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  1. That's not going to happen. Did you not read my post ? There is no way the jets win. Lol
  2. spellcheck this You are all dick suckers and pillow bitters so go f$ck yourself and enjoy that one super bowl you guys won in the 1800's we will kick your a$$ on sunday so go suck a dick fagets
  3. So you guys can talk about sh*t about ben all day. But whaen someone talks about your QB they get ban that sounds fare
  4. So why was he arrested then. You guys are to funny saying my QB could not rape woman cause he is gay
  5. Why is that are saying woman lye about that my point to ben never raped anyone
  6. Did you for get about your QB and he was arrested Ben was never arrested Southern California backup quarterback Mark Sanchez was arrested Wednesday after being accused of sexually assaulting a female student, police said. NBCSports.com news services updated 9:11 a.m. ET April 27, 2006 LOS ANGELES - Southern California backup quarterback Mark Sanchez was released from jail early Thursday following his arrest for investigation of sexually assaulting a female student, police said. Sanchez, 19, was arrested around 4 p.m. at an apartment complex near campus. He was released shortly after midnight after posting $200,000 bail, sheriff’s deputy Ban Nguyen said. Police took DNA and hair samples from Sanchez, the Los Angeles Daily News reported, citing unnamed sources.
  7. Man you guys care about spelling way to much.If you know what people are trying to say what is the big deal
  8. Look i am sorry if a come off like a troll. My bad i am here to talk about some football. You guys do got a good team but your QB is young and i don't think you will go far in the playoffs until he gets a lot better And your coach has no clue what he is doing
  9. Your thing should say grammar police instead of karma police
  10. I am sorry but look at your boy Jif posted on our forum Join Date: Dec 2010 Posts: 8 Member Number: 17497 Re: What Jets fans are saying about playing in Pittsburgh! Sorry guys, I'm just frustrated about my teams recent collapse. The city of Pitts is nice. Been their a few time. Got a lot of friends up there and I enjoyed the people, the sites and the food. The food is excellent. I no longer live in NY because it has declined in recent years. The only person who would not like Pitts is someone who is into woman. Pitts has the ugliest ******* woman on the planet by a landslide. Who ever told a broad that shortsleeve shirts with longsleve t's underneath is sexy, should have to take a piss next to Ben. The woman in pitts look like their fathers really wish they had sons. Maybe because it's a steel town? You would need to be hand cuffed to the bed to **** one of these broads. Thank God for beer, eh? So say what you like but I happen to enjoy woman that look and dress like woman and who have less facial hair than I do. Go out one night in Manhatten and you might get a clue to what a woman looks like. Enjoy your great city and ugly woman. No wonder why Ben has to go down South to rape a broad. Now is that very nice. That could hurt people's feeling's that have wife's and mother's from pittsburgh . Don't you think
  11. And then you wake up. No way Sanchez has 4 td passes maybe 1 td and 3 int
  12. Know one runs the ball on the steelers defense. Your only shot is to have a couple pick 6 and a kickoff return
  13. So what you are saying i cant type but you did not disagree so your team does suck
  14. more then half of you think the jets will loose thats to funny
  15. Just want to stop bye and say. There is not a chance in hell the jets go into pittsburgh and win they are 0-8 and after Sunday they will be 0-9. Your team is overrated and the steelers will win bye 17.
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