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  1. 20 minutes ago, Tinstar said:

    I liked that also  even if he didn't .

    I liked how he gave Geno Smith and Petty all summer to make Fitz a memory and they couldn't

    I liked how he benched Mo and Sheldon when they gave him no choice

    I liked how he benched Fitz for Geno when it was time to do so .

    I like how he's the same person no matter what's going on around him

    I like how the Man has a plan, and is willing to execute his plan to the detriment of his job

    The New York Jets have a HC who gives the media as little as he has too, could care less what the fans think and is keeping what goes on at the AHJTC park in house .

    Wow you've managed to fictionalize a whole narrative for him.

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