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  1. I'm hoping the Giants end up resigning him back again so we get the obvious NY Post back page headline: "What A Retread"
  2. No. Our owners are considered an elite group when it comes to making a fool of themselves.
  3. That has nothing to do with the wisdom of selling when something appreciates (and you continuously make a public fool of yourself for every day you own it). Take the money and go live in seclusion on an island somewhere warm.
  4. Actually the case isn't that hard at all. Usually when something appreciates significantly, it's a good time to sell. You don't actually realize any of those gains unless you do.
  5. This is totally unfair, IMO. The NFL sucks on Sunday and Thursday too.
  6. Why is this a story? Does anyone write an article when Brady is out til 2 AM at some rest stop on the Mass Pike?
  7. "Dear Dallas, we're sorry that you're used to games being rigged in your favor, but not in this instance. Remember, Kraft is above Jones in the pecking order. Things will be back to how you're used to next week"
  8. Going to be really interesting to see how hard MLB comes down on the Astros. I have an inkling they want to come off as the anti-NFL. This cheating is going to be handled SEVERELY.
  9. Because marijuana isn't reliably tested in blood tests. It lasts in the blood for 12 - 24 hours and even if you're high as a kite, the tests still aren't accurate. Pot tests are urine samples, or hair on some occasions.
  10. In what world do you think anyone actually believes that Brady hasn't taken HGH his entire career? And how do you figure injuries don't affect performance?

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