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  2. Runs 4.2 40. Madden rates his speed at 78.
  3. pointman

    Moderator Page - need bio help

    Or have members write the bios, and use the best one.
  4. pointman

    Moderator Page - need bio help

    I'd say real names and addresses so we know where to send.. gifts. Yeah.. gifts.
  5. Then you didn't watch the games. He was terrible. I've seen high school freshman football coaches call better offensive schemes.
  6. Only a terrorist or an out of towner would choose a DIRTY WATER dog over a pretzel.
  7. This is the same garbage game that had Maybin with a slow ass "Speed" rating. They know nothing.
  8. I like when we bring in old, washed up, big name players. Give me the Kam! Let him play backer and teach Darron Lee how to run downhill and melt a quarterback.
  9. Don't bother with the obvious troll. He's not even good at it.
  10. Jeezus Crepes. Talk about a stretch. Thanks for the explanation because I was lost.
  11. That is not true. I chose Rutgers when accepted at other schools because of a few reasons. Ultimately I left and continued elsewhere. Rutgers is not on par with Ivy League schools.
  12. When your linebacker is faster than your cornerback. Sigh
  13. 4.61 40? He'd be a quick tight end.
  14. You.. do.. know.. what.. a joke.. is.. right?
  15. Well, to be fair.. in that one season he actually played.. he had more INTs (3) than Jamal Adams has had his entire NFL career.

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