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  1. I think you nailed it here. I think this is a big part of the equation is overlooked. I think this year brought two things. A correction to the mistakes they made with Darnold and a real lack of information about draft prospects as the draft went on. So I think what happened is that JD made a clear decision that we will do everything we can to insulate Wilson with players we really believe in early, and we are comfortable using draft assets this year to do it. Then next year when the draft/scouting process is back to normal, you'll see a more broad view to team building than you
  2. I find it a bit odd/interesting that Douglas basically had a draft that most all Jets fans have been screaming to have for nearly 20 years, but gets quite a bit of flack about how he went about. Douglas appears to have nabbed solid OL and offensive playmakers early and lots of folks don't like he traded to do it or didn't trade back down or thought player X would have been available later or better etc.
  3. Lots of arguments about could have had this OL plus that OL later that would be way better than trading up for AVT. That may be true, it may not be true, but it seems to get ignored at OL more than any other position that scheme matters. Jenkins is the most common name I see, but he's not a a great zone blocking prospect. So by taking Jenkins the Jets would be gambling on two things. 1) Jenkins can play Guard and 2) He can produce in the zone scheme even though his traits don't necessarily point to that being the case.
  4. The minimum is he's a forth string H-Back that doesn't make the team and pisses people off that he even got a shot. This signing isn't even justifiable for the Jags. The absolutely best case scenario is he's a dollar store Taysom Hill.
  5. Am I the only one astonished someone who isn't a Jets or AFCE rival fan would say the Jets are their least favorite team? That's like me saying I hate the Seattle Mariners or Washington Wizards. I didn't think the Jets were relevant enough for people to hate.
  6. Here is a similar clip from a few years ago from Darnold. Similar drills. One thing stands out to me. Darnold seems to have cement feet compared to Wilson. Might very well mean absolutely nothing, but the contrast is stark.
  7. We still do it occasionally. Not tbe wife's favorite but I still enjoy it.
  8. See here's the thing about this whole argument and then I'm done cluttering the thread with uniform debate. No one outside of Jets fans think the old uniforms were classic or iconic. Cowboys, Steelers, Raiders. Those are classic, iconic uniforms. The people I know in the Midwest identify the Jets moreso with the 70s/80s green helmet uniforms than the White helmet Namath ones.
  9. I'm not sure but I think this may have already been discussed.
  10. I love the helmets. Huge upgrade from a white helmet like half the league. I'm indifferent non the green tops, bit the white tops with green pants are awesome. Even if I actually didn't like them, I would still find a way to say I did because so many people want the old ones, which Jets fans think are classic but no one else makes that association or holds them in any sort of regard.
  11. I usually get excited about draft picks, so I obviously oversell all of their futures, but Moore just feels like he's going to be a huge hit in New York. I think he's got the personality and a skill set/home run ability that are going to make home a huge fan favorite.
  12. Lots of complaints about the uniforms, but the Jets helmets are awesome. Top 5 in the league.
  13. I said this in another thread the day after the draft but that seems to be a common thread with the guys the Jets drafted this year at CB. It was hard to find much/any info on some of them, but athletic and do well when the play is in front of them, much worse when the bey have to turn and run. Obviously that sounds like a fit for our scheme, would be great if one of these hit.
  14. Hopefully he surpasses Nick Folk as the best #2 in Jets history.
  15. The best thing about Keenan Cole is that he's probably WR5 right now. Not that long ago he'd likely have been #2 if not #1 some years.
  16. The other thing that I've noticed is that Douglas and now Saleh want the Jets to live up to their team name. The influx of speed and athleticism over the past two years is very apparent. That's not a unique thing just to the Jets, but for years we had been more slow, plodding, methodical type team. That can work too, the Patriots have made it work for 2 decades, but I'm looking forward to seeing Gang Green flying around both sides of the ball.
  17. Was thinking about this the other day and I'm not really sure what to expect so wanted to see what others thought. As of right now the Jets roster has 5 backs I think someone could make a reasonable argument that would be part of the regular rotation in Carter, Coleman, Perine, Johnson and Adams. Obviously not all 5 will regularly get carries. Most NFL teams average about 20-25 runs a game. I'll guess the Jets with a rookie QB will be closer to 25. What are everyone's predictions? If I had to guess today I'd say Carter will get about 10-12 a game and Perine and Coleman bo
  18. I'm out the game too. Going on 10 years out. I don't even remember what it was like in the game and pretty sure I'm never going back in even if I get released.
  19. There are some people on this board who probably would still be excited if the Jets signed Calvin Johnson tomorrow, but know for certain Mosley is washed up. Call me crazy, but a few years off at a position MLB might not be the worst thing in the world. He'll be 29 when the season opens. I think it's still realistic he has a few high performance years left.
  20. What an odd move. 93 straight starts I thought I saw today. Still have a hole at tackle now.
  21. But your example is that Fields could recall details of plays Nagy told him about. You don't see how that is different from Wilson telling the Jets coaches here is everything I remember about this play that is about to happen. You say all QBs could remember the same exact level of detail. That is 100% false. You have no idea what Justin Fields could recall about a 2nd and 6 play against Indiana in the 2nd quarter. You don't know how much or how little he could tell you. The two situations you are comparing aren't the same. I can with 100% certainty tell that some QBs, even very good D1
  22. But it's not a catch phrase. And you don't actually know. You are making assumptions based on one article you read on Sportsnaut. You said every QB could do what was described in that article. I can with 100% certainty that I've witnessed SEVERAL Power 5 scholarship QBs that could not do it. Even one that was an NFL draft pick. People are going bonkers because you are trying to tell everyone how you are right about something that you don't actually know about. You also seem to ignore the difference between reciting what someone told a player and a player recalling something w
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