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  1. Usually my favorite Zep tune is whatever one is currently playing. But this one stands out at this time: This one is a no-brainer: And of course Hard to limit to three. Pains me to not include anything Stones or Allmans or Dead, but thats the list for now.
  2. Anyone that doesn't buy the "premium position" stance clearly doesn't understand that football has a salary cap.
  3. Game-changing is a stretch. Ed Reed was a game changing safety. Troy Polamalu. Steve Atwater. Ronnie Lott. There aren't any guys like that now. Jamal isn't even close to those kind of safeties.
  4. I think 1 less win. But point is clear. He's not a massive game changing player that you invest huge money in. You just don't.
  5. Good teams are the only ones who would get any benefit from a luxury piece like a high priced safety, as everyone has been saying all along.
  6. He doesnt know what offensive holding is either
  7. I just started Rick and Morty about two weeks ago and I'm on to Season 3. It is utterly inappropriate, sometimes very dark, sarcastic and extremely funny. Recommended for types like us.
  8. You are already penalized for hiring bad coaches with a lack of wins.

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