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  1. I honestly think all 3 could. I'd almost say I'm confident all 3 will. However I voted Adams as the most likey, which I would not have said 3 months ago. Feels almost a forgone conclusion at this point.
  2. I've never created a poll, this was harder than I anticipated and likely will screw this up.
  3. I understand how a pick play works. The problem with the play isn't that the pick to free Crowder was unsuccessful. The problem that complicates things further is a fraction after your screen cap, Anderson peels off and mirrors Crowder's route about a half yard deeper than him, causing a complete cluster f*** of spacing with 4 bodies in about a 2 foot box. I don't know if that's the design of the play or Anderson f'ning up. My guess would be the latter.
  4. They did? It looks to me they are simply playing man defense. The only guy who doesn't have a free release is Crowder. The guy setting the pick is late and too deep to cause traffic to get separation for Crowder. Anderson appears to have no idea what he was supposed to do and then starts mirroring Darnolds roll after he realizes, which makes the play even worse if he would have just stayed where he went initially.
  5. My God that play design on the Dolphins goal line pick. I don't know whether it's design or the WRs f'd up, but good God. Darnold should be smart enough to just throw the ball away, but he's facing a free runner and then his only read has two guys within a foot of each other. Just awful.
  6. Give me some white endzones with green letters
  7. I think part of it is Cam simply isn't a plug and play QB into every system in the NFL. Cam has a very unique skill set, and to get the most out of his skills, you can't simply plug him into the same playbook as a guy who just sits back and throws from the pocket. I'll tell ya the team that should sign him is Buffalo. Makes too much sense. Good team with a question mark at QB. If Allen falters, you can plug in Newton and run the same offense with the same dynamic Allen had.
  8. Jetsfansince7 Jetnationposteruntil5minutesago
  9. Yep,not surprising. That's why I said in a later post it might be "grain of salt worthy". Hard to trust what the WHO is saying, which is scary in it's own right. Semi-Related note:. Dr Van Kerkhove....not bad at all
  10. I read another tweet from an NFL writer that stated he thinks that "reasonable number" is north of what McCaffery got.
  11. Here is another version. Long story short, the WHO is now saying they think spread from an asymptomatic carrier to another person is very rare. Whereas before that was a huge concern and cause for a lot of the precautions put in place. The WHo has been all over the map it seems with some of their insight, so it may be "grain of salt" worthy for now until more studies verify.
  12. Sorry for not including the link originally. I didn't know how much Max wants to tolerate with the Covid discussion, so I left it out allowing people to find for themselves.
  13. Yes, that's it. If that is true, that is a game changer, to a certain extent. Still not a "game over, we win" moment but big. I have some other thoughts related to viral load and a few other things, but I don't think this is the platform . Hopefully the WHO is right this time.
  14. There is some news today about asymptomatic transmission of the disease, from the WHO. If the news hold to be true, I have a pretty good feeling you will able to get your wish. Dang near everyone might.
  15. Milwaukee is an underrated town in general. I love going to games at Miller Park. Also would pick it over Wrigley 100 times out of 100. After going to Wrigley once and breathing in the history, there isn't much left to offer. In my area of Iowa we get a pretty equal mix of Bears, Packers and Vikings fans. My view is Packers fans are the worst, but they all have their drawbacks. I think the worst fanbase in Chicago sports is Black Hawk fans. They absolutely grate on my nerves and I don't even really watch hockey All the "lifelong" Chiefs fans coming out of the woodwork the last few years are closing in on the worst though
  16. I would never do it. Those are my thoughts. Take a casual interest in the new team in my area? Sure. Replace my original team? No way. Modern Television allows anyone to view every game of any team they choose.
  17. I'd also join. I hate to admit, there are conversations that I'm almost scared to interject myself into, especially the race conversation. I try with every fiber in my being too treat all people with respect and caring. I also know that I grew up in a town of 3500 people in Iowa. All white. All communities around me were all white. I live in the 2nd biggest city in the state now, but still only 150k and probably only 10-15% are people of color. I would love to listen to others who have a more diverse background than me so I can learn and hopefully confidently engage in an educated way on such discussions.
  18. I'd like it too if you have time. Please and thanks.
  19. Get well soon! Before you know it you will be back at home and then before we all know it the Jets will be on their way to the playoffs.
  20. On a related note, I thought this collaboration by a group of NFL players(including Jamal Adams) was incredibly powerful. A great way to reach people who may not hear the message presented in another way.
  21. I know there are a portion of posters that don't think age necessarily matters, but 23 is pretty damn young yet. 6 months younger than Burrow and 9 months older than Tua and Herbert
  22. Welcome back. Mental health among men remains a bit of a taboo subject and I applaud you for realizing and taken the steps to remedy a problem. Also congrats on the weight loss. That alone can make a person field a world of difference. This year sucks. But hopefully there are a lot of people like you in this country who are willing to take a bad situation as a chance to better themselves and come out better than before all this mess.
  23. I'm not saying I disagree with the overall sentiment here, but one of the counterpoints always brought up against Adams as a "game changer" is the Jets record since his arrival. Maybe not by you, but I've seen it many times. If that's part of the equation them why is Garrett a game changer? What constitutes a game changer? I think that term gets thrown around very loosely and changes meaning depending on the person.

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