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  1. The running back portion made me want to go run 250 shuttles. The CJ talk made my wee wee softer than a pudding pop on Cosby's release date.
  2. Jamal strikes me as the type of guy to hide under furniture where he is plainly visible.
  3. Revis was a DB for the ages. Jamal isn't even the best linebacker in his division.
  4. Either me learning from you.. or you taking notes. Either way... Score: Us: 1 Them: None.
  5. I legit have no clue who he is. Good on you to remember.
  6. Lets hope Jamal holds out and makes this amusing.
  7. I bet in 2 years Jamal will have fallen off considerably. Nozzles like him don't last that long usually.
  8. Diggs has 8 picks for them over the last two seasons. Jamal has 2.. IN HIS ENTIRE FOUR YEAR CAREER.
  9. Jamal is an egomaniac. I can see him sitting. Only thing keeping him from doing that is him not wanting to give Jet Nation the satisfaction. I know he cares. Why? Petty little bish.
  10. Mac Jones has this arrogance about him. Not confidence, but arrogance. That arrogant smirk having soft body better be lights out otherwise I am gonna giggity giggity my ass off when he falls on his face. I rarely root for someone to be a goof but this guy, he has the goods to be heckled. Also, Belichick is a scumbag.
  11. I am so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are sincerely with your wife, you, and the rest of your family right now.
  12. I still find myself lost in thought in the middle of a nice meal, from time to time, as I ponder what 2010 could have been had we had a semi-capable qb. What if... just... what... if...
  13. lol Jetsfan80 got jokes today! Appreciate the laugh, my man! Sanchez was good lollicopter
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