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    Jetsssss..Mets..Islanders... Rush.....softball.......Jager ;)
  1. I miss HT2112

    aww thanx max.. suffering with my Mets at the moment but soon I will be back here posting away
  2. That was for tickets.. this is for merch lol
  3. Same old Mets

    the Mets misery gets me ready for the Jets misery ;p.. No defecting for me...
  4. Same old Mets

    wow... lol
  5. Same old Mets

  6. Same old Mets

    I'm happy we won a game lol thats how down on them i started out.. Goin to the game Saturday night to cheer em on.. Hopefully they get make us proud lol one game at a time ;p
  7. Same old Mets

    why... oh and his face looks like Mr Met..
  8. Same old Mets

    yep.. sickening display.. onward....
  9. Same old Mets

    yea baby!! Mets win 7-1 WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  10. Site Update (Lockout Issue)

    see how helpful you are? I didnt realize.. I found my team thread and posted.. happy?
  11. Same old Mets

    2 outta 3!! NICE!! I'll take it.. bring on the Phillies tuesday
  12. Site Update (Lockout Issue)

    hey.. thats harsh lol.. Cut me some slack ...Its the off season... I have to wrap my head around the crappy baseball season as I am a Mets fan.. it requires all my energy.. I can't think about football yet.. When the times right I'll be back here.. careful what you wish for lol
  13. Site Update (Lockout Issue)

    hmmmm... If this is a prank, nicely done.. I even like that venting email you sent me.. nice touch.. brat ;p
  14. The Official JN Lounge Re-Grand Opening

    HI!! football withdrawals big time!!!!