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  1. Call me a sucker if need be, but some of these tweets today seem to really take this saga to a new level. I also may be taking a huge leap here, Easterby seems like the type that would be seriously butthurt that Watson can't stand him. Which makes it seem more likely that Watson will eventually get out simply because Easterby's ego won't allow someone who questions him be around.
  2. If you look at some of the absolute best QBs of the last 20-30 years, a lot of them didn't play meaningful snaps as a rookie. Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Mahomes, Rivers all sat. That's a pretty impactful list. Now there are others were successful who did not sit, Manning, Wilson, Watson, Big Ben(and I'm sure others.) I think, at minimum, it shows sitting can help development.
  3. I like Fields more than most. I don't watch film so to speak, like some others do here. I just go by watching games on tv(and rewatching etc). So I feel more comfortable talking about guys I've seen a lot. Fields has huge upside, in my opinion. I think he probably has the biggest upside of any QB in the draft. That said, he certainly has some bust potential. When I say he reminds me of this person or that person, I don't necessarily mean I expect him to be the same caliber player as that person, just has similar physical tendencies, mannerisms or things like that. The thing with Fields in my opinion(and this really applies to any young QB, but especially Fields this draft) is if you expect him to start next year day 1, what are you going to be able to do to simplify the game for him while not completely taking away his ability to make plays. This is what I think was done poorly in Darnold's development. It's just a guess on my part, but I always got the impression watching Darnold play that he spent more time worrying about what he shouldn't do than anything else. I think that is crippling. I fear the same thing for Fields. Can someone find the balance with him to allow him to grow and get comfortable with NFL defenses while not making him overly worried about making mistakes? Easier said than done.
  4. You probably get mocked because you seem to care very much whether or not people take you seriously.
  5. Man the Bills have a lot of combustible dudes. Everything was copacetic this year, but if things aren't so smooth next year it could get really interesting.
  6. If that is a pass, it should also be intentional grounding. He's out if bounds when he throws, so it does not reach the LOS and the nearest receiver is 10 yards down field.
  7. Bills D isn't good enough. Have to be able to at least slow the Chiefs down. Bills D is average in my opinion, which is surprising because there is a lot invested on that side of the ball.
  8. I cannot recall a team being on the fortunate side of so many self inflicted wounds as the Bills have been this post season. Each game the opponent has made 2-3 back breaking unforced errors. Crazy.
  9. Aaron Rodgers didn't take over as Packers starter until he was 25. This is the 3rd "cycle" of Packers teams he's been a part of, at least. The Packers window has been open for 12 years(yes many more if you include Favre).
  10. So Salguero has no sources. Neither does Matt Miller though. That's the beauty of stories like these. No one from the Watson camp would ever actually come out and confirm any of this one way or another. So from Salguero's side, if he gets traded and it's to the Jets(which would have been one of the few reasonable destinations to begin with) then he looks great when he likely never knew to begin with. From Matt Miller's side, just say the opposite, because it's still probably the most likely be doesn't get traded to begin with. You can always say "things changed" or whatever down the road as needed. These are the type of " rumors" that are easy to make up, because there will never be any confirmation one way or another.
  11. Precisely. It seems as though some folks are comparing Deshaun Watson the sure thing vs 4 future 1st rounders that all are sure things, which most likely will not happen, even for the best GM. Plus, you are taking the biggest crapshoot out if the equation.

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