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  1. And just like that the thread is over. I'm not saying this to anyone in particular, but your insights on COVID or BLM aren't so insightful they need to be shared in every thread that can be connected to those issues.
  2. I didn't know until just now that he has a "No pain No Gain" tattoo on his neck. Would think someone with that mantra would be a little less afraid of contact when trying to make a catch.
  3. Sorry I've already trademarked the name Hogs in the event Iowa ever gets an NFL team. It's a nod to our agricultural history and our female fan base.
  4. If the Jets were forced to change their name for whatever reason, what are some New York(or non New York) type nicknames that would fit? Maybe a better question would be what names would you submit for a naming contest?
  5. So I'm vaguely aware that this is a thing, but I haven't dove into that rabbit hole yet. I can't even wrap my head around how this would even start as a theory. Now I'm gonna have to go read on it and get bent out of shape that people believe it.
  6. Blair Thomas. His name gets overshadowed in Bust discussions, but he's the most disappointing to me, partially because he sucked in Tecmo.
  7. 77 and 11 fit Becton and Mims perfectly in my opinion. Not that Becton could have had 73 here, but that just didn't fit a giant LT in my head. Mims with 11 also just is about perfect. I don't know why,it just does.
  8. For those who care about such things(I do, don't know why) Player Number Josh Andrews 68 Pierre Desir 35 Josh Doctson 18 George Fant 76 Joe Flacco 5 Brett Maher 2 Connor McGovern 60 Patrick Onwuasor 51 Breshad Perriman 19 Ross Travis 43 Greg Van Roten Player Number Mekhi Becton 77 Cameron Clark 72 Ashtyn Davis 32 Braden Mann 7 Denzel Mims 11 James Morgan 4 La'Mical Perine 22 Jabari Zuniga 92 Player Number Lawrence Cager 1 George Campbell 6 Domenique Davis 61 Jared Hilbers 79 Bryce Huff 47 Lamar Jackson 36 62
  9. I hereby dub his new nickname Jamalcontent. He's Jamal. He likes to create content. He's a malcontent. He's Jamalcontent.
  10. I heard the interview the other day and also thought, that seems to be the most reasonable report I've seen to date. Then I realized that if Adams got injured tomorrow and never paid another down of football, he'd be walking away with 22 million dollars for his career. When I remembered that tidbit, I realized someone in Adams camp finally realized how crappy they are looking in this scenario and gave this story to lighten the PR hit a bit.
  11. I played Baseball, basketball and football all throughout High School. I golf now recreationally but am lucky to break 90 most rounds I blew my knee out my HS senior year of football and blew out my shoulder in college baseball and that was the end of my competitive sports days. Now I blow out my patience every time I golf. Sports are grand.
  12. I don't know. It depends on the draft pics. Would you say no to this collection of draft pics?
  13. Wow this thread so far is an eye opener in a good way. A fandom of black sheeps!
  14. Nope. Bears. My dad's entire family is Cubs fans in baseball and he's the lone Dodgers fan, so although he's never said it, I think he appreciates my Jets fandom when everyone else I know are Bears fan. He did love Namath though. My dad was a teen during the height of Namath's fame and my Dad loved his rebellious nature.
  15. I wonder how much of that has to do with Darnold being perceived as the face of the franchise. Normally I'd say that would be silly but with Adams, anything appears to be possible.
  16. But instead of being at football practice those other students could be inside a crowded bar, or at a movie theatre or the endless other high risk situations that exists. The thing is those kids at the bar aren't likely going to be tested every few days like football players are. I'm absolutely 100% on board with proceeding with caution, but i think it's silly to think that these huge money programs will have less capacity to test, trace and isolate than the average population, especially an average population of 20 year old college kids. If they can have kids on campus, going to class in person, and have all the neighborhood bars and restaurants open to the community, the football player doesn't offer any more risk of spread than any other average Joe on the street.
  17. How often do you think the average college athlete "goes home" in a given season?
  18. He looks like what the actress would look like playing his mom in a Chunky Soup commercial
  19. I think this is the normal part of the internet. I don't want to know what the odd part is like.
  20. Did not anticipate ever seeing something like this, but I laughed so had to share. Samantha Darnold would be getting a fake number from me, that's all I know.
  21. My take based on his list of teams is Adams wants to go to teams that have zero building to so he can potentially win a championship because he thinks that's what is best for the narrative of his personal legacy.

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