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  1. I absolutely love that the people that adore Joe Rogan and the people that hate Joe Rogan both think that they're the smart ones.
  2. I was concerned that giving up our 2 for Rodgers was going to make it hard to find a quality center prospect. This fixes that. JD is making things come together nicely again.
  3. If you asked me two weeks ago, I would have told you I was actually pulling for Jordan Love to become a star too. Now I can't wait for him to fail.
  4. You probably don't know, but don't lump me into your "we". Got it?
  5. Oh, this? Yeah... I saw him tell that story on Conan once. Meh.
  6. Lol. There were no credible reports in the mainstream media at any stage or aspect of this story from Day 1.
  7. I'm a big comedy fan. I do watch as many comics as I can, because I'm interested in nuances of the art form. You can learn a lot from comics, even the ones you don't enjoy. It's also somewhat incidental. If I see Kreischer on Conan or a Normand/Morril podcast, it's because I'm there for them primarily. Can't control who their guests are. I don't really know what point you're trying to make, because it doesn't seem you have one.
  8. Or someone like me, who has watched him many times. Seen his standup, on an assortment of podcasts and as a late night guest. Every time, hoping to find what makes him a success. Don't think he's made me laugh once.
  9. We can only hope that conditional pick becomes a 1st. It means something good happened on the field.
  10. What's the funny Kreischer story? That guy's shtick is lame. Put a shirt on. I feel like only middle aged Pennsylvania guys that drink in the woods and shoot trees are his target audience.
  11. I can post more pictures of the red head if that helps.
  12. Nice list. I'm so excited to see Billy Strings this summer. Been locked in on him on YouTube for a while now. Luther is a good call too. North Mississippi All Stars great, and I caught him play with The Black Crowes a few times. Here's a nice one with Strings and Marcus King
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