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  1. The biggest thing that concerns me about Saleh is his assessment of the Johnsons. But then again, he's probably just saying nice things cuz they sign the checks. Hopefully, this is all just about JD.
  2. Actually yes, in my working world, I always consider the resources and tools an employee has at their disposal when evaluating their performance. It's not like Boyer is the head coach. He's the coach on the roster that gets what's left over after the starting lineups are chosen from the pool of players. The Jets handed him a pile of turds. I don't expect him to make it into a delicious lasagna.
  3. You're not going to have great special teams on a roster like this. These are depth guys from the bottom of the roster. We don't even have a top of the roster yet. There's almost nothing you can grade Boyer on at this point.
  4. Bottom line is if Watson truly becomes available, you have to go do what it takes to get him. Top 5 QBs don't just become available. I flat out guarantee you no one else the Jets put out there under center in the next 5 years will be as good, or even close. No one you can draft, trade for or sign. This is a golden opportunity if it all real. We'll see. I'm skeptical.
  5. I watched Brady stand in the pocket and have time to eat a sandwich before every throw. So yeah.
  6. Wow, I didn't realize he was 3 generations removed from the people that actually did something. I thought it was only 2. Not that it makes him any less useless. Must be nice to inherit everything and never have to lift a finger or brain cell in your entire existence.
  7. Yeah, it seems to me his preferred destination is Houston, with a coach he picks. Then Jets 2nd.
  8. The only thing he gets credit for is being born in the right family. Congratulations, nitwit.
  9. You couldn't possibly be more wrong. I like the part where you ignorantly think being a rookie GM has relevance. You don't get points for time served. You are a GM or you aren't. Additionally, Watson is under contract for several years. If he wants to sit out, have fun with that. The Texans can also fine him for every day of camp he misses.
  10. Watson isn't LT any more than he is Brady. And I think that miiiigght be a stretch about what Parcells "let" him do.
  11. Just a thought... Caserio comes from New England. Does anyone think that if Bill Belichick were in a situation like this where a player was making demands, that the player wouldn't be out the door as fast as possible? But also if you think Caserio still carries a Pats culture mindset, there is a 0% chance any trade of a star QB is going to occur with the New York Jets, of all teams in the league.

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