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  1. I would love to read/hear otger Parkers of the McCarthy era viewpoint on this situation. McCarthy has taken all the heat publicly from fans and media, but I don't think I've seen many players/former players say much. I'm not advocating for McCarthy or anything, I just have to believe it's not quite the clear cut blame most think it is.
  2. HawkeyeJet

    Brandon Shell

    Here's my opinion. Most people sharing an opinion(myself included) on Shell likely don't have a real basis of opinion because A) No one watches the OL from around the NFL, B ) has any idea what they are looking at even if they do watch it.
  3. I could easily see the Raiders beating the Broncos next week for the following reasons. 1.). It's the last home game for the Raiders in Oakland. The Black Hole will be an absolute insane asylum. 2.) The Broncos might be on the verge of phoning it in on a coach who might be on the verge of getting fired. 3.). The Broncos just aren't very good.
  4. HawkeyeJet

    49ers, Cardinals, Raiders, and Falcons

    Niners win! Jets up to 3. Move ahead of a team with very similar needs.
  5. HawkeyeJet

    Sunday NFL Games thread.

    Anyone else see that run by Tevin Coleman? If the Jets signed Coleman and used the rest of the money to upgrade the OL and WR, I would not be sad. Cabt be an every down back, I don't think at least, but he is electric.
  6. HawkeyeJet

    Brandon Shell

    Just for comparison, Conklin for Tennessee tore his ACL in the 2nd rd of playoffs last year(Jan 13) and missed the first 3 games this year. Hopefully it's just an ACL. Well hopefully there are no tears at all, but an ACL alone wouldn't be the worst news.
  7. HawkeyeJet

    Brandon Shell

    It would all depend on what is all damaged. If it's just an ACL and they can get in there in a week or 2, regular season isn't unreasonable for an OL. If it's more than an ACL, you are probably right.
  8. HawkeyeJet

    Brandon Shell

    Bowles said he's having an MRI today but "doesn't expect him back any time soon." I'm guessing ACL based on how he went down. Hopefully can be ready for next year. I also agree he is a solid player.
  9. HawkeyeJet

    Who should be the new General Manager?

    If Macc gets fired, one name I would like to see her an interview is JoJo Wooden of the Chargers. He was with the Jets forever and was let walk under Izdik and has been Tom Telesco's Director of Player Personel since 2013. The Chargers have drafted incredibly well over that time frame. Just one name I'd like to see. I don't think Macc is getting fired though.
  10. I'd like Mooch to expand on what he saw out of Watson. I saw a guy that can't progress in his reads, holds the ball too long and has a stud WR make plays for him all night.
  11. Jets staff in a nutshell there. Biggest 3rd down of the game, you single up Wibters vs JJ Watt.
  12. Watson is actually kind of awful. Hopkins makes him appear slightly above average.
  13. If you have an erection that lasts for 4 or more hours but didn't take a Cialis, just watched Sam Darnold play QB, should you still call a Doctor? Asking for a friend.
  14. That was a terrible spot on the McGuire run. Shorted him by like 2 feet.
  15. Ah **** it. If he keeps dealing, I'm just gonna go crazy and worry about the draft in April.

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