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  1. 1 minute ago, RutgersJetFan said:

    The great irony of LA having the first stadium to be fully equipped with 5G is that half the god damn town thinks it's being used to brainwash them into vaccines. 

    So I'm vaguely aware that this is a thing, but I haven't dove into that rabbit hole yet.  I can't even wrap my head around how this would even start as a theory.  Now I'm gonna have to go read on it and get bent out of shape that people believe it.

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  2. For those who care about such things(I do, don't know why)

    Player Number
    Josh Andrews 68
    Pierre Desir 35
    Josh Doctson 18
    George Fant 76
    Joe Flacco 5
    Brett Maher 2
    Connor McGovern 60
    Patrick Onwuasor 51
    Breshad Perriman 19
    Ross Travis 43
    Greg Van Roten
    Player Number
    Mekhi Becton 77
    Cameron Clark 72
    Ashtyn Davis 32
    Braden Mann 7
    Denzel Mims 11
    James Morgan 4
    La'Mical Perine 22
    Jabari Zuniga 92
    Player Number
    Lawrence Cager 1
    George Campbell 6
    Domenique Davis 61
    Jared Hilbers 79
    Bryce Huff 47
    Lamar Jackson 36





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  3. I played Baseball, basketball and football all throughout High School.  I golf now recreationally but am lucky to break 90 most rounds

    I blew my knee out my HS senior year of football and blew out my shoulder in college baseball and that was the end of my competitive sports days.  Now I blow out my patience every time I golf.  

    Sports are grand.

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  4. Nope.  Bears.  My dad's entire family is Cubs fans in baseball and he's the lone Dodgers fan, so although he's never said it, I think he appreciates my Jets fandom when everyone else I know are Bears fan.

    He did love Namath though.  My dad was a teen during the height of Namath's fame and my Dad loved his rebellious nature.

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  5. 1 minute ago, choon328 said:

    The other students aren't banging their heads into other people and getting saliva shot into their faces for 3 hours once a week and everyday in practice. So yeah, they're more at risk. 

    But instead of being at football practice those other students  could be inside a crowded bar, or at a movie theatre or the endless other high risk situations that exists.

    The thing is those kids at the bar aren't likely going to be tested every few days like football players are.

    I'm absolutely 100% on board with proceeding with caution, but i think it's silly to think that these huge money programs will have less capacity to test, trace and isolate than the average population, especially an average population of 20 year old college kids.  If they can have kids on campus, going to class in person, and have all the neighborhood bars and restaurants open to the community, the football player doesn't offer any more risk of spread than any other average Joe on the street.

  6. 10 minutes ago, choon328 said:

    There's 33,000 students at Iowa. All it take is 1 infected football player to easily infect 10% of the student body bc of how fast Covid spreads.  How many college kids who aren't athletes go home? How many professors and Iowa University employees would be at risk? The players will not be in a bubble.  They will be going to class and dorms with non athletes

    Are athletes more at risk than any other student?  

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