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  1. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    Snaps from center last year? Mayfield 43. Darnold 41. That's not even getting into the discussion of how snaps from center is hardly an accurate gauge of how "pro style" a certain offense is or isn't anymore.
  2. Just a show of hands...

    I am not a big Darnold fan, but I acknowledge my opinion/analysis could be completely off base. I just want some fresh blood and a glimmer of hope at the position, all 3 give that, so any of them will be fine by me.
  3. Swing in to eastern Iowa and pick me up then back track the 7 hours to Detroit then I'm down.
  4. I have a work function. So that's the downside. Free booze and food is the plus side. So I'll be watching it with whichever coworker sits down at the bar next to me.
  5. Poll Darnold vs Mayfield

    Technically he's both an OU and UCLA QB. Now what do we do?
  6. I will say this, i will support whoever it is like there is no turning back. I'm just excited for some fresh blood at the position. I have my preferences, but if it's Darnold or even Allen, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt until they prove they aren't the guy.
  7. Mayfield and Rosen. I just don't believe Darnold will be good. It's nothing more insightful than that. I don't know for sure Rosen or Mayfield will either, but fairly positive I don't trust Darnold. Everyone talks about accuracy being something you can't fix. I also believe dumb throws usually aren't either.
  8. 2018 Road Trips

    I will be going to Chicago for sure. Going with my brother and a handful of cousins who are all Bears fans. I'm kicking around the idea of Detroit or Cleveland too. Probably not likely, but considering.
  9. Baker Mayfield and the AIQ test

    Ah the old look at my track record post. A timeless classic. NFL draft season bay-bay! Catch the fever.
  10. Full Schedule Released *Spoilers Inside*

    Chicago 10/28 here I come!
  11. MNF usually has 2 games on the season opener, one east/Midwest and one west coast. This might mean a 6:00pm start. Also, MNF ain't the crown jewel slot any more. That's SNF on NBC. So it's not that crazy to pick this matchup. New Coach for Detroit, potential Rookie QB for Jets. There could be a certain level of intrigue.
  12. Poll Darnold vs Mayfield

    It's pretty simple. Because he's "small" and a former walkon. Of course no one is going to pump him up early in the process because he lacks the "prototype" size to be the top guy. Guys like him have to prove they can Ball. Guys like Darnold just have to put together a string of good games and let snowball take it's course because it's familiar. Hell, go back and look at "scouting world", both media and amateur on sites like this after Hackenburg's Freshman year at Penn State. It happens all the time. Why was Carson Wentz never talked about as a potential Top 5 pick until like December of his Senior year?
  13. Poll Darnold vs Mayfield

    To be fair, you could easily make an argument that lots of people who want Darnold are basically ignoring he wasn't very good at all this year, simply because they got on the train early and don't want to jump off. Im not saying you in particular, but I think that's the case for some. I know you think it's ridiculous, but I think there is a very real view that outside of height, and probably mobility, Mayfield has the edge in the rest of the "usual" check boxes.