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  1. Good. And I hope Ziggy Wilf rots in hell.
  2. JetPotato

    The Johnson family back story - whoa

    As a direct result of what Johnson action?
  3. JetPotato

    This Has Happened Before ...

    Completely different situations. The Jets got here in the first place due to incompetent ownership. Shotgun marriages with the Coach and GM, insufficient org structure etc
  4. JetPotato

    Neil Glat, do the right thing-Step down

    Which is as embarassing (if not more) than the piss-poor on-field product. People can bicker over which employees should or shouldn't go, but the reality is the dumpster fire starts at the top. Until Chris and Woody die (don't count on them selling), there is no hope for this franchise. They are overwhelmingly unqualified to run an organization of any sort. Being born with billions of dollars, never feeling true failure, never experiencing "fear", never having expectations or accountability will do that to a person. They are absolutely clueless. Maybe the next ownership will be a group that actually earned their way through life.
  5. JetPotato

    Put a bow on the McCagnan administration

    The lack of attention to the offensive line was egregious. Good riddance.
  6. JetPotato

    Francesa, Media on Maccagnan Firing.

    Blows my mind that anyone listens to this buffoon. He's as cluesless as he is fat.
  7. JetPotato

    Christopher Johnson vs Woody Johnson

    I'm sure Starbucks paid a lot of $ for the publicity this week
  8. Must be psyched to never be called for holding again
  9. JetPotato

    Christopher Johnson vs Woody Johnson

    Please. You think it was an accident?
  10. How does this dude have time to tweet with all the raping he does around Boston?
  11. JetPotato

    New York Jets: Endgame (Hype Video)

    That movie.
  12. If there's even an iota of truth to front office trouble/possible Mac thin ice, there is NO WAY you let him be the one negotiating the trade of future draft capital for a pick or picks this weekend.
  13. JetPotato

    Garrett Bradbury CENTER at 18

    Seems like the Vikings kinda understand football a little. That sounds like it might be kinda cool.
  14. JetPotato

    This is why we couldn't trade down

    The real reasons: 1) Mac is bad at understanding the market and building value. They seemed anxious to trade down, so no fear from other teams on the Jets taking their player 2) because the Giants and Raiders are dumb as hell and went with players NO ONE was going to possibly take ahead of (or closely behind) them
  15. JetPotato

    The ‘Williams Rule’

    I'd rather have Venus and Serena
  16. JetPotato

    Reasons Williams is a good pick

    Each one of our offensive lineman?
  17. JetPotato

    Reasons Williams is a good pick

    I can't wait to see what run stuffer we draft NEXT year
  18. At least we're not the Raiders? Can someone help me? Do the Jets play a 4-3 now?
  19. JetPotato

    Frank Clark

    No one going to take them seriously if thats where they are starting
  20. JetPotato

    Frank Clark

    Seattle either has little intention of trading him (thus throwing out this absurdly high demand) or they are totally delusional.
  21. No uniform can be as embarassing as this "party" Painful.
  22. My god the reactions to clothes in here. You're all a bunch of whiny bitches.
  23. JetPotato

    Tom Brady’s Legacy Poll

    Part of being "great" means playing the game with respect, integrity, and accountability. Brady fails miserably in all three aspects. Does anyone pine for their kid to grow up to act like this entitled, whiny doosh (outside of delusional Bostonland)?
  24. JetPotato

    The Walking Dead

    It's telling when right before the reveal of each death, they had to cut to The Kingdom so you could watch another character ask "Has anyone seen X or Y?"

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