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  1. I still have my "I'M NOT HERE TO KISS BELICHICK'S RINGS" t-shirt from the old place.
  2. You know, everyone gets all upset that the modern "media" just makes stuff up, but it's not really their fault. It's your fault. If you're all butt hurt about JD making this move, when he hasn't, you're the one feeding the beast.
  3. Did you confuse him for Sam Wilson because we just played the Falcons?
  4. I mostly agree with you, although not sure it fits the traditional definition of karma. Good deeds, like your $100 example are both selfless and selfish IMO. You do it (or conversely don't act like a dick) because you get some personal satisfaction from it. So this is a reward internally, even if it's just the joy you take from making someone else's day. Their joy is a bonus. I just don't get avoiding bad behavior because of a fear of some form of punishment (outside of what we have agreed to democratically as a society). I think my general morality is driven by the realization that
  5. This actually fascinates me, because I think you are a guy that gets it as much as anyone. What does that mean, "conceptually"? What force is there that determines "bad behavior" and uses it to change unrelated future outcomes as a sort of punishment? Can Zach Wilson suffer an injury as the price to pay for something some other dude wrote on a message board? Is that really all about that dude? Genuinely interested in your thoughts
  6. He must have heard how the food in London doesn't stack up with the food courts at the Paramus malls.
  7. Not true. At any point, relative to the present, the Jets future has always been extremely bright. Case in point, we're in yesterday's future and it's not looking so good.
  8. He doesn't realize any of the gains until he sells.
  9. Imagine what they would be with competent ownership
  10. Who doesn't have our number? It's not really an accomplishment beating the Jets. You basically just have to show up.
  11. I find the commode is actually a very Jetsy experience
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