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  1. What was Q's injury again? High Ankle or just a "regular" ankle sprain?
  2. So if you cover someone so we'll the opposing QB doesn't throw it your direction, that prevents you from being on the list? This response has nothing to do with Jamal Adams. Just seems quite odd for a coverage indicator
  3. If the Jets were a GIF, they'd be this. A memorizing, graceful disaster.
  4. I can't recall which Adams thread I posted this on, but this seems to be the most active current one so adding this here. I mentioned a week or so ago that the 4-2-5/3-3-5 with the hybrid Safety/Linebacker has become huge in college football to counter modern offense(Air raid more specifically) but hadn't gained as much acceptance in the NFL yet. I also said that it would eventually and whoever goes all in on a scheme like that may very well value players like Adams a ton. Well my assertion about the likelihood of that defense coming to the NFL seems to be coming true, per below. Does that mean the Browns would be interested in Adams? I don't know. But if I were Greg Williams and the defensive roster is the same at training camp as it is today, I'd give a long hard look at this as my base defense.
  5. Here's accurate and honest. I know a lot more about zone blocking schemes than you do. A lot more. I don't care that I do, nor do I think it's some badge of honor. I don't care how much or how little any person knows regarding football schemes. It isn't a requirement as a fan to be able to know what schemes are used and why. What I do care about for is when someone like you tries talking down to people when they are clearly full of sh*t.
  6. Maybe it's already been said, but anyone who thinks a "straight ahead, power runner" is the ideal fit for a zone blocking scheme doesn't know much about zone blocking based run game.
  7. I would love to see the league/tv networks amp up the on field mics, mic up players, coaches etc and have that be the sound of the game outside of the broadcasters. However I think that could potentially cause issues with giving away audibles and scouting type things for future opponents, so probably extremely unlikely.
  8. So can someone save me the reading time and tell me if the report is just a blog resharing the Meyers stuff from last week or is there new info I should go back and read. Yes I'm lazy, I know.
  9. The best thing about this from the OP is he's trying to Dunk on people by flexing his football IQ but doesn't realize he doesn't really have much.
  10. Had to wait to get 25% huh big spender? Pfft. I scoff at coupons. For peasants.
  11. Yeah. That is dumb. Trubisky in his 2nd year was better than Allen was last year. You could argue Trubisky wasn't even that far off last year to Allen and people are out on Trubisky but Allen seems to get a lot of positive reactions. There are a few other head scratcher placements in there too in my opinion. Wentz is not a bonafide franchise QB. That's the most ridiculous one of the list to me. Garrappolo as a rising star is a big stretch too.
  12. If that's your take then that's your take. I disagree. This isn't 1988 and he's not just a strong safety.
  13. Yes, I would say the closet comparison for a linebacker would be a 4-3 WLB. Anthony Barr type player, but that's not a great comp either. He plays all over the formation and us asked to do more things in coverage than LBs are
  14. Adams does not play anything resembling an inside linebacker and Polamalu was a strong safety.
  15. This is where I get tripped up with posts like this. Lots of solid thoughts here, but then branched out to stuff that doesn't make a lot of sense What doesthe depth of our ILBs have to do with Adams? I think you are implying that he plays a similar role to those two when down near the LOS, which is not remotely true. Then you talk about Ed Reed and Polamalu's position even though they played different positions and were not very similar as players. Then you talk about not signing a SS to a huge extension because you have a QB under control. That's exactly what the Steelers did with Polamalu. They signed Polamalu to an extension a year before Big Ben. Highest salary in the league for a safety at that time. Then the following off-season the signed big Ben and won a SuperBowl within a year or two. People get so definitive when talking about this situation, but reality is there are PLENTY of ways to build a championship caliber team. The only real concrete requirement appears to be Solid QB at minimum.
  16. There have been a lot of people on the side of don't pay Jamal and he's overrated for quite awhile and there are some who have joined that train recently now that it seems likely he will be gone eventually. I don't mind the OGs. Strong in your conviction and I can appreciate that. You all know who you are. Weak Sauce by you Jamal Come Lately's. I'm guessing you all know who you are too.
  17. Solid vet backup. I mean come on. No one should dislike this. Good fit for him in his career. Probably should have been a backup 5 years ago, but that's Baltimore and Denver's mistake not ours.
  18. Sone players can. Can they play it as well as Adams? Can they play it within a reasable level of Adams that the cost benefit favors them over Adams? The Jets might not even value that position. They might value it greatly. All of things are unknown, but an important part of the debate. I think the Jets drafted Davis hoping he could so they could move on from Adams as needed, or Maye at minimum. I won't pretend to know lots about Owunasor, but nothing I've read indicates he can play outside and cover from the slot.
  19. If you look at the trends in college football defenses implemented to stop modern offenses, the position being created or added is a hybrid Safety type player who can cover multiple positions from down near the line while still provide strong run support. Not to make everything about Iowa, or imply they are special or know more than anyone else, but it's what I know. I see them practice. I see their coaches teach defense. Within the last 3 years, Iowa has switched to a base 4-2-5 defense from a 4-3. They stayed in their 4-3 85% of the time but we're forced to change their identity to keep up with modern football. Iowa coaches will say without question the most important position on their defense is their "Cash" position. The position I describe in that first paragraph. It is the most versatile player on the field. This position or defensive philosophy hasn't been really implemented/accepted in the NFL yet. The NFL took awhile to accept college offense, so it's no surprise it is taking awhile for the defense to adapt. It will adapt though, and in few years the safety position may be viewed entirely different. The question for the Jets is are you willing to bet on that? I can understand their reluctance. It doesn't make sense to pay Adams based on NFL football circa 2018. It might(and might not) make a lot of sense circa 2022. Some NFL team will be the trail blazer to try something new on defense, that is certain though. Whoever that team is will probably be very interested in Adams.
  20. I think the positional argument is tad overexaggeratedated. In my opinion, simply my opinion, as the NFL continues to evolve more and more to the spread offense, RPO, Mobile QB dominant landscape it seems to be heading, players like Adams will become more valuable, not less. Just my 2 cents.

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