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  1. Blows my mind that anyone cares about this.
  2. 2018 Schedule Release

    0-16 is 0-16 no matter when the games are and who they are against.
  3. Giants shopping Beckham

    Wrong on both accounts. OBJ is going to New England. And Brady sucks.
  4. Giants shopping Beckham

    Brady is gonna love throwing to him
  5. Jets Rescind Suh Offer

    I still hope he stomps Brady's throat
  6. I'm not gonna ask Suh to remove the plug.
  7. Al Toon not being on this list is criminal. Swap Ken O'Brien and Joe Montana and Toon is Jerry Rice.
  8. By the way, not much leaks out of the Jets these days. "Jets offered the most money" sounds a lot like a ploy to get some other team to bid more.
  9. Where would I send the gift basket?
  10. If we sign him and he snaps Brady's ACL, it will be worth every penny.
  11. That actually balances nicely with the fact that we don't have anyone that can throw either.
  12. Mafia for Beginners Part Deux Sign Ups

    Blow me... please?
  13. Mafia for Beginners Part Deux Sign Ups

    I tried to be nice to you nerds. Go play your little game.
  14. Mafia for Beginners Part Deux Sign Ups

    Please stop tagging me in these threads
  15. I don't want to crush these poor Cubs fans dreams. This guy actually called Theo the greatest GM of all time in sports. I laughed for about 10 minutes on that one.