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  1. Austin.. I don't think so. He has moments, but overall has been.. mediocre at best. I hope I am wrong and he turns into a solid player for us.
  2. Gentlemen, another successful game thread. Well done. Its clear that bootleg threads are no match.
  3. Good point. That stat still feels like a lie, somehow.
  4. Must be nice having a corner who can play football.
  5. Yeah. The other guy definitely shouldn't have made his bootleg one.
  6. He looked a little too elated when taking the smelling salt. Like it gave him a fix until he could take a look snorty snort at the urinals.
  7. It seemed like a genius move a couple years back, then last year people starting whispering he might not be so great. To the people of the latter, I say.. look at Gase.
  8. Hi, friend. Welcome to the Official game thread. Not sure what thread you were posting in, but we're happy to have you. No worries of cringe photos or such here. Just good ol' football banter.
  9. I am tired of seeing bad balls thrown into coverage where Darnold doesn't see the safety help over top.. or Sam just throwing balls to the middle of nowhere like his finger slipped, or he has bad accuracy. I am hopeful for new talent that will finally show us some real talent behind center.

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