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  1. So... I guess the salary cap rules don't apply to them either. There was barely a mention when they signed Brown without the actual space. Now there's zero chance they can fit Sanu's approximately $6 million, but not one person will bother to look into it.
  2. I'm torn on whether or not this is more embarassing than JB Smoove introducing our uniforms.
  3. I think the real problem is practice. This offense is never going to improve playing against our defense all week.
  4. With the 3rd pick in the draft, the New York Jets select... Derrick Brown, defensive tackle, Auburn. Next year is our year.
  5. There are actually TWO guys holding there. Are there people that still believe that the NFL is not rigged?
  6. They didn't miss it. They saw it clear as everyone else. That's how the league works. Pats, 3rd down... holding is permitted.
  7. Missed hold there. You guys musta forgot those would be here.
  8. I'm just here to laugh at the guys who thought we'd have a shot in this game.
  9. More straw men. You're a waste of time. It's clear that given you have no legitimate argument that you'll stray from the topic until you find something that you think has stuck, but mostly, you're just incoherent. Show me a single link to a time I have ever complained about having a high payroll. You won't, because it has never happened. It's several times now that you're arguing against some theoretical statement that is unrelated and was never actually said. You should think about a life in politics.
  10. Lol. Parity in MLB has been proven time again far superior to other leagues. The Yankees for their spending in the past decade have watched the teams like the Astros and Royals win it all. To argue that the NFL is a more level playing field is ludicrous. Especially as a Jets fan you should know better. What's a better model next? The NBA? ROFLMAO.
  11. This is such utter nonsense, I don't know where to begin. Prices of hot dogs have nothing tondo with this discussion. Even if it did, your "point" falls flat in the face of the fact that prices to attend a game now are higher under Hal than they ever were under George. They are trying to win. But they are only trying to win enough to give you hope and sell you tickets. But that extra mile that George was willing to risk, Hal is simply unwilling to take. When the starting rotatio. was in shambles, nothing was done. We were told that it would have coat too much to sign Keuchel, which was total nonsense. No elite starter acquired. Houston already had two, and they still went out and got Greinke. They gambled. We didn't. You name it: Max Scherzer, Justin Verlander, Gerritt Cole, Chris Sale. All traded while the Yankees hug their prospects like Clint Frazier, who they also then shaft. And by the way, the Red Sox acquired Sale for Yoan Moncada, another guy the Yankees simply passed on to save money. They should never be outspent, but they are. Boston invested $60 million more than them last year and what happened. Yankees got under the tax threshold to "reset", then didn't spend it again except on junk. You can drone on and on about George's spending and beer prices, but the bottom line is that being a Yankee fan was a lot more fun when he was here winning 7 World Series. It shouldn't be that hard to understand that Hal has accomplished absolutely nothing since he took over.
  12. You're laying out straw man arguments. I'm fully aware how expensive it is to go to a Yankees game. I can spend less to go there than the average Jets game, however. And it's so much more enjoyable. Again, this is about winning championships. You seem to be entirely missing the point that it's not a priority any longer.
  13. Well, at least we know you're completely clueless about the sport of hockey as well.
  14. What? Besides the luxury tax, baseball contracts are fully guaranteed. There are no consequences to high priced long term contracts? Jacoby Ellsbury, Barry Zito, Gio Stanton, etc etc... happens all the time. No consequences? Come on. Look, if you're not into baseball, that's fine. But don't make criticisms if you have no idea what you're talking about.
  15. Whatever you want to believe is fine, but the fact remains that George putting winning ahead of annual profits. He understood franchise value. He set the tone for the entire organization that the goal was always to win a championship. And on his watch, they won 7 of them. His sons now have the team, they have won nothing, and there is clearly no one driving that culture any longer. The 2010's will now pass and be the first decade since the 1910's without even a pennant. Hal cares about his annual dividend check. He won't do what it takes to push this very good team over the top to championship level like Houston and Boston consistently do. They are committed to winning it all. This version of the Yankees are not.
  16. Patrick Corbin was too. He'll be pitching in the World Series for Washington next week.
  17. Boone doesn't have the balls to do it, but It's the right move to bench him.
  18. George hired the people that won the late 90's championships. He also won in the late 70's multiple times before all that. And 2009 was on his watch as well. Hr bought a team for a few million and turned it into something worth BILLIONS. So much for "running it into the ground". Meanwhile, since he has gone, his sons have won absolutely nothing, and the Yankees are no longer viewed as the top franchise in the game.
  19. Anyone paying any attention whatsoever knows that Cole is not coming to NY. The "west coast" thing isn't the reason, either. Boras and his client will simply go to the highest bidder, which will not be the NY Yankees. If it's a west coast team, pure icing for him. Cashman and Hal are risk averse when it comes to starting pitching. They have convinced themselves it doesn't matter much anyway. And to top it off, it's evident that Hal, unlike his father, is completely unwilling to go the extra mile to win it all. He his content building a roster that contends every year, sells tons of tickets and makes to the playoffs. If they don't win it all, he's perfectly fine in his cashere and gold pajamas. He's a lot like the Johnsons. Inherited daddy's stuff, and does just enough to not lose it. But wouldn't know how to successfully execute a bake sale, let alone a championship organization. George understood that the Yankees unprecedented brand was built winning rings, and anything less was unacceptable. Hal is cut from much weaker cloth.

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