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  1. I'll give one last pre combine submission.  This one almost feels like I said take OL no matter what, but really for positional needs and value the way this particular draft unfolded, I had too.  I could have went Lamb at 11 here, but had to snatch up Thomas.  I'd take this in a heartbeat.




  2. 2 minutes ago, pdxgreen said:

    Meh.  We got 36 rec/433 yards out of Demaryius Thomas in a similar type of deal.  I'd rather role the dice on an unknown that the Jet's scouted well this close to the draft. 

    It's one thing to say acquire Jeffrey and forgo drafting a WR in Rd 1-3 because of it.  I would not be in favor of that.

    If the question is simply would I rather have Alshon Jeffrey or a WR with the exact pick needed to acquire him, I'll take Jeffrey every time.  

    The odds of finding a starting caliber player at any position in RD 6 or 7 is very slim.  

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  3. 11 minutes ago, Eaton Beaver said:

    If you want to be in these conversations and give your opinions, then you tell us how many standard deviations away there are, or just stay out of the conversation. Otherwise your opinion is mute if you have to rely on someone else to explain your argument.

    Moot.  Might as well just turn this thread into a donnybrook of message board etiquette.  

  4. I actually think you could make a very reasonable argument that it isn't a pass happy league anymore.  It's still a QB driven league, but I do think offenses are shifting away from the pass happy game plan of 5-10 years ago.

    Look no further than the two assumed best young offensive minds in the game in McVay and Shanahan.  Both of their offenses are predicated on running the ball and indiscernible play action passing.  Add in the heavy use of too and zone read around the league, I'd argue modern offense is more centered around the run game than it has been in 20 years or more 

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