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  1. I miss HT2112

    aww thanx max.. suffering with my Mets at the moment but soon I will be back here posting away
  2. That was for tickets.. this is for merch lol
  3. Same old Mets

    the Mets misery gets me ready for the Jets misery ;p.. No defecting for me...
  4. Same old Mets

    wow... lol
  5. Same old Mets

  6. Same old Mets

    I'm happy we won a game lol thats how down on them i started out.. Goin to the game Saturday night to cheer em on.. Hopefully they get make us proud lol one game at a time ;p
  7. Same old Mets

    why... oh and his face looks like Mr Met..
  8. Same old Mets

    yep.. sickening display.. onward....
  9. Same old Mets

    yea baby!! Mets win 7-1 WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  10. Site Update (Lockout Issue)

    see how helpful you are? I didnt realize.. I found my team thread and posted.. happy?
  11. Same old Mets

    2 outta 3!! NICE!! I'll take it.. bring on the Phillies tuesday
  12. Site Update (Lockout Issue)

    hey.. thats harsh lol.. Cut me some slack ...Its the off season... I have to wrap my head around the crappy baseball season as I am a Mets fan.. it requires all my energy.. I can't think about football yet.. When the times right I'll be back here.. careful what you wish for lol
  13. Site Update (Lockout Issue)

    hmmmm... If this is a prank, nicely done.. I even like that venting email you sent me.. nice touch.. brat ;p
  14. The Official JN Lounge Re-Grand Opening

    HI!! football withdrawals big time!!!!
  15. Modells 40%off

    Nice! TY!
  16. Happy Birthday JetNation

    wow 6 years this place was around before i found it.. need better advertising max ;p HBD JN.. heres to many more and next year with "Lombardi"
  17. Name something you pass around

    ha.. pot beats church.. nice lol
  18. Man killed by his own cock

  19. Man killed by his own cock

    omfg... of course the brilliant title made me look in here.. what a dumbass!
  20. ha oh how i wish i could have seen that scene go down.... AWESOME!!!
  21. have to get max to save this for alterations against any teams we go up against.. It should be JN's official prayer! Almost kickoff.. JETSSSSS!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Our SANCHEZ,who art in Pittsburgh,hallowed be thy arm. Thy bowl will come,it will be won,in Dallas as it is in Heinz Field. Give us this Sunday,our weekly win & give us no interceptions, but do not let the Steelers pass against us. Lead us not into frustration,but deliver us to the valley of the sun. For thine is the win,the best of the AFC, & the glory of Rex, now and forever, ♥J-E-T-S..JETS JETS JETS ♥~
  23. Bart Scott told us what we needed to know about this game when he said he,"can't wait".He can't wait to play the Steelers? Why? Because this Jets team is for real.They have a date with destiny and Big Ben is currently in the way. Bart Scott and the Jets can't wait to scratch them off the list.Last year the Jets went to Indy as a big underdog. They were the Cinderella team that nobody believed in. The times, they are a changing...This year the Jets go into Pitt fresh off the heels of an a$$ kicking in Foxboro. The 14 and 2 Patriots were totally spanked by the Jets.The Jets knocked Tom Brady and Peyton Manning out of the playoffs this year. Who'd a thought!! This is not a Cinderella team.This is a good football team that has already won on the road in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh gets Troy Polamalu back and he is an unreal talent. But he is not 100% and didn't look like himself last week against the Ravens.The Jets will try to run the ball which is not an easy task against that defense. Stay patient Jets fans, the Jets will stick with the run even when it isn't looking great. They have to eat up time. Look for the Jets to stick with this new defense that blends blitzes with some less aggressive coverage.It is working and Mike Wallace will be the big challenge.He went over 100 yards last game, Revis stuck with Hines Ward last game, does that change? Will be interesting to watch. L.T. is fresh, Brad Smith is returning and will play so the wildcat is on the table. I can't wait Jets fans, who is with me? Bens next up on the golf course next to Peyton and Brady.. FORE!!!!