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  1. Do you ever fact check anything you say? "Well before"? He played exactly 1 year in Seattle without the rest of the Legion of Boom. 1. His rookie year as you state. As you mention he picked off 5 passes and forced a fumble. Is that dominant? Could be. Certainly wasn't well before and was definitely not after it collapsed. And as far as the Ravens go, yes, Ed Reed was flanked by studs his entire tenure. In any given season he had any of these 2 guys on that defense often times 3. Ray Lewis, Peter Boulware, Terrell Suggs, Chris McCallister and Haloti Ngata. That's not counting any of the very good players on that defense over his tenure. I like you as a poster, I really do. I think you are very knowledgeable but you let the hyperbole take over sometimes.
  2. Ed Reed and and Earl Thomas played on 2 of the best defenses in the history of the league. They may have produced no matter what talent was around them, but they were surrounded by studs their entire careers. Washington had a top 10 Defenses 2 of the seasons Taylor played, and we're in the top half of the NFL in a 3rd. Hardly awful.
  3. What Dan Orvlosky doesn't know is that surrounding talent doesn't mean anything. Or so I've been told.
  4. That's fair. His in air ball tracking seems to be an issue, I can get on board with that. Some of that, in my opinion, is because he seems to want to light someone up given the choice of that or going for a 50/50 ball. I think his default setting is attack the player rather then the ball. He obviously prides himself on his physicality, so I suppose I shouldn't assume that would ever change even if he was asked to do something differently. FWIW I think Ed Reed ran a 4.57 forty. I have my reservations about paying Adams as well. It's certainly not on the first page of roster building 101. But there are many ways to skin a cat, as they say. I'm more worried about his desire to be a cog in a prolonged turnaround. It's obvious he wants to win. Most people want to. I don't necessarily see him caring much about building something though. I don't even know if that makes any sense. I just think he's a very good player who doesn't get the credit he deserves, but part of that is his own doing because he's an abrasive personality. Gun to my head, I don't think I'd pay him just because I don't think he's committed to turning things around. I wouldn't have thought that would be an issue 2 years ago. He's got that Kevin Durant vibe to me. He wants to win just so he can put that check mark on his personal resume.
  5. I don't believe that 1st part is accurate. He blitzed 71 times in 2018, and 90 last year. That's the only years pro football reference charts for that metric. I didn't look at every Strong Safety in the NFL, but looked at at least 10 and looked at all the other top end players at that position and not a single one reached 71 blitzes when combining his 18 and 19 totals. I think only 1 exceeded 60. There are many Strong Safeties that don't blitz 20 times in a given season. I do agree that he has bad hands, but this notion that his athleticism is part of the issue is a bit perplexing to me. I often see people say he's not Ed Reed or Sean Taylor or even Honey Badger as a player, especially statistically. That may be true, but athleticism isn't the reason. All of those guys tested very similarly to Adams. No one is going to change your view point on Adams and that's fine. I'm not even necessarily trying to change anyone's opinion of his importance, but I do think the notion he has ever played the "traditional" SS role is inaccurate. I'm not saying if you let him sit back in coverage all day he'd be pulling down INTs at the rate of Ed Reed or whoever else, but I do think his role impacts his traditional stat line probably more than his athleticism does.
  6. Honest question to whomever cares to answer: Does anyone think that if the Adams played in a more traditional SS role in a defense that relies heavily on Zone coverage, whether it be Tampa 2, Cover 3 or Quarters, he would still have issues raising his interception totals to that 4-5 a year range that appears to be an acceptable level? Or another way to look at it, is it a lack of ball skills and instinct that causes those numbers? Or the role he's deployed in?
  7. So if you cover someone so we'll the opposing QB doesn't throw it your direction, that prevents you from being on the list? This response has nothing to do with Jamal Adams. Just seems quite odd for a coverage indicator
  8. If the Jets were a GIF, they'd be this. A memorizing, graceful disaster.
  9. I can't recall which Adams thread I posted this on, but this seems to be the most active current one so adding this here. I mentioned a week or so ago that the 4-2-5/3-3-5 with the hybrid Safety/Linebacker has become huge in college football to counter modern offense(Air raid more specifically) but hadn't gained as much acceptance in the NFL yet. I also said that it would eventually and whoever goes all in on a scheme like that may very well value players like Adams a ton. Well my assertion about the likelihood of that defense coming to the NFL seems to be coming true, per below. Does that mean the Browns would be interested in Adams? I don't know. But if I were Greg Williams and the defensive roster is the same at training camp as it is today, I'd give a long hard look at this as my base defense.
  10. Here's accurate and honest. I know a lot more about zone blocking schemes than you do. A lot more. I don't care that I do, nor do I think it's some badge of honor. I don't care how much or how little any person knows regarding football schemes. It isn't a requirement as a fan to be able to know what schemes are used and why. What I do care about for is when someone like you tries talking down to people when they are clearly full of sh*t.

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