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  1. All joking aside, it does look like that this came out of a larger investigation regarding human trafficking/slavery. Given that, there's only one reason to put the screws to guys for misdemeanor crimes like solicitation in these cases: to get them to flip on the bigger fish. Gonna be interesting to see what goes down with this over the next few months.
  2. If I take pleasure in the videos that ruin Kraft's life, does that make me gay?
  3. Right back to the "Goodell made it up" well?
  4. JetPotato

    2019 Comp Pics

    I keep hearing that its a good idea to sign freee agents
  5. The good news is the Jets history is rife with only low-profile characters.
  6. These women are not there by consent.
  7. Yep. Add sexual slavery to the "Patriot Way".
  8. Yeah. Never let facts get in the way of forming an opinion.
  9. Belichick + spying + headsets + refs in pocket >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Jerry Rice + getting hit by LT
  10. Rings are meaningless. Is Trent Dilfer a greater QB than Dan Marino? Even if you can argue on stats alone (you can't - at no point in his career was Brady even more than 2nd best QB in the league - See: Manning, Rodgers), greatness means more than that. Greatness means you are worthy of being the face of the game and elevated as a role model. Someone who plays with integrity, good sportsmanship, accountability. Brady does none of those things. How many times was Joe Montana suspended by the league for breaking a rule and then lying through his teeth about it? None. Brady is not the greatest for exactly the same reason no one included Barry Bonds in that conversation.
  11. I read the article again and there is no comparison to Joe Montana. What are you talking about?
  12. What do you mean by "slip in his offensive line"? That they'll be called for holding when they hold?
  13. JetPotato

    Report: Texans to cut Demaryius Thomas today

    I heard Revis is gonna play in AAF, he's just holding out right now.
  14. JetPotato

    Report: Texans to cut Demaryius Thomas today

    I wonder if the AAF will go for guys like this. If they want to be taken seriously as a "developmental league", they should steer clear of washed up has-beens.

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