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  1. Marshall is in the conversation every year. He's a Hall of Famer.
  2. Yes, clearly fitz was not trying to win today.
  3. I wonder sometimes... Did people actually WATCH Geno play? He was perhaps the worst quarterback this franchise has ever seen. Mark Sanchez was almost equally unwatchable. Fitzpatrick may have his limitations, but my goodness, he is worlds better than either of those two train wrecks.
  4. Fitzpatrick is the best option we had this past offseason. Picking him up was the right move. He is likeable, respected by him teammates, and playing very well. He's not a pro bowl caliber player. That's just not who he is. But, he IS a competent NFL quarterback. After the garbage we have been watching for he past 6 years, you'd think people would appreciate the level of QB play we have seen this season. He's leading an offense that looks very respectable. His team is 4-2 on the young season. He had the jets in a very winnable game against the best team in football, on the road. He's not the reason the Jets lost this one. He's doing his thing, and I'm fine with it so far. Oh, and Tom Brady is pretty good and doesn't lose very often.
  5. My point is I think it's very easy to spot the painfully atrocious football player ON DAY 1. These guys will never be good ever. I've never seen a brutal player turn into a star or even a solid starter. Their ceiling is always a rotational guy, a weak link, a bad contract. Calvin Pryor is undoubtedly one of those guys.
  6. I disagree. I got the same feeling watching millener as all of the other guys I've listed. Clueless and terrible.
  7. Sick and tired of giving guys time to develop when they are obviously atrocious football players from the first time you ever lay eyes on them. Anyone with eyeballs could tell you that guys like gholston, Wilson, milliner and Pryor were straight garbage right out of the gate.
  8. I seem to be able to justify many of the transgressions as either careless, stupid, or blown out of proportion. However, here there are just too many reckless and unlawful offenses piled on top of one another, it seems impossible to imagine an otherwise sound-minded person allowing something like this to happen "just this once". He basically did all of the most dangerous things you can do in a vehicle, all in one fell swoop. On the heels of suspension. That's a person who isn't just stupid, but has blatant disregard for authority, and believes he is above the law.
  9. As someone who is not typically very reactionary when a young athlete does something stupid and regrettable... In this case, I say unequivocally that Sheldon Richardson belongs in jail. Immediately if not sooner.
  10. Bronx cheer = cheering sarcastically when inept team finally does something remotely competent. It does not mean to boo. That being said, Revis will neither receive the Bronx cheer nor will he be boo'd. I don't understand this thread.
  11. Kyle Wilson is probably one of the most useless players I've ever seen.
  12. Chris Ivory does not get the credit he deserves.
  13. Dee Milliner apologists are the new Vernon Gholston apologists. Bet we even have a few of those still hanging around here.
  14. I may be in the minority, but I don't know there's a more explosive, more versatile player in the league than Harvin. I don't like him as a WR per se, but now that we have two actual wideouts I love Harvin even more. If the price is right, that is.
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