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  1. pointman

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    You see all the players the Browns/Turds got? Mac still sucks.
  2. pointman

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    What did Turnstile Hunter do to you??
  3. pointman

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    What did that genius Incarcerated Bob have to say? He's always right.
  4. pointman

    Jamal Adams, you sir, are legit.

    He sucks. Wilkerson Slouch 2.0.
  5. pointman

    Gotham City Football Club

    I am pretty sure Bowles will be selling his at the official end of the season.
  6. pointman

    Caption this and win a pat on the back

    "We stop the Pats and force a 4th down but can accept the penalty and make it a 3rd down and give Tom Brady another chance? Sounds like a solid plan to me."
  7. The defense pretty much sucks too. Adams is the only one who actually plays. Trumaine Johnson should be arrested for robbery, with the contract he took us for.
  8. pointman

    Opinions on Marcus Maye

    I love Maye! Plus, we had to choose a safety with the league rules about every team having to draft 2 safeties every year so. No? Just us?
  9. lol not bothered by his self indulgent story that was really sad. I legit cringed and felt bad for the guy. Its okay if hes your online friend. I'm happy for the two of you. And it seems you also don't know what "triggered" means. I'm actually pretty happy right now. Hows things going, bud? Besides the whole internet thing.
  10. pointman

    It starts with talent

    Maye isn't like the others on that list!
  11. Your last point is a good one. They are all good, but that last one was a real opportunity for the critics to get off his back.
  12. Nah. The whole mocking Asian names is racist and low brow for the uneducated. Racism as a whole is pretty much that. I like to point it out as opposed to just let it go by, like most others. Surprised to see it on this forum. But hey, if its something you're into in the privacy of your room, on a computer.. congrats I guess.
  13. Funny story of you being 'me military. Me jacked like linebacker. Girls love me'. Stop stroking yourself in front of a bunch of guys that could not care less. You are cringey.
  14. I don't think you know what that means, noob.

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