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  1. i want qb tate forcier on my jets team for 2011 - 2012 nfl season NOW
  2. Dennis Byrd came in last week and spoke to the team. Byrd had never reached out to the Jets before, and it made a great impact with young and old players alike. I have a theory that this part of the journey, these last two games , they will be the crowning moments for the Vets we brought in to help lead, namely Taylor and LT. When was the last Championship game LT played in ? Taylor never played in one - i will bet you anything these 2 vets come alive ...watch You will see the 2006 LT in flashes - he knows , as does Taylor how lucky they are that a team who went to the afc champ game LAST YR,needed people at the positions they play ,and decided to take a chance on 2 formerly great vets that people thought were washed up. After checking them out and they said " i was hurt " or whatever the reason , but "im back ! " , and we gave them the benefit of the doubt ... now they and the team ARE here again .that is beating the odds already. The 2 superbowl teams were out round 1 right ? Dennis Byrd , who will be a captain , came in and told them about his experience - and how he would trade anything for 6 seconds ..1 more play ..not 1 more season or even a game - 1 play ... you watch the next 2 games - LT will run like he knows he will never be here again no matter what he does ...and taylor will rush with a recharge too ... Byrd lost his ability to walk - and almost his life. He beat the odds and walks again today. He is a motivational speaker as well. These 2 vets are h.o.f bound and in the end of thier careers even though they still feel young .. the reality that its over soon is setting in - and when a man who was great , but had it all cut short talks to you about 1 more play..they will play each snap the rest of this yr as if it is thier last - because for them it may be.. just a thought
  3. I think Rex has done a great job motivating his team and his mistakes haven't hurt them - but the coming game vs the steelers there'll be no room for error. 1. If Shonn Greene went down after the first yard marker on the last Jets TD run, the game would have been over since the Pats had 1 timeout left and the Jets could have just run out the clock with the new set of downs. instead, by scoring he made his D come back on the field and gave the Patriots some life when they scored and tried another on-side quick. 2. Cromartie… vs. colts he stayed in front of the punt and it almost hit his leg (in end the Colts wasted a challenge on this so ended up well) and then against the Patriots he ran in front of a punt again – why isn’t he just staying away? Then he picked up the on-side kick instead of just falling on it (again, it ended well – but seemed stupid). Are these things the coach should be advising their players or am I offbase?
  4. xoenrt2099


    Had to get this one in nice and early. Remember there was a thread like it not so long ago. I know the sport isn't that big a deal over on that side of the pond but do any of you guys have any interest in it?
  5. i was watching spiderman 1 with my son tonite, and imo the best movie scene ever is when spidey save mj from the alley thugs in the rain. her "expression" is priceless!
  6. To begin, I am totally ripping off this concept. This idea started as an on going thread on CBS sportline message board 2 years ago and it was funny as you now what! The rules are simple, just come on and rant about anything and everything. Could be your boss, wife, dog, the Patsies (sorry had to add that one). I’ll kick it off: I hate ESPN, Bleacher report and the like who don’t give our guys their just dues I hate being surrounded by Patsie fans I hate having our guys lose only a single game and have everyone I know point their fingers and say I told you so I hate “Glee” and “Dancing with the Stars” TV shows I hate that my wife makes me watch these 2 shows as payback for watching Sunday football I hate that my wife still asks me why football is on Sunday and Monday nights I will also hate when she finds out it will be on Thursday nights too I hate daylight savings time I hate the way Goodell over reacts enforcing stupid fines to curtail our sport I hate the tea party I hate Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon, Madonna I hate the bleeding heart liberal media Let's hear from you guys, bring on the hate!!!
  7. 1 - The Giants beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl is probably number 1. Considering the Patriots were undefeated and that amazing 1 handed helmet grab by David Tyree was probably the greatest super bowl catch ever. (Maybe Pittsburghs Franco catch may possibly be better). 2 - I would have to give this to the Devils beating Anaheim in the Stanley Cup Finals. Granted this may be biased since I am a die hard Devils fans but they have just been a great team for so long. I also believe they set a record for playoff wins at home only losing 1 playoff game. Also Martin Brodeur earned 7 shut outs during that playoff season giving him the most shutouts during a playoff season. 3 - The Rangers winning the Stanley Cup against the Vancouver Canucks in 1994. The Rangers Mark Messier promised a win against the NJ Devils in the Eastern Conference Finals and not only did the Rangers win Mark Messier earned a hat trick. This gave them the path to play Vancouver where they won in 7 games giving the Rangers their first Stanley Cup in over 50 years. 4 - NY Jets winning Super Bowl 3. Another promise (just like Messier) from HOF QB Broadway Joe to win against heavily favored Colts team. This is probably one of the greatest upsets in sports history and of course the man who guaranteed the victory was named MVP despite not throwing a TD pass. 5 - I will have to put the Yankees in my top 5 simply because they are the cream of the crop when it comes to sports teams in New York. The Yankees winning the world series against the favored Philadelphia Phillies and giving Alex Rodriguez his first world series title was something words can not describe. I am not sure about anyone else but I also felt that it was nice to see this franchise win because it brought back memories of why the Yankees are important to New Yorkers especially after the tragic event of 9/11. It was also a nice compliment to their new stadium. This is my top 5 for now
  8. Zach Parise will be going to Montreal to represent the NJ Devils in the All Star game. Left wing Zach Parise was the only Devil selected to play in this year's NHL All-Star game, which will be held Jan. 25 in Montreal. The 15 Eastern Conference All-Star reserves were announced Thursday. This will be Parise's first All-Star appearance. "I'm excited," he said. "It will be a lot of fun. Montreal is a great city. I always look forward to going up and playing there. It's a good place to have it." Left wing Patrik Elias did not make the team despite being tied with Parise for fifth in the NHL in points with 46 entering Thursday night's action. He admitted he was disappointed. "A little bit, but I guess the rules are the rules," Elias said. "They have to pick one guy from each team. You look at other teams that had other guys that maybe should be there. You don't have someone like [Detroit's Henrik] Zetterberg in the All-Star game - a guy that won the Cup and had success and he's having a great season again and just because they're allowed to take so many guys and every team has to be represented - not always the best players are there.""
  9. So come on every1 come here and reveal to the community what your biggest secret is something you have never told any1 else before mine is when I was a teen everytime I stayed at this girls house I would put her hand in warm water wile she slept and she would usually wet the bed didn't always work? After this happened a few times her parents got her to wear diapers at night 4 a while haha. I stoped doing it when that happened haha
  10. but i think Valium is not a good choice maybe you'd better go to a doctor to have a check
  11. i am very found of DELL very much because of its inventor --Michael Dell when i was young i read the story about him and very admire him but its quality is not very good but it has a nice appearance
  12. in my mind the top five coolest peopel are : 1.maozedong 2.zhouenlai 3.Bruce Lee 4.Michael Jackson 5.Edison
  13. aha CBA is also the short for China Basketball Association
  14. i am also a NBA fun for almost 8 years since i was in middle shool maybe so you are which team do you like best?
  15. On Wednesday, Jets head coach Rex Ryan believed that Mark Sanchez’s sore throwing shoulder was only a minor roadblock in the buildup for Sunday’s matchup between two 10-4 teams as the Green & White travel to Chicago to face the Bears. But Ryan reworked his percentages down from 99 percent to somewhere in the 80 to 90 percent range today after Sanchez was limited in practice again and lightly throwing during practice at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. “Before we’re going be comfortable with him going out there as the starting quarterback, he has to improve,” Ryan said. “Now do we think he will? We do, we do think he’ll be better.” Sanchez, the fifth overall pick in the 2009 draft, has thrown for 3,022 yards and 16 touchdowns this season, while also rushing for three scores. And in the Jets’ thrilling 22-17 victory over the Steelers on Sunday, he protected the football and made good throws despite injuring the shoulder early in the game. In practice this week, he’s been cautious with his arm. “I still think he’s going to play,” Ryan said. “I was shocked a lit bit, the fact that he played the game, he looked great and all that. I think I made an assumption that probably I shouldn’t have but I still think he’s going to play. But today, to me, I expected more zip on the football." Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer echoed Ryan’s sentiments about Sanchez, saying that in the early going in practice their young quarterback was trying to loosen up his arm with some softer throws. As the practice progressed, Coach Schotty said that while a bit uncomfortable, Sanchez took the majority of reps and improved throughout the day. “I think that as he got going a little bit, he looked pretty good,” Schottenheimer said. “Again, I think a lot of it was just precaution. They’re being smart. It’s just a few days after the game. I think they’re just taking their time with this thing.” If Sanchez can’t go on Sunday, the job will go to 18-year veteran Mark Brunell, who has thrown for 31,000-plus yards and 182 touchdowns in his career. He is 1-for-1 for 7 yards in his only action this season, late in the blowout win over the Bills in Week 4. To shake off some of the rust, Brunell has taken a good number of reps this week in practice. “I got some work this week,” Brunell said, “on some new concepts that we had, on third down and some situational things that we did. I feel good about the game plan, I think it’s a good game plan. It’s just a matter of going out there and, if given the opportunity, executing it.” Schottenheimer said Sanchez grimaced when he came off the field after the play that he twisted his shoulder, the late-first-quarter zero-yard sack by James Farrior, but got a few throws in on the sideline and that one of his first throws after the injury was deep down the sideline to Braylon Edwards for a 38-yard completion. Despite Sanchez’s ability to finish the game and the current plan to hold the weekly Friday quarterback meeting with Sanchez, Schottenheimer has thought about the notion that Brunell might have to be the guy on Sunday. “We really don’t change that differently,” Schottenheimer said. “Whoever the quarterback is, he doesn’t have to do it all. If you look at the line that we have and look at the backs, Shonn [Greene] and LT [LaDainian Tomlinson] getting 100 yards against the front we just played was pretty good. You don’t have time to worry about it. I expect Mark [sanchez] to answer the call. I think he’s tough, I think he wants to play, he knows the importance of this game. But I also know Mark Brunell will be ready if he has to go.” It’s not just Schottenheimer who has trust in Brunell. The head coach also is confident that his backup is a heady veteran who would be able to manage the offense. The only difference is that it will be a left-hander — in fact, one of the most prolific southpaws in NFL history— running the offense. “He's smart. He's done it all,” Ryan said. “We're not talking about a guy who never did it in his career. This guy was a Pro Bowl quarterback for a number of years. I feel comfortable with Mark Brunell.”
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