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  1. Russell Wilson

    You provide exactly one state, and that's your proof? The fact that you bring up the SBs is precisely my point. The Seahawk D and running game are much more responsible for those than Russell Wilson. Wilson Career 64.4% Completion 7.9 YPA 99.1 QB Rating 1 TD per 17.9 Attemps 1 Int per 51 attempts. Cousins 66.0% 7.8 YPA 95.1 QB Rating 1 TD per 21.3 attempts 1 Int per 41 attempts. Yeah big difference there 🙄. Not that they are similar in the running ability, but Cousins has 12 Rushing TDs in about 1.5 seasons less of playing time. I'll stand by my statement. One of those guys played an some insanely good teams. One guy has played with mostly marginal/bad teams. One is considered elite by most people, one is basically considered an after thought and fluke. Weird.
  2. Russell Wilson

    How so? The way Wilson is talked about, especially in this thread, is that he is among the elite of elites. I'll ask you to tell me why should be considered that. Russell Wilson's numbers are incredibly similar to Kirk Cousins when you account for the differences in attempts. Yet hardly anyone considers Cousins legitimate, let alone an elite level QB. Cousins has never played anywhere near on teams as talented as anyone of Wilson's Seahawk teams. So what is absurd about it? Being overrated doesn't mean he's not good. The fact that he's considered elite while people who produce similar stats are considered after thoughts is the definition of overrated.
  3. Russell Wilson

    Russell Wilson is the most overrated QB of the last 10 years.
  4. Wit him the remaining schedule and the quality of the other teams at 4-6, I'm guessing we wind up picking 6-8.
  5. Like I said in my post, Winston is fine, I just don't think he's ever going to be great. Too much inconsistency. Doesn't appear to learn from his mistakes. Just my opinion, could be wrong.
  6. To each their own. I respectfully disagree. I think physically, Darnold is not anything overwhelming. Ok arm strength, loopy release. I honestly think trying to project QBs is a pretty impossible deal anymore. I think a lot of the success falls on coaching more than anything these days.
  7. If I was a GM, I'm taking Rosen before Darnold.
  8. Big Ben, Brett Favre, Cam Newton. That's 3 fairly recent off the top of my head.
  9. Darnold reminds me of Jameis Winston. He's good. Everyone knew he was good from very early. They played in Pro Style systems. So the hype train got going early. And then as they progress through college, they start showing some sketchy decision making. They still have those plays and extended stretches where they look like they are a slam dunk. But then they keep making the same dumb decisions more often than they should. All that aside, he's still very good and ultimately will go #1 overall eventually(most likely) and it's not a reach by any stretch that he should, but just like Jameis, something tells me Darnold will just always be not quite the answer. Both still have time to grow out of the issues they have, but i just don't trust either of them to be a truly elite guy.
  10. Give me Mayfield. I want to take the guy who just wins and does all those small things. I want to take a chance on a that model for a change over a guy like Darnold or Rosen who have the "prototype" this or that, but just always kind of underwhelm. Id be fine with Jackson too. Great drive by Rosen, though.
  11. I don't know the answer to that. I would like to think not nearly as good as most of us think. In my opinion, I think a lot of us undersell the importance of how player X fits into Scheme Y and that makes the Big Board discussion a harder. Especially after the top of the draft. The talent gap between a 3rd and 5th rounder can often be negated by getting the player into a system that suits them best. I think that's harder to identify than most people think. I guess where I'm going with the long winded answer is that saying, see 3rd Rounder Joe Doe we all wanted who is playing well for Philly doesn't necessarily validate anything, because they might not do the same thing for a different team. Mac certainly has left questions how good he is, I agree. I just tend to think he's done better than he gets credit for.
  12. Breer On Josh Allen

    People are dug in deep on Darnold. Literally everything about his game has regressed, yet few question him. I don't get it. The only thing I know for certain about QB evaluation is too many QBs are annointed the next big thing way to early.
  13. No, dumb people( I have no idea if you are or not) tend fail to see he's somewhere in between. He has not been great. There have been some bad picks, and some bad moves. There have also been some good picks and some good moves. There are also some picks that are viewed by the fans as worse than they are because the fans wanted something else. He certainly has reasons for doubt, but he doesn't get credit for basically anything he does.
  14. Ah the extremism of message boards. God love it. Mac is terrible! Mac is great! I'm smarter than you, because my opinion is different!!
  15. I find that odd. They had zero scouts or front office personnel when he played at Iowa this year, I can 100% validate that. Not saying the Jets aren't interested because of that, but there were LOTS of teams in attendance that day.
  16. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    I understand a lot of the complaints about the roster, but I don't understand why people always clamor for a "big time" WR. The list of SB champs in recent history includes a lot of teams without an elite #1 receiver. I think there could be an argument made that is the most overvalued asset in pro football.
  17. Here is where I struggle with PFF. Brandon Shell is a prime example. I've seen more than a few "smart" football people I trust praise him for an above average job this year. However, PFF rankings rates him fairly poorly. My amateur scouting eye says he is an OK RT, nothing special. I think OL play is really hard to gauge, especially in a system like PFF uses.
  18. So each day more and more off field nonsense comes out on the NFL and the on field product is at about s low of a level as I can remember. I ask myself quite often, why do I still watch? NFL games are incredibly boring, and all the fighting between the League office and owners, or owners and players, or players and league office is non stop. I don't really know why I do, but I still do and more than likely will continue to. However, I think the NFL is a lot more vulnerable than people ever could have imagined just 5 years ago.
  19. QB or I’m done

    Well for one, in my opinion it's about coaching more than anything. The Rams turnaround is a byproduct of McVay much more than it is Goff. If you don't see a difference in how offenses are being played then I guess we don't see things the same. The running game is becoming much more featured again, in my opinion, because that is the easiest way to mask the decencies of these QBs coming from these college offenses where they are asked to process so little. The Cowboys didn't and aren't building "around" elite Dak Prescott, the Texans didn't and aren't building around Deshaun Watson. The Eagles didn't build around Carson Wentz. These teams had already built the core of their teams, and added the QB in as the last piece.
  20. QB or I’m done

    I know I will get blasted for this one, but I am seeing(or at least I think I am) a shift away from the "elite QB is the only formula" in the NFL. It is slow, but adjustments are being made. Not saying having an elite QB is going to suddenly hurt a franchise, but I think the NFL is starting a philosophy shift again.
  21. Time to see if Petty is Ready

    That's a valid point about the system I hadn't really considered. I was less than impressed with Petty last year, but maybe another year of seasoning and a system that might be better suited to his strengths and who knows.
  22. Time to see if Petty is Ready

    Ready for what? He's already shown he is not a long term option.
  23. Wish I had the answer. I don't. Sacks are the only thing to look at, unfortunately.
  24. If only there were other measures of productivity. Unfortunately, there aren't.