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  1. I heard that joke is why Olivia Wilde left him. She loves the Jets.
  2. Blake Bortles just chortled reading your post.
  3. That name was too cringe to be successful.
  4. Final year of his rook deal 2021, franchise for 14m next, then dump him like a used up streetwalker. He will be washed, or pretty close to it by then. Just what he deserves. He can be a nice journeyman with a big mouth like Sheldon Richardson. Well, similar but with a lot shorter longevity.
  5. The Hitman really is getting slow in his age. Three hours slow.
  6. I'd like to take this opportunity to say that Shannon Sharpe's opinions are toilet water. Thank you.
  7. I did not enjoy that video. No certainty about coming here. I know, par for the course. Still don't like it. Excuse me as I go cry myself to sleep.
  8. The knock on Fields was that he is a one read QB, can't read a D, is Revis Slouch Lite when it comes to prep, and his short to mid range accuracy is doo doo ka ka. At least, from all the "professional" breakdowns I am reading.
  9. I feel like this is in reference to something I missed. If it is not, it is even better. I love wild outta nowhere posts.
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