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  1. HawkeyeJet

    NFL Schedule Released Tomorrow April 17th

    Weeks 8-14 will determine how good of a season they have. Lots of winable games in that stretch(on paper).
  2. HawkeyeJet

    Why can’t Mac get a 2nd for Leo?

    I'm sure he could get a 2nd rounder if he chose to trade him. It doesn't appear he wants to. Williams is a good player. I would argue very good. He's not an elite pass rusher, which is all that matters to some.
  3. HawkeyeJet

    Jets work out Iowa TE Noah Fant

    Hockenson is the more well rounded and by most accounts probably safer. Better hands, better blocker. Fant is definitely the better playmaker.
  4. HawkeyeJet


    This is the first time on this board I've actually had to page through all of the butt fumble emojis. I didn't know that was possible to have so many you had to view multiple pages to see who all used it. Impressive.
  5. I've seen this discussed in other threads and was hoping someone could direct me to it or explain it. Anyway I think it's some study that showed some sort of correlation between certain times/scores in certain drills and pass rush success. I don't think it's the SPARQ score, I think that's something different, but could be wrong. Thanks
  6. I agree completely on the # 1 WR thing. 100%.
  7. I used to do fun things for the draft. Then I got married and produced two kids who are now 4 and 1. Now my draft night will consist of me being asked multiple times "what's the point of watching this, they aren't even playing" and being asked even more frequently if we can change it to Muppet Babies.
  8. I can't believe any orginization would want to separate themselves from all the goodness online message boards bring out in people.
  9. That they kind of like the offensive skill group on this team? I am very interested in how Gase can mesh them all together. The offense is full of pass catchers at basically every turn. Certainly should help Darnold. So I'm optimistic. What of it?
  10. HawkeyeJet

    Is Bosa the right fit for us at 3?

    His friends just call him "The Constrictor"
  11. HawkeyeJet

    Ty Montgomery visiting the Jets

    Make me an Angel, that signs Ty Montgomery. Make me a roster of old Norris foes. Just give me one JAG that I can hold on to. To believe in this franchise is just a hard way to go.
  12. Since you used Clark as the point of reference, once these 2 get drafted, Iowa will be tied with Miami for the most TEs drafted since 2003. If both go in the first round as expected, Iowa will be tied with Miami in 1st round TEs produced since then. So yeah, I'd say they have just as much stake to that claim as anyone.
  13. HawkeyeJet

    JetNation 2019 Mock Draft DISCUSSION

    Cowboys select Chris Slayton DL Syracuse @BroadwayBen otc
  14. I've never been so confused as when they played Pantera for Darnold and Enunwa to "model" to. Did they expect those two to stage dive? They had no idea what to do.

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