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  1. No, thankfully. My dad told me once there are two things that make life much easier to deal with as an adult. Good neighbors and good in laws. Luckily I got decent draws in those departments, because I think my dad was right.
  2. Maybe I’m out of the loop but or missing and inside joke but I’m fairly certain the OP is having a legitimate very difficult time. If so, come on. That’s not particularly funny.
  3. Might look something like Lawson Quinnen JFM Johnson Moseley(or other LB) Reed Hall Carter Sauce Whithead(in the box?) Joyner/Pinnock Not bad. At all.
  4. Well to be fair, that football player was a walk-on whose main duties are holding for extra points.
  5. I’ve been calling him Mekhi this whole time. And his name is Merged. Man do I feel stupid.
  6. Coaching at its simplest is teaching. The best coaches and teachers understand that most people will never quite understand the concept as good as they do, but understand how to make sure their subjects absorb as much as they can. People learn differently. The absolute hardest thing for coaches is finding that fine line of teaching people everything they can absorb, without overloading them. This could be your typical off-season fluff piece. It could easily be a true look at into some revelations the coaches had about Zach’s point of information overload.
  7. 50k for a guy making 6 million a year is equivalent to a regular working American making 60k a year dropping 500 bucks for a dinner. Can they afford to? Most likely. Is it a inconsequential amount as some are suggesting? No. That said, I would imagine things all balance out in the end, or close too it.
  8. I’m legit trying to watch 5 episodes of take flight tonight, that’s where I’m at on the off-season enthusiasm scale. Hope is a helluva drug
  9. He looks like a damn Grizzly Bear. That used to be a good thing for a football lineman.
  10. Fun topic. QB Tom Brady-Patriots QB Drew Brees-Saints RB Barry Sanders-Lions RB Jim Brown-Browns RB Fred Taylor- Jags WR Larry Fitzgerald-Cardinals WR Andre Johnson-Texans WR Randy Moss-Vikings TE Tony Gonzalez-Chiefs TE Kellen Winslow-Chargers LT Anthony Munoz-Bengals LG Larry Allen-Cowboys C Dwight Stephenson-Dolphins RG Bruce Matthews-Oilers/Titans RT Forrest Gregg-Packers DE Reggie White-Phi DE Bruce Smith-Bills DE Dwight Freeney-Colts DTAaron Donal-Rams DTWarren Sapp-Bucs DT Joe Greene-Steelers Edge Lawrence Taylor-Giants LB Ray Lewis-Ravens LB Dick Butkus-Bears LB Luke Keuchly-Panthers CB Darrelle Revis-Jets CB Deion Sanders-Falcons CB Darrell Greene-Commanders S Ronnie Lott-Niners S Earl Thomas-Seahawks P Shane Lechler-Raiders K Jason Elam-Broncos
  11. It’s funny, that’s always what I thought Reiff was best suited as in the NFL, even when he was in his prime. However, He was always good enough to be adequate or slightly above adequate at LT though so that’s where he spent the majority of his time. Had he spent his entire career at RT, I think he would have been “better”
  12. Because he’s a bad mother f*****. That wallet in Pulp Fiction was actually gift from Herky to Jules.
  13. Would be a home run depth signing. He’s an average starting tackle any more, but that would make him a superb back up. Where did he play college ball?
  14. Plus pretty sure it got Wesco in the wiener.
  15. All I wanted was a plum with red on the inside.
  16. Granted it’s Week 2 of the preseason and you can’t really say it’s flexed into the spot, but you are reading the post aren’t you? Seriously though, that will be just about the time I’m going crazy for any tangible football reports, so will be nice to have it on MNF. I think week 2 is now the most snaps starters see as well.
  17. The Lightning have won back to back cups, so Tampa does have multiple titles in same year. Also Rays have won AL pennant twice. 08 and 20. Pittsburgh has done it twice with two different combos. Once in 70s Steelers/Pirates once about 15 years ago with Steelers/Penguins.
  18. In theory, what Lee was supposed to be is where the NFL has ended up at LB. Turns out he just stunk.
  19. Not everything is an excuse. It’s his explanation of events in his eyes. People fall back on the term excuse way too frequently.
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