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  1. Is 6’3” considered “undersized” now days? Russell Wilson - 5’11” And at “just”6’2” are the following: Aaron Rogers DAK Prescott Teddy Bridgewater Among the “undersized 6’3” QBs are: Matthew Stafford Derek Carr Kirk Cousins Stop wit the”undersized “ bullsh*t - it’s NOT a factor at all!! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  2. Ummm -any Jets fan who knows a Seattle skid will result in a higher draft pick next year? Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  3. While that is true - the whole time he was in,I couldn’t stop thinking “a game changing pick is coming.” That’s not just bad luck. - that’s historical fact and precedent. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  4. I think this is pretty accurate. The coaching staff NEEDS him to be versatile enough to play ST, but he isn't a good fit there as receiver or blocker/tackler. I think his lack of understanding the playbook overshadows his potential talent on the field. If the coaches don't trust him to be in the correct position to line up/run routes, than they're doing Zach a disservice by putting a handicap on the field that will make the game harder on #2.
  5. Didn't see the game, but Mims didn't even get a target. Did he play/suit up??
  6. I can't even begin to express my disappointment with this team. Year after year, I build my hopes in pre-season, KNOWING that they will fail. Whether it's the first game, or the 4th game, I know they will collapse. I've been a ridiculous idiot fan since 1968. To be honest - I get that it's entertainment, but there has been no reason for me to continue this bullsh*t for a long time. Loyalty starts with ownership, and they have not held up their end.
  7. He wasn't in the least bit wrong. What were those two idiots doing??
  8. It absolutely boggles my mind how the current proprietor can't figure out how to offer a package that doesn't include every game and is focused just on offering customers 1 team to get every game for the season at a reduced rate for those of us who don't care to see all the other teams. Give me the Jets games for $130 a year and I'll buy that every year whether we suck or not.
  9. I think I'm going to try the Game Pass free this Sunday and then see how it is, how bad we suck, and then go from there. I don't have to see the game at noon, since I'm usually doing stuff on the weekends and I can turn it on after it's over.
  10. I respect Kurt Warner's opinion. He overcame a lot to get to get into the HOF and he's a pretty straight shooter. That said, I agree with him that there's just not alot of tape on Zach, and when he's up against the 1's, he might not be as calm and collected, but I'm hoping ...
  11. They've only done it since 2019. 2019 - Saints over Chargers in SB (Jets at 7-9 record) 2020 - Chiefs over Cowboys in SB (Jets at 5-11 record/Tied with NE)
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