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  1. I hear you. Of course thats huge. I was just saying what Flacco was showing. His deep ball is soooo niiiiice. Seeing our QB throw deep is rare, and pretty damn enjoyable.
  2. I guess there is something that will make us laugh then.
  3. Thats what made it.. special.
  4. No way! Shea had personality! Citi Field is nice.. but.. not the same at all.
  5. Could you imagine seeing "Gore" on this team for another decade? Priceless.
  6. Honestly, I feel for the two young guys, but in another regard I am happy. This means Frank Gore gets more touches. More touches that he rightfully deserves. His young legs will carry us to victory.
  7. I hope you're right. Most likely right.. but still, hope you're right.
  8. Flacco's talent/arm strength to throw the long ball is leagues beyond anything Sam has done/is capable of doing. Flacco is old and immobile (though he scampered out quite a bit), and he isn't near what he once was. However, he is showing a lot more offensive ability than Sam has in recent times.
  9. It won't hurt. I'd like to see it too. It hopefully improves his trade stock, and gives us a better opportunity to lose more games.
  10. I've never heard it before and had to Google it. It seems you used it perfectly.
  11. Is this the part where someone chimes in that Sam needs more time and more weapo.. wait.
  12. Lots of jokes said here. Many harsher than that, that go unmoderated. I like Bart, especially in the circumstances in which we met. So if a joke is what the issue is, oh well.
  13. He had an amazing name. He was a great college talent. His name was cool, wait I said that. That's all I got.
  14. No motion made, noob. You still mad?
  15. I've met him on numerous occasions and had lengthy conversations with him regarding business. He is knowledgeable about football and I am sure other things as well. He clearly wasn't the brightest bulb from my dealings with him. Your take away isn't the same as mine, doesn't make yours anymore right.
  16. Look at guys like Bart Scott. Dumb as a box of rocks. But can read an offense and a defense like a savant. He is nothing compared to the nolifers in the league. Lamar Louisville Jackson was going to be figured out sooner than later.
  17. Gholston just needed more time.. and more playmakers around him. He also had a horrible position coach mentoring him. It wasn't his fault. People gave up on him too quickly. See how stupid that sounds? Yet for Sam its considered ok to say.
  18. lol. Get trolled. Also, on a more serious note.. Shea > Citi Field.

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