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  1. He's become so Culpo-ed that I'm not worried about him either. Can't say I blame him, btw.
  2. We're not calling him "Z Dub". We're just not.
  3. CumRocket (yes, that's actually what it is called) is the next Doge, only this one actually has a use.
  4. If the Jets had Davonte Adams last year, Flacco would have been starting. So yes.
  5. Our receiving corps really has been "#2" for a long time.
  6. Every time any optimism creeps into Jetsland... EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
  7. 2 decades of New England dominating this division are about to swing into 2 decades of Miami, Buffalo and NY being very strong and New England sucking.
  8. Obviously today we will be drafting Ilijah and Olijah.
  9. I want a new Mangold
  10. After Creed, we'll be in good shape
  11. Oh man. The Giants are a fun team. To watch draft.
  12. Someone tell Woody Draft Day is not nearly as important as having competent ownership.
  13. It would be a surprise if there were no surprises.
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