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  1. This thread is a bust. He's an undrafted free agent rookie. He is absolutely incapable of being bust.
  2. Man, not sure I can buy that Fant has been bad argument. I think he's been ok at worst. Today alone I've seen mutiple posts about McGovern, Van Roten and now Fant all being bad. So 60 percent of our line is bad, our LG is probably no better than any of those guys(except Van Roten maybe) but yet our line has played "ok" to date. Something doesn't add up.
  3. It's not. If you want the actual draft order based on the actual tie breakers used, used tankathon.
  4. The main problem I see with JD is most of our fan base wanted or thinks everything to be immensely upgraded essentially over night. People complain about McGovern and Van Roten individually while apparently ignoring the OL has played much better this year than last. While installing 4(yes 4) new players. Do people not realize how incredibly hard that is? He improved an entire unit in one off-season. Most of the complaints I see about Douglas come across as people upset he didn't build a playoff contender this year. Was that his goal? Should he have sold out all resources to be better this year and ignore the fact the entire roster needed overhauled long term?
  5. "Hey look at me! I made this post in the game thread but it's obviously such a good thought I have to make an entire thread out if it. It didn't get the traction itn the game thread I thought it should, since it's clearly a great post! "
  6. If you are looking in a vacuum and thinking JD was trying to assemble a playoff contender for this year and only this year, then yes.
  7. The thing that really pisses me off the most about Gase is it appears to me(and I may be wrong) that Gase approaches this situation with Darnold as though Darnold ruined Gase's career and it's basically saying sink or swim pal. You screwed me over so I'm taking you down with me. Darnold may have never been the answer. I had huge doubts about him leading up to that draft. But, as I do, I threw my full support behind him because that's just how I am. And he showed flashes of things I thought were elite level stuff, but he hasn't been able to shake the really bad plays. But I firmly believe Gase believes that there is one way to run his offense, the way Peyton Manning did, and that's what he has asked Darnold to do. And since Darnold hasn't done that, Gase has given up on him and certainly will not change the offense to suit him better.
  8. He's a bust and won't be successful here. I won't be one bit surprised if he goes elsewhere and is a solid starting QB withing a few years. I believe both of those things.
  9. I'll say this right now. If the Jets do end up with the #1 pick and take Lawrence, he shouldn't play a down next year unless they can add about 5-6 solid contributors on offense in the off-season. Can't just pick a QB and expect them to turn things around just because.
  10. Gase giving carries to "his guys" Gore and Ballage while Perine collects dust is just a middle finger to just about everyone associated with the Jets.
  11. The worst part about this entire season is in a year where we all need a break from the grind, the Jets are just absolutely unwatchable. They have zero interest points. Darnold (whether you believe he ever was going to be good or not) has been absolutely ruined. He has zero chance to bounce back from this. Our old GM and Current HC are about the most inept duo in NFL history. Anyone that might be worth watching and offering a glimmer of hope is injured. This sucks.
  12. You and I both know Gase has never coached OL or OL technique in his life.

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