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  1. I'm not defending Macc, and I haven't read this thread but I'm sure there are posters who said they knew Hunt would be a star. That said, threads like these are dumb. Yes Macc passed on him, so did every other GM in the league, twice(for all intents and purposes). The Stewart pick is a crappy one because Stewart is crappy.
  2. 8-10 for 93 yards. 1 interception.
  3. Just think how good he could be if 1/3 of his shotgun snaps weren't awful.
  4. HawkeyeJet

    Thursday Night Football Eagles-Giants

    Lots of things are apparent to me watching this game. Jets are a lot closer to being good than the Giants. Coaching is still the most important thing in this league. Good coaching can make Decent talent look good, and bad coaching can make good talent look awful.
  5. HawkeyeJet

    Any Nathan Shephard sightings?

    Not that that anyone cares nor does it mean anything overall, but he absolutely blew up 1 run play last week. Not sure if it resulted in a TFL or not but he destroyed the RT(I believe) and was in the backfield in a blink.
  6. 8 QBs hit that mark last year. Only 5 hit 4100 or more. That's a helluva floor.
  7. HawkeyeJet

    Ereck Flowers

    I actually think Flowers best fit could be at Guard in a zone scheme. He's athletic enough, especially for a guard. You could maximize his run blocking abilities(his strong suit, if he has one) and minimize his issues in pass protection by putting him in a phone booth where his size and reach could help overcome his bad footwork.
  8. HawkeyeJet

    Anderson and Crowell

    I think some do. I also think a large portion think that anyone who shares a positive view of any aspect of Macc is defending him and saying he is great. That's what I was bracing for.
  9. HawkeyeJet

    Anderson and Crowell

    I will probably get killed for this, but that's ok. I think Macc is very good at the "Pro scouting" side of things, or finding good fits around the league or good finds late in the draft/UDFA. Crowell, Anderson, Henry Anderson, McClendon, etc. His drafting however, needs to be able to hit some home runs soon. Maybe that's where Heimerdinger comes in.
  10. HawkeyeJet

    Aggressive on both sides

    I'm not defending him at all. I want him gone ASAP. That said, I don't agree that they didn't play with balls. The first TD to Anderson was on 3rd down in their own territory. The conservative thing to do is run a route to the sticks and hope you can convert. At worst you punt. The 2nd TD to Anderson was on first down when they were already in FG range with a lead, and had been running the balk down their throat. They went for a haymaker and landed it. Im not saying he was a river boat gambler pulling out all the stops, but someone on that staff opened things up way more than they have before, against a team with a beast pass rush and a pretty good secondary. I am not anointing him by any stretch, nor am I saying he can save his job if he keeps it up. I just thinks it's way better for Darnold's development when the coaches don't play scared.
  11. HawkeyeJet

    Aggressive on both sides

    We should see next week. Usually a coach will get back into their comfort zone as soon as possible. You didn't say or imply this, but just making it clear that this is not an endorsement of Bowles or me saying if he keeps improving, retain him. I just think playing with balls like they did today helps Sam's growth way more than the ultra conservative crap.
  12. That was the most aggressive game plan/game I think I can recall under Todd Bowles. Especially on Offense, but really both sides. It makes a difference. Obviously it puts pressure on your opponent, but it allows your players to go out and play. Keep I think up, Todd.
  13. HawkeyeJet


    Wow Pryor. You make that catch?
  14. HawkeyeJet


    That's why Darnold will succeed. 20 yards down field busting his tail. Gets a block and springs 10 more yards.
  15. HawkeyeJet


    Hey Vance, you needed that FG regardless pal. He might get canned before Bowles.

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