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  1. The Jets would be 5-7. Not sure why you think the NFL would have modified the script.
  2. McCown just needs weaponz
  3. Patriots to decide Jets fate

    The Jets aren't making the playoffs and I would eat a bag of dicks before I ever rooted for that scum.
  4. Those wacky Schedule makers

    Chicken and egg. It's difficult to become a bankable draw when you keep getting shafted. Different rules for different teams and players is why the league is garbage.
  5. Meh. Seems like whining. If the balls are different, who cares as long as both teams are using them? If it was just one team taking the balls to the bathroom and manipulating them, that's one thing...
  6. I no longer feel like I have to go. Has really opened up my free time.
  7. Kirk Cousins is GOOD!

    Like Cousins a lot. Just not enough to make him the highest paid player ever.
  8. Realistically, what band is good enough but also big enough to actually put on a good halftime show? We just lost Petty. The Stones are like 90. Zep reunion is a pipe dream. Maybe Pearl Jam? Beck?
  9. Game off, done

    Except you are completely wrong. The NFL knows about every single one of its fanbases. Here's what it knows about Pats fans and Jets fans. 1) Pats fans will make you lots of money if their team is good. If their team is not good, you lose that major market completely for a while. 2) Jets fans will come back indefinitely. All you have to do is ensure that they compete every three years or so. There's no advantage to them being anything more than mediocre. You can even convince some of them that a PSL is a "good investment"