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  1. Well, get Duane Brown in tomorrow or hit the trade market. Or time for Max Mitchell to shock everyone except T0mShane
  2. There’s a longer clip out there where this whole sequence starts with White purposely letting a ball hit his chest plate first then catching the ricochet. He’s calling for round 2 and Zach ups the trick shot magic.
  3. One of the bigger “learning” items(imo) from Zach last year that was a big contributor to the fewer turnovers was using his legs to get yards instead of for living throws. That seems to be continuing and encouraging.
  4. Nania from another site made a good point too regarding this. The “100” yards includes almost no YAC because the players generally aren’t being tackled. A few of those plays had potential for quite a few extra yards.
  5. I will say this. Maury doesn’t need me sticking up for him, but he knows his stuff. Just because he sees a play differently doesn’t mean he’s a hater or wrong.
  6. I see you already got a million responses so I won’t pile on, but that’s not what I see on this one.
  7. Here’s the Davis drop. Yeah that’s a bad drop.
  8. This guy is what I imagine most of you are like in real life. New Yorkers that is. And it is great. If this board had a son who ended up getting drafted by the Jets, this is exactly what I’d expect them to be.
  9. Corey Davis drops were a problem last year and so far early in TC seem to be a cause for concern. He needs to clean those up or he’s going to lose snaps either to Mims or get squeezed out in favor of heavier TE packages.
  10. If Wilson comes out the first two drives against the Ravens and goes 7/9 for 53 yards, 20 yards rushing, a TD and 10 points, there isn’t enough pant cloth in the country that will conceal my excitement
  11. Waukee is a great town. If I were to move out that direction, I’d be choosing the western suburbs as well. Waukee has exploded(at least in Iowa context) in the past 10 years or so.
  12. I guess that depends on what you are used to and looking for. If you want a smaller version of bigger US metropolitan experience, likely the only option is the Des Moines metro area and to a lesser extent the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City corridor. Crime , for the most part, is not even something I really think about, even in the two bigger areas of Des Moines and Cedar Rapids. Outside of very isolated areas within each of the actual cities themselves, there is very few areas where I’d say are “rough”. However if you want to get out of that type of vibe and want more small town/rural America vibe there are all sorts of options that with the basic build of towns of 3k-10k with a handful of fast food and pizza restaurants and maybe a few local restaurants etc with more options like Des Moines and Cedar Rapids within an hour. Any where you chose would be within a short trip of “outdoor” life like rivers, lakes, so on and so forth. I grew up and still live I. The eastern part of the state. About and hour from the Mississippi River. I grew up in a town of about 3,500 people that had and moved to Cedar Rapids after college. I could live back in my hometown and would be perfectly fine, but even living in Cedar Rapids, which I’m sure feels like a podunk town to some, is night and day from those rural small towns. I’ve always though that outside of the arts, more specifically actual art studios and live theatre, you can for the most party get everything in Des Moines or Cedar Rapids you can in bigger metropolitan US areas, just not in the same abundance. But you can also go down a river in a canoe and see some breath taking bluff’s etc more easily here than I’d assume in those places.
  13. That’s awesome, Lith! Family is what kept me in Iowa all these years. Happy to hear you will be close to your growing group, congrats. My in-laws live in Waukee so we make it that way often. I live in Cedar Rapids. I’d put October in Iowa against any month, anywhere. A lot more natural beauty than outsiders know and I’m my opinion the best weather. Sweatshirt and pants, crisp but not cold. That’s football to me. I know you aren’t unfamiliar with the area but I think most are pleasantly surprised with the things to do in that area. Welcome to Iowa! You now can legally say: “Is this Heaven? No it’s Iowa.
  14. I would agree. He never beat Iowa, just like his overrated coach Matt Campbell, but he’s got all the tools to be the best offensive skill player this franchise has had in about 20 years.
  15. Trevor Lawrence not playing tonight to avoid answering why he’s not as good as Zach Wilson. Coward.
  16. I was probably 3 or 4 years old at that time, obviously too young to actually have memory of it, but I can hear the call in my head as you type it. It’s that iconic of a call that I know it by heart even though I’m too young to remember it happening live . Awesome stuff.
  17. The term goat is thrown around too much in today’s world, but he truly is the greatest sports broadcaster in history. A true icon. As a Dodger fan in the middle of Iowa and I stayed up until 1am local listening Vin call games dang near every night for a decade until he retired. I did not realize until reading tributes this morning he also did pro football games back in the day. By all accounts one of the nicest human beings you could ask to meet.
  18. Get those *** damn cool mist fans off the sidelines. Heat stroke or not, I want to watch clear cell phone practice videos damn it.
  19. I’m going to add that seeing the end of practice 3 and Outs by 1st team Offense included two runs for a total of zero yards really chaps my ***. That’s supposed to be the biggest strength on offense vs the biggest weakness on D and in crunch time the OL gets slapped in the face.
  20. Probably get their lunch money stolen daily. Discuss
  21. That Moore bomb from Zach….thing of beauty. That’s the pro day throw that everyone salivated over. Except in pads and live action. If you tend to favor optimistic interpretations of pretty much meaningless stuff, you could definitely say that it’s positive that some of the “traits” are starting to transfer to real situations.
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