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  1. pointman

    Bills release Incognito.

    I miss Bart.
  2. pointman

    New Hat/logo?

    Mitchell & Ness throwback logo or bust.
  3. pointman

    Darnold will wear Jersey # 14

    I don't think any of them make a good one though... right?
  4. Sanchez is a bum. We got to where we did in 09 and 10 because of headcase Holmes, and other guys like Braylon despite Sanchez. If we had a slightly less crappy QB in 2010 we had a legitimate shot at hoisting the big one. Bringing in guys like Holmes and Plax didn't ruin Sanchez, he was always going to be what he is now. We extended his time being a starter, didn't hinder it. Darnold was talked about as being the best thing since Luck, so hopefully he is miles better than Sanchez, even if we aren't stacked like we were in 2010.
  5. The jump from d2 to d1 is massive. The jump from d2 to NFL? Long long long shot.
  6. That guy is hard to watch and his lead in with stories and repetition of not being afraid... made it too much to watch.
  7. That thread title is painful to look at.
  8. pointman

    Donahue Instagram post

    He repeated the same mistake, a mistake that could get others killed. He wrecked his car going the wrong way in the tunnel. He didn't kill someone this time, but the guy is a perennial moron. Its actually very horrible.
  9. pointman

    Jamal Adams ESPN Interview

    He is a Yankees fan.
  10. To be fair though, Manish doesn't really follow football so.
  11. Thats probably the only thing you can count on Vernon to be.