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  1. JetPotato

    Oakland Raiders release Hackenberg

    I can't believe the Raiders drafted this guy in the 2nd round.
  2. JetPotato

    Jets Offensive Line

    Offensive line. You know what's offensive? This frickin blue web site.
  3. You'll be happy when you get twice that then
  4. Jets sweep Pats in 2018. Heard it here first.
  5. They wrote that wrong. Brady is hoping he can spend some time in JOE Montana.
  6. I want every draft pick remaining and all future free agency dollars invested in offensive line. Exclusively. I'm not kidding. Every single acquisition. I don't want this kid taking a single snap until he's got a until in front of him that isn't just going to protect, but the kind that gives a push, time to throw. He has a shot to be good. Let's put him in a position to succeed, instead of a position to develop happy feet. Discuss amongst yourselves.
  7. Blows my mind that anyone cares about this.
  8. JetPotato

    2018 Schedule Release

    0-16 is 0-16 no matter when the games are and who they are against.
  9. JetPotato

    Giants shopping Beckham

    Wrong on both accounts. OBJ is going to New England. And Brady sucks.
  10. JetPotato

    Giants shopping Beckham

    Brady is gonna love throwing to him
  11. JetPotato

    Jets Rescind Suh Offer

    I still hope he stomps Brady's throat
  12. I'm not gonna ask Suh to remove the plug.
  13. Al Toon not being on this list is criminal. Swap Ken O'Brien and Joe Montana and Toon is Jerry Rice.
  14. By the way, not much leaks out of the Jets these days. "Jets offered the most money" sounds a lot like a ploy to get some other team to bid more.
  15. Where would I send the gift basket?