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  1. Dou you think it matters at all that Mahomes and Watson both went to teams that made the playoffs the previous two years and Jackson goes to one of the best franchises in the league? Is it possible that if Darnold and any of those 3 change spots that the results of either team would not be drastically different?
  2. This is probably the most reasonable and sensible way I've seen the subject approached.
  3. Only every sports message board under the sun. I am guessing you knew that. To think this type of stuff is limited to Jets fans is silly.
  4. It legitimately is a blessing in disguise. At least Maccagnan won't be the one picking out skill players and OL.
  5. Part of that is true, but something in the Jets formation or play calling sequences was giving up these roll outs rolling right. The amount of times Baltimore blitzed a slot DB or OLB into those plays was uncanny. That's advanced scouting at it's best by Baltimore or self scouting at it's worst by the Jets. Either way it doesn't speak well of Gase's ability to adjust.
  6. Here is my 100% honest assessment and outlook on Sam Darnold. I'm trying to be as objective as I can be. This might get long and some may repeat things I've said previously. I've wanted to write this for a few weeks even if no one wants or cares to read it. In my opinion Sam is naturally polarizing at this point because his game is so esthetically memorable. His good plays and stretches are better than any Jets QB I can remember since becoming a fan as a kid in the early 90s. On the flip side, his bad is just head scratching bad. I am to the point where I watch each game now with an underlying sense of nervousness that he's going to make that cringeworthy interception. I pretty much accept it that its going to happen. I don't particularly like that feeling, and I try not to think that way, but it's a result of previous outcomes. Overall, I think Sam's positives outweigh his negatives, even though his negatives are more eye popping. Sam's biggest hindrance is his decision making. I personally don't think it's an "intelligence" issue from the stand point of reading defenses etc. I actually think Sam is good at reading coverages. What I don't think he is smart at is processing the risk of certain plays. Sam has to learn that not every play is worth extending. Not every play is going to be a plus. Sometimes a sack is better than risking a throw etc, etc. I think it's naive to think that Darnold will ever completely rid himself off that issue. The good news is he can still become a very good QB even if he doesn't. As long as those plays come fewer and father between, he'll be fine. I certainly think that is possible. Some may consider this an excuse, but I think as the roster gets better (hopefully) around him, that helps limit these as he won't feel as much pressure to "make plays" as others will be making plays too. Just general maturation will help to an extent as well. Everyone like to compare Darnold to people. I don't know how to best frame this, but the player I see most is actually Eli Manning. From a physical tools standpoint they are very different. However they both have that polarizing Jeckyl and Hide thing. At their best, they are very very good. At their worst, it looks like a train wreck. The question is could you handle a more mobile Eli Manning the next 10 years?
  7. Was the Smith "miss" where he slowed down(let's be real, he completely stopped) the same drive where Sam threw the pick? Just curious, as there seems to be a bit of a pattern developing(in my recollection at least) that some of his most inexcusable turnovers come after a big play near Miss.
  8. Did this guy show up about the same time @Maxman said Hackenberg was coming back? I don't have the time or wherewithal to track if new posters are just old posters coming back under new names.
  9. I think it should also be noted that Sam shut his *** down too. Was not having any of it.
  10. I think I saw him say something about "you and your f***ing full head of hair".
  11. If it makes you feel better, Robby told him he'd nut in his wife's eye if he didn't sign it.
  12. Overall how do you think he played today? That int was absolutely brutal. I've gotten to the point where I'm waiting for that play or a similar play to happen every game and I don't like that feeling one bit . Outside of that, he played better than I was expecting against that D.
  13. If I weren't so lazy, I'd go find out the % of pass plays NYJ runs on 3rd or 4th and 2 or less. It seems as a huge number skewed toward pass.

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