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  1. Andre back in his prime was lean an mean and athletic in his own right as well.
  2. That's what a coffee cup looks like when I hold one.
  3. Calm down. For all the nerve hitting you did earlier, I am a bit surprised at the sensitivity of your response.
  4. I can't say how much I appreciate your contributions to the board. I cannot say that enough. However, this post and your previous post about the "narrative" seem to be a large part of the issue right now surrounding this topic. Are you really not aware that this is still possible to test positive even after vaccination? Or what exactly are you implying here? Because to the general passer by, it appears you are implying that you aren't aware the vaccine doesn't completely eliminate the ability to catch the virus or that it somehow diminishes the usefulness of the vaccine because of tha
  5. I for one love discussions where 90% of the participants on either side of the debate don't know nearly as much as they think they do, but are easily angered about it. Wait a minute, Covid discussions are really just Sam Darnold discussions wrapped in a different package.
  6. New York Nice. Who knew such a thing existed. Glad to know you aren't all tough guys and jerks like I was told East coast people are
  7. Linderbaum is very, very good. Iowa has produced some very good centers over the Ferentz 20 year tenure and I'd say Linderbaum is the best of all of them. First and foremost he is a technical savant. Lots of Iowa OL are pretty advanced in technique but Linderbaum is another level. That's not my opinion(though what I do know about OL technique I'd agree) that's from people in the program. I wasn't going to lead with that because I didn't want it to take away from his athleticism because he is an elite athlete for the position, at least at the college level. He will be plenty athletic
  8. Both this year and long term Quentin Nelson. Becton, AVT and Nelson. Get the body bags. The play action game of those maulers moving earth would be.....
  9. Maye is good. I'm ok not paying him long term. I feel like I've had this conversation before.
  10. Zach's floor is obviously Jim McMahon. BYU grad. Shades. Funky like a monkey. It's science.
  11. Gonna be even more weird now when he starts eating hot dogs in between snaps.
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