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  1. Zach Wilson visited Iowa to. If you are to believe those inside the program, Wilson was all set to commit to Iowa but Iowa took their current QB(who is terrible) because he was willing to commit first. We’d probably be on our way to the Super Bowl if those guys played for such a respectable program in college
  2. I’m not sure this position you speak of exists in the Iowa offense.
  3. Iowa State players aren’t used to signing NFL contracts. He probably just wasn’t told how to do it.
  4. Says the ex-athlete turned broadcaster/news correspondent/broadway hopeful.
  5. So watching Garrett Wilson with pads on he seems to be a slender dude. Then you see a pic like this of him and he’s carved up. Still small obviously but that surprises me for some reason
  6. Clearly you weren’t at Meth Aid back in ‘87
  7. Idaho? Isn’t t that where they grow all the corn? I’ve always wanted to say this to someone as I couldn’t tell you how many times in my life someone has legitimately asked…..Iowa? With all the potatoes?
  8. This is the crew folks. I wish I could make it. Bet it will be a blast.
  9. I don’t care if he’s the next Glenn Foley on the field, he’s going to always be a favorite of mine going forward.
  10. Anyone else consider this is Zach’s slow burn revenge tour against his Mom for allowing herself to get caught on camera twerking at a weeding and constantly making a spectacle of herself on social media after he was drafted? Touche, Zachary. Never rush things like this.
  11. Pry all that training with Berrios.
  12. So I take it Becton really isn’t training with Berrios?
  13. Rank is a huge Bears homer, but yikes. Have a little bit of objectivity. If the Jets start 3-5(respectable in that stretch) and end 3-14 with losses to the Lions, Jags and Bears among other teams, this place will be apocalyptic.
  14. Certainly a better road trip for me than Lincoln, NE.
  15. No, thankfully. My dad told me once there are two things that make life much easier to deal with as an adult. Good neighbors and good in laws. Luckily I got decent draws in those departments, because I think my dad was right.
  16. Maybe I’m out of the loop but or missing and inside joke but I’m fairly certain the OP is having a legitimate very difficult time. If so, come on. That’s not particularly funny.
  17. Might look something like Lawson Quinnen JFM Johnson Moseley(or other LB) Reed Hall Carter Sauce Whithead(in the box?) Joyner/Pinnock Not bad. At all.
  18. Well to be fair, that football player was a walk-on whose main duties are holding for extra points.
  19. Together they will be know as Team Beefaroni
  20. I’ve been calling him Mekhi this whole time. And his name is Merged. Man do I feel stupid.
  21. Coaching at its simplest is teaching. The best coaches and teachers understand that most people will never quite understand the concept as good as they do, but understand how to make sure their subjects absorb as much as they can. People learn differently. The absolute hardest thing for coaches is finding that fine line of teaching people everything they can absorb, without overloading them. This could be your typical off-season fluff piece. It could easily be a true look at into some revelations the coaches had about Zach’s point of information overload.
  22. 50k for a guy making 6 million a year is equivalent to a regular working American making 60k a year dropping 500 bucks for a dinner. Can they afford to? Most likely. Is it a inconsequential amount as some are suggesting? No. That said, I would imagine things all balance out in the end, or close too it.
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