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  1. I have a text string with a few of my cousins and uncles, all Bears fans. Game days get pretty spicy. Here is a snippet from today. Sound familiar?
  2. So I have had the kids (7,4,1) by myself since Thursday. First time I’ve done this. During that time my baseball team got knocked out of the playoffs, the Jets got boat raced by the Pats and Wilson got hurt. If I die in my sleep tonight, you are all dear to me. That said, I wasn’t able to watch a second of today’s game. Injury aside, did he look better at all? Any nice plays? Any oh god plays?
  3. I am afraid of this as well. I think there is at least some anecdotal evidence that shows that either sitting a young QB, or at least not throwing him into to learn immediately on a really bad team, is a very good strategy and vice versa is at best a crap shoot.
  4. That’s incredibly impressive that the Dr. was able to pretty much nail it just from watching the video.
  5. My hope is it’s a relatively minor thing. Maybe miss 3-4 weeks and reset the brain and sit and learn. I do think Wilson is far from a lost cause at this point, but it’s been clear he needs some time to learn while the bullets aren’t flying.
  6. I haven’t been able to watch today but saw the hit on Twitter. I don’t care about anything else. That has to be called, especially when you see what else gets called on QBs. Absolutely dirty play and a potential season ended. Saleh better light the league up after the game. Get fined as much as it takes.
  7. I have a good feeling about our chances today. Probably shouldn’t but I do. May even have a bowl of clam chowder for lunch. I’m that confident.
  8. I only know/knew Cynthia Frelund from her NFLN work as the voice of analytics/numbers etc. I see her pump out a lot of Jets content on Twitter too through the Jets official handle and usually with a tricked out Jets fan room in the back ground. Is she an employee of the organization too or just a fan?
  9. I was considering watching it. Glad you shared this. Save myself the time.
  10. That Penn St Illinois game was just the dumb, dumpster fire type of game that makes college so great. I couldn’t help but wonder two things when watching. 1. How badly Bielema was thinking about missing his lunch by going that long into OT 2. How many times Iowa would have tried to punt for field position purposes in the do or die two point OTs
  11. Just watched the original Halloween last night for the umpteenth time. It still holds up, if you enjoy the genre. More than holds up.
  12. This is an incredibly interesting post to me and might start me down a research path on something I’ve wanted to look into for awhile. I believe, but haven’t researched yet, that a good portion of GMs who are considered “the greats” either historically or currently have far more stinkers for drafts than acknowledged. I think fans assume the really good GMS are building teams through great draft year after year with, but I think most modern NFL juggernauts are built off of a singular great draft, then smart FA signings and a few hits in future draft. This Newsome snapshot makes me th
  13. The part I enjoy this particular troll job is that while he is discussing Twitter, his user name is the same type of format as all the people who try to convince me the earth is flat, the moon landing is real and the government killed JFK. They also include some more recent choice conspiracies that I won’t discuss for fear of getting the thread locked before it goes through it’s own natural progression of being locked for being another lame troll post.
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