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  1. People might not hope he fails, but there are certainly some people that would enjoy saying "see I told you" if he fails just as much as they'd enjoy seeing him succeed. I am not saying you are one of them, but I'm sure there are. There are people like that in literally every fan base on the planet.
  2. HawkeyeJet

    Jameis Winston Suspended 3 Games

    Quite a few people. This may have still been the JI days. There was one guy/kid in particular that was an FSU Student or Alum that was especially a hardon. Sent me private messages all the time to try and talk sh*t. Even followed to the Hampur site if I recall. I distinctly remember multiple saying the only reason he wasn't in the same breath as Luck was race. I argued it was actually because he sucked.
  3. HawkeyeJet

    Jameis Winston Suspended 3 Games

    Can't miss prospect, they said. As safe as Andrew Luck, they said. I'm an idiot for not agreeing, they said.
  4. Madden can suckle on deez nuts. I'd be more upset about this if I wasn't already upset about how the game has continued to suck for nearly a decade now.
  5. randombonermeme.jpeg
  6. HawkeyeJet

    Jets minicamp - Day 1

    I think it's great. If he's truly capable of it, then that would indicate he's come a long way with the mental part of the game.
  7. HawkeyeJet

    Old School Football Games

    Tecmo Super Bowl. No need for other posts.
  8. HawkeyeJet

    Happy Birthday Duane, aka StoolSprayer

    That's awesome. I am a huge wrestling mark. Was he someone a wrestling fan would know? If that's off limits no big deal. So now I know, don't trifle with Duane.
  9. HawkeyeJet

    Happy Birthday Duane, aka StoolSprayer

    I'm not calling the guy out, just trying to get the cast or characters around here.
  10. HawkeyeJet

    Happy Birthday Duane, aka StoolSprayer

    Who the **** is Duane?
  11. HawkeyeJet

    Duke Johnson Contract

    I understand the hammering of Jamal Adams more than I do of Crowell. And I don't understand the Adams hate at all.
  12. That really is a fun question. I say 2.
  13. This thread feels like some sort of elaborate trap.
  14. HawkeyeJet

    Jets tweet out naked player

    It doesn't look like a hail ravished sack of yogurt, so it's not mine.
  15. HawkeyeJet

    Jets OTA’s June 5th, 2018

    I played college baseball. I got a DWI when i was a freshman. It's not something I'm proud of. Actually quite embarrassing. Anyway, I did not miss a single practice. I missed several games. And ran until I puked for about 2 weeks. I would have laughed in my coaches face if he walked up to me and said we are suspending you for X amount of practices. Then I would have thanked him and went to play video games. Missing a practice isn't a punishment.