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  1. No uniform can be as embarassing as this "party" Painful.
  2. My god the reactions to clothes in here. You're all a bunch of whiny bitches.
  3. JetPotato

    Tom Brady’s Legacy Poll

    Part of being "great" means playing the game with respect, integrity, and accountability. Brady fails miserably in all three aspects. Does anyone pine for their kid to grow up to act like this entitled, whiny doosh (outside of delusional Bostonland)?
  4. JetPotato

    The Walking Dead

    It's telling when right before the reveal of each death, they had to cut to The Kingdom so you could watch another character ask "Has anyone seen X or Y?"
  5. JetPotato

    Gronk Retires

    Refs won't have to adjust. They can just continue on with not calling offensive PI on him ever.
  6. The Jets best decade hasn't happened yet
  7. JetPotato

    NFL Madness

    Gaaaaaaaaay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  8. Either one or both of them rotting in prison would be satisfying to me. So... yes?
  9. JetPotato

    Happy Birthday, Jets Voice of Reason

    "Jets" and "Reason" in the same sentence is like "Patriots" and "Integrity".
  10. JetPotato

    Cryptic Tweet From Francesa

    There has never been a more insignificant person than this loser. Can someone please explain to me why there's still a handful of guys that want to keep talking about this turd? I'm serious. I really don't get it.
  11. JetPotato

    There's something wrong.... with most of us

    With dawgs?
  12. Wow, and that's not even counting the money they pay Brady to sell them "supplements"

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