Just glad the player didn;t get hurt.

    Sal Alosi wasn't the leader of the team, he was one individual who did something disgraceful,on his own, has been suspended and will be fired. Your LEADER cheated, the whole organization knew and condoned it. He's still the head honcho. Disgraceful. Big difference.

  3. If the Jets are so much better, then why do they have the exact same record as the Pats?

    The Jets are off to their best start in their 50 year history, and the Pats are in a re-building year, and they still have the exact same record as the Jets.

    Too funny.

    Actually, the Jets were 10-1 in 1986, I believe that that is a better record than 8-2. If my math is wrong please show me the proofs oh wise belicheatin fan... :rolleyes:
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