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  1. The running back portion made me want to go run 250 shuttles. The CJ talk made my wee wee softer than a pudding pop on Cosby's release date.
  2. Jamal strikes me as the type of guy to hide under furniture where he is plainly visible.
  3. Revis was a DB for the ages. Jamal isn't even the best linebacker in his division.
  4. Either me learning from you.. or you taking notes. Either way... Score: Us: 1 Them: None.
  5. I legit have no clue who he is. Good on you to remember.
  6. Lets hope Jamal holds out and makes this amusing.
  7. I bet in 2 years Jamal will have fallen off considerably. Nozzles like him don't last that long usually.
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