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  1. That 10 day search for the HC must have been exhaustive.
  2. I didn't like Mac's answers. He seemed to be using injuries as an excuse. And then, instead of getting young players experience in a season that was lost in October, says well, the injuries gave the opportunity for the young guys to get playing time.
  3. Yay a member of the real Jet fan brigade chimes in.
  4. My most annoying development of this season: the emergence of KevinC, UnitedWhofans, and JetsFanwithnoPSLs on JN.
  5. I can't believe the nonsense of ask Eagles fans how they feel about firing Andy Reid and Tom Coughlin got two 4-12 seasons. They were winners. Bowles can't beat a team and HC with a winning record.
  6. Really? They will have a choice with all the cap space from the vets cut from the current roster. C'mon man.
  7. There's no incentive for them to play young and lose rebuilding because they'll both be ****canned.
  8. What incentive does Blowes and Mac have for a youth movement and a rebuild year record? Both these guys will be gone next year in that case. Get rid of Blowes now.
  9. UnitedWhofans respects dbatesman for ignoring public pressure and sticking to his guns.
  10. I liked the media's reaction to Khiry Robinson's broken leg at this presser. Again?! This team is snakebit.
  11. Don't worry guys. This is when Bowles the strategist dials in the necessary adjustments.
  12. This thread is an "I'm a real fan" circle jerk.
  13. First sign of adversity? Bowles sucks, but let's keep him because consistency.
  14. I'm glad this guy is being charged with something; you can't shoot people because you're mad at traffic.
  15. If vets are cut/traded, the coordinators are goners, what's the point of keeping Bowles? Just clean house.
  16. After this display I could see Bowles getting axed at 3-13.
  17. There was that time he cut down on his workout so he could watch more film.
  18. Wow you've managed to fictionalize a whole narrative for him.
  19. It's astonishing how fans are blamed for everything on this board: can't develop a franchise QB, it's the fans' fault; don't retain FOs or HCs, it's the fans' fault; can't properly rebuild, it's the fans' fault; higher away fan attendance due to poor home team product on the field, it's the fans' fault.
  20. Then you have another year of these threads to look forward to.
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