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  1. I’m sure not new to anyone, but Ken Burns “Civil War” is the gold standard for documentaries for me. I’ve never found one I liked more and I’ve watched a lot. History is my favorite genre, but also enjoy a good sports, true crime, mystery or human nature documentary as well.
  2. She’s still Jenny from the block, after all.
  3. Here is my take on the Wilson segment. 1 . Physical talent is undoubtedly there. 2. Processing undoubtedly is not, but may have shown progress. 3. Wilson relied far too much on instinct and didn’t have a plan of attack. Especially when blitzed. I think the overarching thing with Wilson is this(in my opinion): 1. If last June you thought Wilson was the type of QB who was capable of coming in and being an advanced QB as a Rookie(see Mac Jones) this podcast and situation with Wilson should make you very nervous we selected another bust. 2. If last June you thought he likely shouldn’t play last year, or at least not early, this podcast should give you reason to be optimistic. The things they say Wilson struggles with the most are largely things he simply never dealt with before. Maybe he never will be able to deal with those thing. It’s possible those things never develop but it does give me a glimmer of hope that his strengths from college are still translating and hopefully he can learn the rest the more he sees it.
  4. I listen to Tice and Mays often. I enjoy their show. I’m writing this specific post as listening. I just finished the Lawrence segment and will be moving onto Wilson in a minute. I’ll say this about Lawrence, for the most part they say he stunk, but everything was his surroundings fault and his biggest negative is he tried too much to elevate his crappy team. To be fair, they did say ALL of the QBs discussed outside of Jones played for very bad teams. That may be right, that may wrong, but I’ll be surprised if others get that treatment where the biggest blame is their surroundings. There is a weird protection of Lawrence for whatever reason. I could be wrong though. We shall see as I listen to the rest.
  5. Ah the belly button outtie stage of pregnancy. When the Mrs asks you if she stills looks beautiful around this time, do not mention how weird the outtie belly button is. Honesty has a price.
  6. One Jets Drive Come October:
  7. If Zach is even borderline effective, I’m talking Kirk Cousins peak level QB, he’ll have that city by the short and curlies.
  8. Per Carl Lawson. My favorite past time is Reading way to much into spring quotes.
  9. Who cleared this to be put on Twitter? This is what my mom thinks a good deep ball looks like
  10. The greatest trio since TLC, imho.
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