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  1. Probably get their lunch money stolen daily. Discuss
  2. That Moore bomb from Zach….thing of beauty. That’s the pro day throw that everyone salivated over. Except in pads and live action. If you tend to favor optimistic interpretations of pretty much meaningless stuff, you could definitely say that it’s positive that some of the “traits” are starting to transfer to real situations.
  3. One of the things I’m most of ashamed about in life is that after 20 some years on message boards like this, I still can’t tell whose opinions are “true” opinions and whose are just trying to get a rise out of me and the rest of the rose colored glasses brigade. I suppose I’ll be a country bumpkin rube until the day I die.
  4. I’m about as worried about pass blocking without pads as I would be kicking and punting results without cleats.
  5. I was 21 when this thread was started and still living in Iowa City. Take me back. Also, RIP Reggie. A great Hawkeye
  6. Lith is one of my favorites across the various boards in the 15-20 years I’ve been on these. No doubt. But honestly had no idea his name is Larry. Larry Bird? Happy Birthday, my man.
  7. Tis the season for hope but I am legitimately excited for this year
  8. Granted, he doesn’t have the fear of getting cracked in his ribs on this rep, but we dropped SO many intermediate difficulty catches over the last 5 years it’s nauseating. Can’t teach body control like that.
  9. I’d be interested in losing additional monies this fall. Yes sir I would.
  10. Becton meets conditioning test….
  11. On day 1, Mekhi serving out a lot of sh*t sandwiches for Jets fans to eat. Myself included. Next meal is pancakes
  12. Lol. Good catch. That is hilarious.
  13. Stealth bombers(which are fighter Jets) are black in color, for multiple reasons. Jet black is also a very common idiom, although it has nothing to do planes. But if you say the term Jet Black, most people know what you mean. I’m well aware it’s a cash grab. Adding in alternate uniforms of any color is a marketing and merchandising opportunity. That’s not some big secret you are exposing. My point is at least they are attempting to make a loose connection to their actual nickname by calling it Stealth black.
  14. I don’t necessarily care on peoples uniform takes, it’s all 100% personal preference. That said, people cracking on the “stealth black” i do disagree on. Not necessarily on the aesthetics of it, but stealth black or jet black is actually the only thing I can think of since I became a fan in the as a kid in the early 90s that has a remote connotation with the Nickname of the franchise.
  15. When the Jets come out of the tunnel to back in black in October my football fandom will be complete.
  16. That matte black helmet is f’n sweet if you ask me.
  17. He was great at SMU but he seems like he’d be a little long in the tooth by now. In Joe with trust, I guess?
  18. Manoah mic’s up while on the bump was great TV
  19. I hit a nice win on Soto in the derby last night
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