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  1. Conference Championship Games Thread

    Whoopsie. Spoiler alert.
  2. Wouldn't take this piece of human garbage if you GAVE us a first round pick to do it.
  3. If there’s a God

    God. Lol. Anyone who thinks that there will be a deviation from the Pats Vikings super bowl script is deluded.
  4. RIP Keith Jackson

    Simply the best. RIP.
  5. Bill Belichick isn't worth the dirt he'll be buried in some day.
  6. It's as if you actually believe that these minor things can't all be cleared up by the league in minutes in order to make the script work.
  7. Collusion! You guys still believe the NFL isn't scripted? Lol.
  8. "Hi Jimmy... It's Bill B. So I'm going to need you to threaten to hold out. Then the Giants are going to offer the 49ers the 2nd overall pick to acquire you. Then, I will resign as the HC of the NEP and join you. Don't worry. I've cleared this all with the league. They're super amped about you and me facing Brady in the Super Bowl next year"
  9. There's this new thing they have called a hold-out.
  10. If the QB doesn't want to be there, he can leave, no matter what SF wants.
  11. Garappollo hasn't signed an extension with the 49ers and can be an unrestricted free agent after this season.
  12. I know I don't provide much here other than sarcasm, and don't blame anyone if you don't believe this, but I will share it anyway. I have a very reliable source. Very reliable. Inside the Giants. He says Belichick to the Giants is all but done already.
  13. A weird trend with Bowles

    What does hue have to do with it?