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  1. The coaches that know show much have this team at a grand total of zero wins. The fans are saying the Jets suck. Are they wrong?
  2. Free agency. Why haven't we thought of that before? Massive stupidity isn't limited to just Jets ownership.
  3. Off topic question: why do you have the Walgreens logo as your avatar?
  4. Exactly. No one likes to hear it, but you have to sit and wait for the brothers Johnson to die off.
  5. I can't answer. I have a hard time getting inside the head of someone who has accomplished absolutely nothing in their life (besides inheriting $) and is completely incompetent.
  6. There's a simple solution to your concern. Don't watch. Seriously, without Darnold, what's the point of watching? Can anyone tell me? I want there to be a reason, but there simply isn't one.
  7. Damien Woody. Lol. Ok. Yeah. We signed one guy 21 years ago. How many since then have been signed? How many were worth a damn? Only had a decent run up front when Parcells went and drafted us Brick and Mangold and set us up for a decade. After that, nothing. Zip. Zilch. Zero.
  8. You know which offensive linemen actually make it to free agency? The ones you shouldn't sign.
  9. I thought this was gonna be about thanking them for freeing up my Sundays.
  10. Their punter will be doing the kickoffs
  11. I'm confused. What do you mean by "if"?
  12. You lay exact same hit on Tom Brady and it's 15 yards, ejection, and fine. Takes a lot less, in fact.
  13. I've been consistently posting. Never left.

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