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  1. I can't see either of these teams hanging with KC. Only chance SF would have is if their pass rush completely takes over. GB would only have a shot if Rogers goes unconscious and carries them in a shoot out. I don't think either is likely at all.
  2. I'm all about nostalgia, so I like it. Not a commentary about the on field product of either team
  3. Watching these 2 teams play each other in the late slot of Conf Title Sunday makes me feel like I've time warped 25 years into the past
  4. We all know the OL needs a facelift first and foremost. After watching these playoffs this year, the Jets 2nd biggest need is speed, everywhere. We are ungodly slow as a team.
  5. Wonder how similar this Judon guy is Smith. Maybe they can correct their mistake in the off-season
  6. But you are the one interjecting that point. He hasn't said that he's not better than Darnold. I've never said it. Passing on Mahomes and drafting Adams very well might be a huge mistake. What I take issue with is that everyone just transforms the current version of Mahomes they see and assume that's the version of Mahomes that would be playing on the Jets. Even though EVERYTHING about his development would be different. Not only different, but worse. Worse coaching, worse team around him, worse hill to climb in his division, worse pretty much everything. Is it so unreasonable to think that stuff matters in a young QBs development? For those of us who think it does aren't saying it's the ONLy thing that matters, but the responses that we get are as if we said it was the only thing that matters.
  7. You are making very reasonable points. I've made similar statements and it just doesn't go anywhere. It's not an unreasonable notion that he's not a MVP and Superbowl QB if he went to a dumpster fire of a situation. That's very reasonable. That's not saying he wouldn't be a good player(and you aren't implying that) but some people think a great QB can just erase most issues. Maybe they can. I don't believe that, but I could be wrong. They can hide some issues no doubt
  8. Lost in all the Mahomes debate is Andy Reid has lead 2 seperate teams out of Superbowl droughts of 24 years and 50 years. He's pretty good too.
  9. I explained what I meant in responding to Jetsfan80 if you care to read it. I didn't mean you are making a snap judgement on your opinion of Mahomes. I just thought it was humerous that you gave someone the business for posting immediately after Mahomes made a a subpar play to kind of highlight their point, but then he makes an average play to a wide open receiver and you immediately chime in with "best QB in the league" post.
  10. Josh Allen is elusive? Watson has a strong arm? This over generalization is silly. To say all those guys are the same type of QB simply because they are mobile is extremely debatable. They are all mobile though, that is true. A lot of difference in all the players listed after mobility though.
  11. Doesn't it happen both ways? My point is for every person nitpicking his less than stellar plays there is someone exaggerating an average play he makes to accentuate how great he is.
  12. Isn't it sort of ironic you were scoffing at people making snap judgements about certain plays as it relates to overall performance of players and you make a post about how good Mahomes is immediately after he threw a TD to someone without anyone within 10 yards of him?
  13. Ok this is wild. That pivotal 3rd and short where the Titans were called for a hold, the flag was thrown immediately at the snap. Whatever he threw his flag for, he didn't call, and then someone on the crew went with a holding. The Chiefs are the better team, but this has been a very poorly officiated game.
  14. I think the actual lesson is Ryan Tannehill was never really having a career resurgence and could never be counted on to make meaningful plays even if few and far between.
  15. Some of these aren't even in tight quarters though. The last Mahomes scramble the DT blew past his guy and the OL latched on right in the open right by the QB and they don't throw it . But yes, against guys like Mahomes, middle rush doesn't do much if he can break contain instantly
  16. The Chiefs interior OL is holding like CRAZY and haven't gotten flagged once I don't think.
  17. Because everyone under the sun says "man how can you not love Patrick Mahomes".
  18. If nothing else at the end of that runs the Titan defenders had a chance to light him up and they went for the strip. The low odds of the fumble is not nearly as valuable as cleaning his clock.
  19. Romo is so smart he even understands cheesers in Madden
  20. Tyreke Hill might be the most unlikeable athlete on the planet.
  21. Possibly more career TDs than Green-Beckham(I have no idea actually)
  22. Damn I love watching lineman catch a football. They approach it like someone threw them a new born infant. Make sure to brace the impact as much as humanly possible.
  23. Make up call for that weak hold. Edit:. No make up. That was obvious. What a bonehead play by that defender.
  24. Chiefs OL getting away with lots of holding early
  25. That is a sweet design on that play to get Humprhies out of the backfield. Very slick.

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