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  1. I hope not. WR is the last spot any team should spend big money on.
  2. Kiper's Mock 2.0 (2/21)

    Looks like Mel agrees with my assessment of James Daniels. The thing I don't like about mocks like this is you can't have all 3 of the Jets, Broncos and Browns taking a QB. Cousins will be with one of them.
  3. Sign KAP???

    I respect and even sometimes enjoy good subtle trolling. This overtly obvious, high volume stuff is neither funny nor clever.
  4. Some other ideas at Center

    It's hard to compare him to someone. He is insanely elusive. But he's not extremely fast. I would guess he'll run in the 4.5s. He's very skinny for an NFL RB, but he actually does ok between the tackles. That won't be his NFL role obviously. He has great vision, but is hesitant too often. His ability to juke defenders is as good as I've seen watching college football the past 2 years. Barkley is obviously a different animal, but when it comes to "breaking ankles", I haven't seen anyone better than Wadley. He can catch the ball, but Iowa doesn't run a lot of "routes" with him. Just dumps offs and go make a play. He won't be your everydown guy, but if he gets with a team who uses him like the Bears use Tarik Cohen, he will make plays. I personally think he goes Rd 4, maybe even 5 if he runs bad.
  5. Some other ideas at Center

    I don't want to derail the thread and make it about Iowa guys, but I actually think all of Iowa's draftable guys would be excellent fits for us,except the highest rated one, Josh Jackson. . Josey Jewell fits better in 3-4 at next level in my opinion, and would be a perfect compliment to Lee. Tough, hard nosed tackling machine who will test better than most expect. I love Akrum Wadley as a change of pace later round back. His ability to make people miss is 2nd to none. Not a burner, but he makes people look silly. Sean Welsh is basically Brad Slauson in my opinion. He might go in the later rounds because he's limited athletically, but he will have a long career. A mauler.
  6. Some other ideas at Center

    Daniels is the most athletic interior lineman I have seen at Iowa. That's saying something, as Iowa usually has some damn good ones. Kirk Ferentz doesn't heap public praise on his players very often, but he raved about Daniels intelligence at multiple times in his career. He started as a True Freshman at Center in the Big Ten, running an NFL scheme, if that tells you anything. Not to toot Iowa's horn, but if anything, their players come ready made at the pro level, when it comes to knowing how to play. When it comes to the Jets particular system, it's essentially plug and play from Iowa. Same scheme from a rungame standpoint. His biggest pitfall is size/strength. More size than strength necessarily, but he can have issues with guys bigger who can simply over power him. A side note to that though is he is really young for his class. He arrived on campus at Iowa as a True Freshman and was still 17. He won't turn 21 until September 13 of this year. Point being, size/strength may not always be an issue for him. I'm biased, but consider my self pretty reasonable. I think he's the best player in the draft at C. Guys with his athletic ability at the position don't grow on trees. I said awhile back he might be an option in the 3rd. Not so sure he'll last that long anymore.
  7. My 10 Favorite Jets Players from my youth

    All I know is Al Toon is about 1-6 on my list.
  8. Seems logical to get worked up by a report that is obviously planted by his agent.
  9. Manufactured touches is the dumbest buzz term going today.
  10. CJ Anderson

    Hard pass. Just my opinion, but I'm not a fan of his.
  11. Does Reich Take A QB 3rd, FA or Luck?

    I have no idea on his QB intentions, but I do have a funny Frank Reich anectdote. Well really it's a funny(pathetic) HawkeyeJet anectdote. Back in the 90s in the cornfields of Iowa, young HawkeyeJet took a liking to hip hop music. I was probably 13-14 at the time, and didn't know what 90% of it meant, but I liked the beats. Anyway, when Hypnotize came out by Biggie, I was 100% sure one of the lyrics in the song was "Frank Reich push the six". I thought he was talking about Reich throwing a TD or something. I had no idea why or why Fran Reich, but I thought that was the lyric for years. It wasn't. Every time I see or hear his name I sing my version in my head and chuckle internally at myself.
  12. Josh Allen

    I don't disagree at all with your points on Jackson. I actually would be perfectly ok if they traded back to take him and got extra picks. The one thing about Jackson that is really encouraging to me is that his accuracy keeps improving. Allen has basically been the same, but Jackson continues to show he's getting better at that. And when you consider where he started at, and how recently, I don't think it's far fetched to say his accuracy could continue to develop and be at minimum, adequate in the NFL.
  13. Josh Allen

    Yeah. It's a real weird time. NFL was so resistant to adopt remotely anything close to a "college offense". No I think they are seeing they don't have a choice, because their aren't enough guys being capable of running their traditional stuff. I enjoy your viewpoints. Good stuff.