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  1. Caitlin Clark is the best player in college basketball male or female. By a country mile.
  2. I like Moore the player, but cabt say I’m surprised. The outbursts last year, justified or not, made it hard to envision him here long term. Recouping a 2nd I’m guessing is getting sent to GB. I’m sure some of this has already been shared, some of us have to work
  3. This might be the greatest week in NJ history. Between FDU, Princeton and Rodgers, it’s gotta be up there. If Bon Jovi announces a reuinion tour the state may explode like a supernova.
  4. I’m not saying they are a blue blood, but they are certainly in the next tier. Purdue Basketball has a pretty storied history, just can’t win the big one. I doubt Painter is going anywhere but there are certainly Purdue fans ready to move on. Iowa fits your description far more than Purdue and it’s about 50/50 on whether they should fire their coach.
  5. Man the Big Ten just continues to disappoint every March. The sooner the conference as a whole moves on from the ultra slow, ultra physical, outdated brand of basketball the better.
  6. Let’s get this back at the top of the board. Many reasons to celebrate today on this board
  7. If you could buy financial stock in a player, I’d feet a 2nd mortgage to buy as much GW stock as I could. He’s about to be on the Justin Jefferson/Chase level. Next year he starts carving out his own HOF career. I legit believe that.
  8. Suck my ****, Wisconsin! AR12 and Hawkeyejet are riding!!
  9. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. I’m preparing to syphon all my past vaccinations out of my system in anticipation of my new football throwing Svengali.
  10. How many f’n Iowa State players do I have to root for?
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