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  1. Never understood buying food at a football game. Eat your brains out in the parking lot before the game, avoid spending $14 for a crappy hot dog later. Pretty simple. Much more interested in how clean the bathrooms are in case I have to do my business after a huge tailgate.
  2. JetPotato


    It wasn't possible to do worse.
  3. Also, Jetsinsider I thought you were gonna say Jetsinsider.
  4. JetPotato

    NFL Expands Rooney Rule Requirements

    Not as weird as 80% of the players being black when they consist of only 10% of the overall population of the country.
  5. JetPotato

    Jets playing in London in 2019?

    Oh good. I was running out of adjectives. "Bloody Jets!" will be a nice change of pace.
  6. #1 WRs always have such bad personalities. Focus our upgrades on defense.
  7. JetPotato

    Reggie Mckenzie

    Whether the Jets bring him in as an additional resource will depend entirely on whether he's willing to work for free or not.
  8. JetPotato

    He looked comfortable.

    I'd love to see what would happen if we could build an o-line worth a damn.
  9. JetPotato

    Pats lose on crazy miracle

    My Boston "friends" are chatting it up about how much Belichick sucks as a coach. Always were, always will be: worst fan base in America.
  10. JetPotato

    Pats lose on crazy miracle

    This is a vile comment. You should be ashamed of yourself. Why only 48 hours?
  11. If you want to draft Bosa, you are too stupid to live.
  12. JetPotato


    Don't worry. We have a nice draft pick. We can get a pass rusher. Derp.
  13. JetPotato

    Darnold going in for X rays

    If only we had a pass rusher. Idiots.

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