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  1. He's going to sign whereever Christian McCaffrey gets traded. Their super hot girlfriends live a stones throw from Gillette in Rhode Island. Looking forward to the meltdown.
  2. 850,750 vaccinated and boosted Americans haven't died from Omicron
  3. People really need to go look at the numbers Gretzky put up. And how they stacked up against the next 9 guys. Babe Ruth too. Insane comparisons. As for Jordan, he's literally still a BRAND that bears an image of his shadow. Brady is what... Uggs?
  4. Russell was also played in Boston, where appreciation was overwhelmed by, well, you know.
  5. Does anyone here believe that a roughing the passer penalty would have been called like the one Sunday where he had his hip lightly grazed for any other QB in the history of the NFL? Cuz, if you do, you're dumb.
  6. He's more Barry Bonds than Babe Ruth, too. Swap Montana and Brady in their eras and there's not even a discussion. Joe actually was able to get hit (often). Ridiculous to compare to Gretzky or Ruth, guys who literally saved their sports (while the Brady rules have made the game boring to football fans). Babe was hitting home runs at pace higher than entire teams, same goes for Gretzky and scoring. Not even close. And to top it all off, greatness isn't just defined by performance. Brady has proven to have low respect and character. In the face of what should have been a minor inf
  7. Am I the only one SUPER excited about the upcoming mini-series sequel to Justified? Although seems doubtful Goggins will return. Still, Olyphant is enough.
  8. What I always do when I truly don't care what anyone says about a particular topic is to start a thread in a public forum about it.
  9. Sorry I'm behind but just quickly checking in to see if I'm not the only one who is enjoying every freaking second of this game.
  10. Remember too, even if the nerdy girl doesn't become the star QB, just get her to take off her glasses and untie her hair and voila... she's super hot and ready to party.
  11. This is pretty much why I don't watch non-Jets games any more. For whatever reason, my attachment to the franchise since childhood is too deep to sever. The way I look at it, there's still a sport underneath it all. I sport I thoroughly enjoy watching. It's scripted to a degree, but not on a wrestling level. It's clear that the league does what it can to move the needle in favor of some players and franchises, but the outcome is still more often than not decided by the athletes and coaches on the field. It's also clear that the Jets are not one of the favored. But again, most of their fa
  12. Yes, because not acquiring QBs is one of the best ways to find one.
  13. Put that hundy to better use. She'll bang you once for it.
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