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    Jetsssss..Mets..Islanders... Rush.....softball.......Jager ;)
  1. aww thanx max.. suffering with my Mets at the moment but soon I will be back here posting away
  2. HT2112

    Same old Mets

    the Mets misery gets me ready for the Jets misery ;p.. No defecting for me...
  3. HT2112

    Same old Mets

    I'm happy we won a game lol thats how down on them i started out.. Goin to the game Saturday night to cheer em on.. Hopefully they get make us proud lol one game at a time ;p
  4. HT2112

    Same old Mets

    why... oh and his face looks like Mr Met..
  5. HT2112

    Same old Mets

    yep.. sickening display.. onward....
  6. HT2112

    Same old Mets

    yea baby!! Mets win 7-1 WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  7. see how helpful you are? I didnt realize.. I found my team thread and posted.. happy?
  8. HT2112

    Same old Mets

    2 outta 3!! NICE!! I'll take it.. bring on the Phillies tuesday
  9. hey.. thats harsh lol.. Cut me some slack ...Its the off season... I have to wrap my head around the crappy baseball season as I am a Mets fan.. it requires all my energy.. I can't think about football yet.. When the times right I'll be back here.. careful what you wish for lol
  10. hmmmm... If this is a prank, nicely done.. I even like that venting email you sent me.. nice touch.. brat ;p
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