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  1. I ran into Callahan when his stint here was over. I was excited and polite and he was a dick. I hope he ends up in Cleveland where all the other bums go.
  2. True. We need All Pro talent at every position. And I heard TJ and JJ Watt have a cousin, Francis Watt.. who hangs out with Terron Beckham. He can get us 15 sacks a year. Gtfo.
  3. Robby is gone. He just said in his presser that he will not sign prior to testing free agency. He will go where the money dictates. And when asked, he said he wouldn't mind playing for Matt Rhule. He also would not say he wants to re-sign here. Dudes gone. I'll miss you, but I will also laugh when you're overpaid by someone else.. like the Giants and Matt Rhule.
  4. I'd rather give that money to Maybin today.. to either come off the edge, or paint some nice Jets murals (he's an artist full time now).
  5. Enunwa's contract was a mistake. I liked the guy, and enjoyed his passion on the meh performances we got from him. But his contract, taking into consideration his inability to stay healthy or create a 1k season.. was a mistake.
  6. Oh. You want to only drop two weight classes? Good idea. I guess being top five is good enough.. for you. Now go put on the garbage bag and run 5 miles. You have 30 minutes.
  7. Pfft. How she was posturing, she was begging to be snapped down. He spins, takes the bag, half, turn.. get two.. turn.. turn.. turn.. squeeze.. pin.
  8. JJ is old Watt news. TJ the Nut Puncher is the new hotness. TJ or bust.
  9. Please make the font smaller. I need more use out of these binoculars I have sitting next to my tv that I use to try and find a pass rush on our Jets.
  10. Its sad that anyone is allowed to make threads. Read your own stat lines, Junior. And when you are done, go watch some football.
  11. We can't have this discussion if you're not going to watch the games.
  12. So true. If he had made that extra kick we'd only be losing by 3 solid touchdowns + 3 extra points. Ficken the bum. May this loss weigh heavily, solely on his shoulders.
  13. Nah, you're wrong. I pointed out how RG3's stock was immense after his initial run. He then became unemployed.
  14. Look at the bright side.. now no one can say that Lamar did the Jets no favors.
  15. Speak for yourself. I'm pointing out that its a bit early to be proclaiming him as some messiah. He looks brilliant this season.
  16. Stop. I'm not defending Sam. He's got problems. This roster that we trot our there, week after week, is abysmal.
  17. I JUST wrote I don't care what he did on special teams. Keep up! This is a "hate Basham" thread now.
  18. They said the same thing about RG3. RG3 now is a slow bum who couldn't sell a fake hand-off if his life depended on it.
  19. USC makes awesome quarterbacks. I'm jealous of Carson Palmer.
  20. I don't care what he did on special teams. I need Westhoff brought back for two minutes to walk onto the field and cut Basham's garbage self right then and there. And when he's done with Basham he can walk over to Roberts and cut his backside too. Roberts sees a bruiser running back coming his way so he ducks his head and just flops on the ground. Cut these bums.

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