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  1. I don't know. It depends on the draft pics. Would you say no to this collection of draft pics?
  2. Wow this thread so far is an eye opener in a good way. A fandom of black sheeps!
  3. Nope. Bears. My dad's entire family is Cubs fans in baseball and he's the lone Dodgers fan, so although he's never said it, I think he appreciates my Jets fandom when everyone else I know are Bears fan. He did love Namath though. My dad was a teen during the height of Namath's fame and my Dad loved his rebellious nature.
  4. I wonder how much of that has to do with Darnold being perceived as the face of the franchise. Normally I'd say that would be silly but with Adams, anything appears to be possible.
  5. But instead of being at football practice those other students could be inside a crowded bar, or at a movie theatre or the endless other high risk situations that exists. The thing is those kids at the bar aren't likely going to be tested every few days like football players are. I'm absolutely 100% on board with proceeding with caution, but i think it's silly to think that these huge money programs will have less capacity to test, trace and isolate than the average population, especially an average population of 20 year old college kids. If they can have kids on campus, going to class in person, and have all the neighborhood bars and restaurants open to the community, the football player doesn't offer any more risk of spread than any other average Joe on the street.
  6. How often do you think the average college athlete "goes home" in a given season?
  7. He looks like what the actress would look like playing his mom in a Chunky Soup commercial
  8. I think this is the normal part of the internet. I don't want to know what the odd part is like.
  9. Did not anticipate ever seeing something like this, but I laughed so had to share. Samantha Darnold would be getting a fake number from me, that's all I know.
  10. My take based on his list of teams is Adams wants to go to teams that have zero building to so he can potentially win a championship because he thinks that's what is best for the narrative of his personal legacy.
  11. So I want to say this. I still think Adams is a very good player. Much better than he gets credit for around here. But f*** him. What an egomaniac. If the Jets are trying to build a culture, this ain't it. This is something Terrell Owens would do.
  12. I am saying this with 100% sincerity and not trying to poke fun at anyone. I had NO idea people took message boards that seriously.
  13. I have to admit, I would have anticipated he'd be able to pump in some heat a little higher than 90. Even though he failed gloriously, he's still got the biggest arm I can remember coming through the Big Ten in quite some time.
  14. The video says it's blocked now, so not sure what was in it. Anywho, I never totally understood why people thought him saying "I'm seeing ghosts" was all that bad. He's just saying he's not seeing the coverages properly.
  15. No, I don't think so. Obviously he's the man in charge of everything, so he has to be aware of issues involving other coaches on his staff and wasn't. That said, all of the allegations made by former players, most all of them also say that KF isn't the issue, it was the strength coach. Now like I said, KF is the CEO so it's his job to know these issues and he didn't, but ultimately I think even the players making the allegations back Ferentz as most have said so publicly. I could go into a lot more detail, as it's a very grey situation. I think it's less about overt racism than it is not understanding how much of a culture shock black kids from urban areas have coming to Iowa. But I'm not sure anyone cares to get that deep into it, so I won't for now. But to answer your question, I do not think Ferentz is fired over this. Doyle for sure will be.
  16. No he isn't. The Adams conversation has jumped the shark at this point and people can't even have realistic conversation.
  17. I think Akiem Hicks for the Bears is a good barometer. The past several years he's had around 7-8 sacks an 12-15 TFL. I think those are reasonable, attainable type numbers for QW.
  18. I'm a cockeyed optimist, so I'm sure my views are somewhat skewed that direction, but I legitimately believe QW will have a good year this year. A high Ankle sprain is more debilitating and hangs around longer than most likely realize.
  19. I had trouble throwing footballs because I have unbelievably small hands for a dude. I'm 6'2" 190 and size 12 shoes and have hands similar in size to my 5'2" wife. It's weird. After I was done with baseball I was a student manager for the football program. I got to watch practice every day. Was quite the experience. Training for QBs and pitchers is a different world, that's for sure. The drills I did as a pitcher and drills I watched D1 QBs do were worlds apart I wouldn't be so sure I was better. I was a relief pitcher for an awful program(at the time, they are very respectable today) and not a particular dazzling one. I tore my labrum playing drunk dodgeball at a party, so yeah, my story isn't exactly the story of success and inspiration either.
  20. 96 with movement for strikes as an 18 year old makes you a 1st Rd MLB draft pick. That's impressive. I pitched in the Big Ten for 2 years before tearing my labrum and being done. I threw maybe 86 as an 18 year old, and maybe 88 tops as 20 year old before my shoulder. I personally think QB to P is a very easy transition mechanically. Throwing is throwing . Even the more specific positional mechanics have similar functions. Leg drive, hip torque, elbow plane is all similar fundamentally. Stride, release point and front shoulder plane are obviously different though. I can only speak from my experience in the early 2000s, but if I saw a legit QB who could spin it in HS football, I'd put big money he was also a top pitcher on his HS baseball team, assuming he played both sports.
  21. My wife and potentially one of my kids. Definitely my wife at least.

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