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  1. HawkeyeJet

    Is Terrele Pryor a little beotch?

    It is what it is. Pro athletes have ELITE reactionary skills, that's what makes them different, among other things, then the general world population. I have a very hard time believing he "mistimed" it that poorly. Whether or not he intended to wreck his knee is certainly debatable. To each their own.
  2. HawkeyeJet

    Is Terrele Pryor a little beotch?

    Uh, no. You ask 100 players, 100 players will say that is as dirty as it gets. It's one thing to go low on someone, it's a completely different thing when they aren't even looking in your general direction. Keller has zero chance to do something to avoid a destroyed knee.
  3. HawkeyeJet

    And the 1st QB goes down

    A thread title including "Non-Jet QB" would have been better on my heart 😀
  4. They have a clinical word for it. It's called optimism, TomShane. It might take some getting used to it.
  5. HawkeyeJet

    That's Mr. Williams to you Leonard

    I'm not. I'm simply asking you, since you value those practice results so much, as to what you think a "stud" pass rusher would produce in 100 opportunities. Obviously you know the answer if you know that Leonard Williams was "neutered". I'm just curious to what that number is.
  6. HawkeyeJet

    That's Mr. Williams to you Leonard

    That's not your point exactly. Your point exactly is spend money on a great pass rusher like Khalil Mack who also didn't do sh*t against Trent Williams. If you don't think Williams is as good as advertised, so be it. How he did against Trent Williams in situational practice drills is trivial. Just out of curiousity, if Trent Williams lined up against say Von Miller 100 times in the same drill(or one on one in a game) how many times do you think Miller "gets the best" of Williams
  7. HawkeyeJet

    That's Mr. Williams to you Leonard

    Trent Williams completely shutdown Mack last year. Trent Williams hasn't allowed a sack since Week 6 in 2016. Trent Williams has allowed the fewest QB pressures of any OT since he entered the league. If you are drawing conclusions about Leonard Williams for not "winning" his drills against Trent Williams, your opinion should be taken very lightly.
  8. HawkeyeJet

    Ben Braden - Zone Blocking

    That is kind of the common thinking, but in my opinion, finesse isn't really the right word. I will go to two examples I know extremely well in Marshall Yanda and Brandon Scherff. Those two guys are about as physical as any guards you will ever find. Absolute sh*t kickers. But they thrive in zone schemes. Zone blocking is more about synchronization than anything. Agility, especially lateral, is likely slightly more important than brute strength, but you still have to be strong and powerful. Maybe that's what finesse is and I'm just splitting hairs.
  9. HawkeyeJet

    Jets Training Camp - 8/12

    Moses is a 6'6" 335 lb OT. What a flower.
  10. HawkeyeJet

    Caption this photo

    "Man, that blonde in the 4th row"
  11. One thing I noticed watching the game and the reaffirmed watching this video, specifically the Waldorf catch, but Bates sure seems to know how to scheme guys open. In the past, I was never confident we could do that.
  12. Had nothing laterally as in he had no lateral quickness?
  13. HawkeyeJet

    Game Observations (ATL)

    I'm very happy for Bridgewater. If you didn't know the story, I doubt anyone would watch him and think he is just 2 years removed from a near career ending injury.
  14. HawkeyeJet

    How good would Darnold look?

    The Eagles are not the first or second best pass blocking OL in football. They just aren't. They gave up 36 sacks. That's nothing to write home about. I don't get how the Eagles OL is getting all this publicity as some sort of elite unit. I digress. The Jets OL isn't going to be an elite unit by any stretch. If they can run the ball well, and utilize the play action and boot game well, they can be serviceable in a WCO passing game.
  15. Watched the game late last night. Not gonna read through 33 pages, but I imagine the following have already been touched on. Both QBs looked really good. It's a strange feeling. I personally thought the RBs looked good. Neal Sterling might be a player. Shepherd looked impressive. Speed on both sides of the ball throughout the roster is better than I can remember in quite a long time.