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  1. Murder Funhouse Mafia Sign-Ups

    I don't know what this is.

  3. Always does it. No one else gets a pass.
  4. Jets to release Mo Wilkerson per SNY

    When T0mShane is the voice of reason... But seriously you are so right but we can't expect anything from this organization or media. Media was all for Bowles coming back, and we extended him. Guy loses repeatedly and we extend. Amazing.
  5. On my phone, the site goes to a popup site and the site is completely unusable. In fact, can't even see the site once I hit "forums".
  6. Mike Tyson.

    I appreciate your candor, sir. It will be noted. Well, if my idea of Mike isn't realistic, then the idea of Harbaugh definitely isn't.
  7. Mike Tyson.

    He was once a great champion. He overcame being seen as a rapist and an overall bad person and is now beloved by so many. So what do you think the chances are that after Bowles goes 10-6 this season, makes the playoffs, and gets outed in the first round that the ownership sees it as a gross underachievement and fires Bowles, then lets Mike Tyson become the head coach, and allows him to run the organization. Would it sweeten the honey pot if Tyson brought in like Michael Spinks, Evander Holyfield, or maybe even Don King to be the GM? So in your opinion, how would you feel about Mike Tyson being the next head coach of your New York Jets?
  8. End of thread. Lock. Archive. Delete.
  9. Bowles got extended after 2 garbage seasons just because we did better than the garbage media guessed we would. The chances of him getting the axe after making a playoff appearance, are as good as the chances of Harbaugh being our next head coach which is as good a chance as ownership handing the day to day duties over to a head coach.
  10. Good news...we get more Kacy Rodgers!!

    Yes. Cousins doesn't want to play with the likes of Rodgers and son. Aaron or bust.
  11. Good news...we get more Kacy Rodgers!!

    Was that english?