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  1. You know what they say... you can't spell DAMAGES without ADAM GASE
  2. I might only watch 3 more games this year. Can you tell me which 3 we'll be winning so I can more effectively plan?
  3. We have a better punter too. Maybe long snapper as well.
  4. We can't hang with the Niners' backup squad. And people were guaranteeing we'd win this against their starters?
  5. https://tenor.com/view/to-be-fair-letterkenny-gif-13251199
  6. To be fair, Joe Burrow is older than Sam
  7. This is stupid. If the Jets are in a position to draft Trevor Lawrence, it's because Darnold has failed and it will be time to move on.
  8. On the bright side, there's so many other things to look forward to this Fall... like not going out at all, wild fires, and a super fun election.
  9. Daniel Jones will be out of the league before Sam Darnold.
  10. The Padres are maybe the best young team in baseball. Any baseball fan with a clue pays them a lot of attention. Funny that you missed the mark so badly in two sports in one post.
  11. After all that's gone on in 2020, I would like to send a sincere THANK YOU to the New York Jets for providing me finally a sense of normacly.

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