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  1. He may have just misunderstood when he was told he was "going to get cut".
  2. I have the same experience with food every time we go visit my in laws.
  3. So you didn't lose a thing! Things are coming up Warfish!
  4. Disagree on Marvel shows. WandaVision was terrific, Falcon and Hawkeye were good, and Moon Knight had its moments. Loki... meh. If you count Netflix stuff, I rather enjoyed Jessica Jones, esp Season 1. She's got to be the sexiest malnourished chick on the planet.
  5. Huge MCU fan her who gets excited by just about everything they release. This just looks horrific. Even the CGI looks like amateur hour. It's bad enough Hulk is a dork now. But now there's a Sex and The City - Hulk Mashup? FFS.
  6. Get well, Fish. You have symptoms? Hopefully minor ones only and they stay that way. Seems that's most likely.
  7. That's completely untrue. NJ does not have the greatest city on the planet. NJ does not have the Adirondacks, Catskills, Finger Lakes, or anything close to any of these regions. Hamptons beaches crush the Jersey shore. The food isn't even close. I lived in Bergen County for a long time. It's one of Jersey's "elite" areas. The difference in quality of life living in the Hudson Valley now is stark. Night and day. Having moved here made me regret wasting years in that mess.
  8. You couldn't be more wrong. Sometimes the skyline is better than the games. In all seriousness, when fans of other team travel, they aren't coming to spend the weekend in the toilet that is New Jersey. It doesn't even have past glory to lean on, let alone anything worthwhile in the present. I lived in NJ for 15 years btw, so this is a 1st hand account. I couldn't be happier back here in NY state.
  9. "You don't deserve a penis" is such a chilling reminder of the old culture that existed in this country back in 2018.
  10. There you go assuming pronouns
  11. Why don't you just tell us the answer, Prophet?
  12. What didn't you guys like? I thought it was pretty good. Good resolution to several story lines/character arcs. I thought the Ruth/Wendy discussion was 2 great actors at their best for an epic scene. I was not totally a fan of the end of Ruth's story, but then again, I don't know s about f, either.
  13. Yes on the cinematography, but was always bummed that was all filmed in North Carolina when the story takes place in the Adirondacks/Lake George/Saratoga.
  14. Nonsense. Pigeons are way more delicious than rats.
  15. I was feeling great until this thread. I am gripped with overwhelming fear now that I have learned that rat anuses can fly. Never leaving the house again.
  16. Oh good, we can finally get back to using free agency. This "building through the draft" stuff has me on edge.
  17. I feel like the 49ers wanted London and Bye Deebo?
  18. It's a good thing he inherited a boat lead of money, because if he had to go it alone, I'm pretty sure he would be eaten by a pack of mongoose.
  19. You hope to spend that capital on... wait for it... special players.
  20. This is one of the most brilliant pre-draft smokescreens of all time. I hope.
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