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  1. Winning might help, but that stadium is horrendous. Not only does it have no personality, but at least design it to hold in noise somewhat. There's no home field advantage there and there never will be.
  2. The Yankees are far and away the best NY franchise. With Lamorillo and Trotz in the fold, the Islanders are next. Everyone else is pretty much a joke.
  3. This is stupid. Like a Red Sox fan would ever shake hands with a black guy.
  4. I mean I get they are a massively delusional bunch, and love the player, but there isn't an objective person alive that can say he's got a personality worth being interested in off the field. I can't recall a more smug, out of touch, entitled, whiny, dress-like-a-clown piece of crap in the league.
  5. The Patriots sign one player every year that they sign specifically to be a symbolic release early in camp to make an example of.
  6. I wouldn't want to play with that egomaniacal, entitled, whiny bitch either.
  7. Meh. Woody and Chris are on a pretty even level of clueless.
  8. When they do aptitude tests for kids and find if they have a proficiency in mathematics, science or really any other skill, rarely do they recommend the child pursue a career in sports writing.
  9. Good. And I hope Ziggy Wilf rots in hell.
  10. As a direct result of what Johnson action?
  11. Completely different situations. The Jets got here in the first place due to incompetent ownership. Shotgun marriages with the Coach and GM, insufficient org structure etc
  12. Which is as embarassing (if not more) than the piss-poor on-field product. People can bicker over which employees should or shouldn't go, but the reality is the dumpster fire starts at the top. Until Chris and Woody die (don't count on them selling), there is no hope for this franchise. They are overwhelmingly unqualified to run an organization of any sort. Being born with billions of dollars, never feeling true failure, never experiencing "fear", never having expectations or accountability will do that to a person. They are absolutely clueless. Maybe the next ownership will be a group that actually earned their way through life.
  13. The lack of attention to the offensive line was egregious. Good riddance.
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