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  1. Blair Thomas, Johnny Mitchell, Browning Nagle, Vernon Gholston, Kyle Brady, Dee Milliner, Stephen Hill, Dewayne Robertson
  2. TOOOOON McNeil Walker O'Brien Shuler Klecko Leahy Gastineau Mangold Curtis Martin Chrebet Townsell And shame on all of you for missing... DENNIS BYRD
  3. You mean during the Pats dynasty years? Must be so trying to stick with that 😏
  4. I'd care more about this if the Colts were in the NFC for two years from now.
  5. Manfred undoubtedly considered all the mistakes the NFL has made in thenpast 15 years or so.
  6. Edelman not used to that. The Boston cops just let these things slide.
  7. Agree. I'm as pessimistic as a Jets fan can get. But Darnold is the real deal. Can't wait to see what he can do with players around him. Hopefully we can get some this offseason.
  8. He's going to get $9 million per year. He's an ok player. That's an overpay any way you slice it. This is just another problem with never drafting OL. You put yourself in a desperate situation to give too much money to expendable players.
  9. Walked into his office to tell him? A Belichick protege? More likely he wrote "I resign as WRC of NEP" and slipped it under his office door while he was in the bathroom and ran off.
  10. The Red Sox are in for a few rough years. Bruins are stacked, so that will be the Douche Du Jour.
  11. Meh. Probably a Ravens fan by now anyway.
  12. He has a Ryan Fitzpatrick-type career ahead of him
  13. I wasn't at all surprised because Belichick is Belichick, but to see how angry he was as it was happening was still something. Does this piece of garbage not realize his own level of hypocrisy? Smirking when he does it, when it's done to him, he's irate. The man is a cancer on humanity.
  14. Trade value at an all-time high
  15. Beat writers, and virtually anyone who has worked in corporate America and understands working relationships among executives.
  16. Yes. The Jets, Browns, and Redskins. If you don't run your franchise like these three, you have no chance for the future. I mean, come on.
  17. Or any free agent o-lineman. If you're a good o-lineman with good years ahead of you, your existing team is not letting you walk.
  18. The only people who don't appreciate greatness in history are people who have never generated any of their own.

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