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  1. I've seen this drill(or a similar drill) done where a coach is standing a yard or two and reciting phrases or song lyrics or what have you to the QB and the QB must recite them back while completing the drill. The idea is that it gets the mind processing something other than the footwork. I have no idea if he really makes a difference or not, but theoretically it seems sound.
  2. This is complete garbage. Just like the guys Bengals shopping the first pick rumor. He's not connected. Apparently he's quite a POS of a person too and it's a small miracle he still is on the radio. This one doesn't even make sense , on top of all the other stuff.
  3. I'm more than ok not paying him nearly 14 million to keep, but I will be very curious how the WR position plays out prior to the draft. Jets cannot go into the draft with Jameson Crowder as the only proven WR on the team.
  4. I'm not saying this trying to start an argument or anything like that, but one of the biggest mysteries on this website to me is how someone like you who seemingly is very intelligent in most aspects of football is so fixated on what our coaches and/or front office says in the media. Like they are some outlier in the world is sports who hasn't shared their draft strategy publicly.
  5. Speaking of grading curves, pretty sure OP has called Robby Anderson a 4th WR at best in the past, so by his standards a #2 WR is actually a 3 time All Pro.
  6. I don't think he was benched for safety reasons, but I also think it's highly unlikely he got benched for simply allowing a TD pass after playing pretty well over multiple games. If I had to guess, Austin went into business for himself on that play and didn't follow the coverage that was called. The Jets appeared to be in Cover 1 with a single high safety. Austin sits on a meaningless hitch route and gets burnt deep. I would imagine they were told to stay over the top of everything and he didn't listen, thinking he could get a pick. I doubt it was, "hey you got beat for a TD come sit down for the next 6 quarters.". Probably more along the lines of "hey, this is the NFL, you can't just do whatever you want, come sit down to get that message."
  7. If you think it's a limited number of people who have big questions (at best) about Darnold, you are sorely mistaken. Posters like you are much more insufferable than most of those "trolls". You realize that don't you?
  8. The draft nuggets here were fairly limited, but the interesting part to me was the 5 minute discussion on Darnold and how they view him vs how a good portion here view him. Spoke very highly of Darnold.
  9. Sounds like a show my wife would watch on HGTV.
  10. Why would it be concerning what any fan thinks?
  11. How many 3rd year QBs are mentioned? I only have limited access, but the 3 samples I see are 3 different 2nd year QBs.
  12. So what type of fan am I if I understand our track record is poor and acknowledge past mistakes but just don't dwell on them and prefer to focus on potential future paths to success? That's what I view myself at least. Definitely try not to be a "Homer".
  13. Well if Dan Sileo says it, I'm guessing there is some smoke. I mean he's not connected to the Bengals at all, or the NFL really either, but he does have a Radio show and was on a few NFL practice squads 30 years ago.
  14. Going to have to permanently ban A LOT of dudes to upgrade much around here 😃
  15. Some version of this scenario is actually starting to be how I hope things shake out. I like the idea of a more veteran heavy line protecting Sam with new young weapons surrounding him. If you can fill the majority of the gaps on the OL prior to the draft, I think the Jets could walk away with multiple playmakers in the first 3 rounds and that's probably the quickest way to turn around the roster.
  16. This league is light years ahead of where the AAF was.
  17. I've seen two kickoffs and I'm 100% ok with that being in the NFL.
  18. DC Defenders for Redskins franchise swap, who says no?
  19. Two plays in and it's already more impressive than the AAF or whatever that was called. Presentation matters.
  20. I'm not probably the best person to dissect things at"scouting report" type level, but in my opinion his two biggest areas that made him a project are his functional strength and just very inconsistent/poor technique, especially with his hands.
  21. I have like Bradlee Anae as a day 2 pass rusher for awhile, then he blew people's doors off at the Senior Bowl and now will probably go higher than I would want the Jets to take him. If he's still there at top of 3rd round, fire away.
  22. First a few disclaimers. It's not really a curious case, I just couldn't think of a better thread title. Also I've debated posting this for awhile because I anticipate getting raked over the coals for even suggesting he still has upside, but I digress. First and foremost, Edoga's year overall was poor. Bordering on downright awful. The optics from the overall season he put together were discouraging. That said, is it enough to abandon all hope that he can still develop into a quality starter? I've tried going back and watching portions of his games(haven't been able to watch all of them, or even portions of all of them) and just not convinced he should be written off. His first 2 games in the lineup at RT, he played well, very well at times in those first two games. He showed flashes of the athletic traits that got some excited about him in the first place. He also showed how raw he was and why he was considered a project to begin with. That said, in my opinion, his first two games at RT had more positive than negative. Then during the Dallas game, Beachum gets hurt, Shell finishes the game at LT, and Edoga gets flipped to LT the next game(Patriots) and makes 3 starts at LT. These 3 games were atrocious for Edoga. There is no other way to put it. Edoga had 5 accepted penalties on the year, all 5 occurred in this 3 game stretch. He was routinely beaten and often looked confused and just generally over matched both physically and mentally. All of his rawness was exposed 10 fold in his 3 games at LT. It was an absolute disaster. He switched back to RT in his final full game against the Redskins(which wasn't particularly great either) and then he missed the rest of the year after getting hurt against the Giants. My glimmer of hope with him however is that when he was at RT initially, he did show potential. Very good potential in my opinion. Albeit over a small sample size. Then he was forced to play LT and it was game over, and even when he moved back to RT, he didn't really bounce back. Is it crazy to think that a prospect as raw as him was completely shell shocked by the move to LT(which he clearly wasn't ready for)? Again, just some rambling thoughts. I'm not trying to say I am a huge believer in him moving forward, but it seems a bit early to discard him. He was a project to begin with, forced into the lineup in general probably too early, then for sure asked to play LT way before he was ready, and it fell apart at that point. I still think there is an outside chance he surprises people moving forward.
  23. But has he cured coronavirus? No. Can't build around someone who can't cure impact diseases.
  24. I think you are arguing with yourself. I don't care enough to argue with you. Don't get upset with me you don't know the meaning of diminutive.
  25. He's an inch shorter and 10lbs lighter than Cook. Which averages out to about .1 lb per inch lighter. I'd say that's pretty damn close in stature. He has almost the exact height/weight ratio as Christian McCaffery, Marlon Mack, Philllip Lindsay, Kenyan Drake and others. I'm not saying he's a prime candidate for every down play in the NFL, but too often people just look at height/weight ratio and say they can't. Obviously he is not a big, punishing back, but I don't think he's "dimuntive".

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