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  1. How often are safeties covering Wrs 1 on 1 in any defense? Show me a defense that asks their safeties to covers WRs 1 on 1 often and I'll show you a bad defense.
  2. His QB rating when targeted is among the top 5 in the NFL among safeties. The narrative that he can't and doesn't cover is just, ugh.
  3. My point is it isn't elite athleticism that makes Mathieu what he is or lack of elite athleticism makes whatever people think Adams isn't.
  4. His limited athleticism is now why he doesn't get interceptions? It used to be that he can't cover. Tyrran Mathieu lead NFL strong safeties with 4 interceptions. He and Adams have very similar athletic makeups according to their combine numbers, but Adams does it at 25 lbs heavier. I doubt many think Mathieu has limited athleticism. The goal posts continually move in terms of what exactly it is that Adams isn't good at.
  5. Maybe the Jets can get him to backup Darnold. Maybe he can help Darnold with his decision making by showing him in practice everyday the exact wrong decision to make.
  6. Kobe was 41. Played 20 years in the NBA. Literally half his life was as an NBA player. That is just incredible and incredibly sad when you think about it.
  7. Its moments like this that make you remember ultimately sports are just an extra spice of life. Not the real important stuff. However, it is also a reminder that sports are one of the things in life that can bring you pure joy. This news hurts so many people because whether or not any fan actually knew him, he provided them with great joy and memories. For Lakers fans, I'm sure it's almost as if you lost a close friend.
  8. I don't want to make myself sound insensitive when I was younger, but this sort of stuff would barely register with me 10 years ago. Now that I have a wife, 2 boys with # 3 on the way, this sort of stuff damn near brings me to tears. Very sad.
  9. Also, this is a slam dunk if a question. Christian Okoye, "The Nigerian Nightmare" is the best NFL nickname by a wide margin.
  10. I gotta say, I Neve got the reference/joke for the Curtis "My Favorite" Martin
  11. This thread might get derailed if we keep trying to RAM these puns down people's throats.
  12. Should be an interesting game since Eric Thigpen FS/Iowa(as listed on above roster) played at Iowa about 20 years ago.
  13. If you are going to throw around insults like that, at least go back and fix the 20 typos you made in the thread.
  14. Is there talk if this potentially? I know they switched up fronts a lot last year, but I think their front 7 personnel fits a 4-3 better.
  15. He's got a very weird release. Looks like he's shortstop throwing from deep in the hole.
  16. I really like him. Have for some time. He is so good with his hands. He's not a "freak" athlete, but he's a good athlete. Definitely athletic enough. If he's sitting there at the top of RD 3 after we've locked up an OL and WR, I am all on board with him.
  17. I've opined for years that WR is the most overvalued position by fans in the NFL. There have been a lot of successful "roster builds" that don't include an elite level receiver. That said, if a OL worthy of that pick is not there, and on of Juedy or Lamb are, taken them.
  18. In a perfect world they would sign him to a contract that they can easily get out from under in a year or 2. That way he can help in the short term, but when other pressing needs come up, he can be let go as needed to free up money to address those needs. Due to the previous regimes the Jets are in the bad spot where they have to potentially pay guys like Anderson and Jenkins, who are good but not great, simply to avoid creating even more glaring holes on the roster.
  19. I like Jenkins. I think he's a good player and a good leader. I don't think he's an elite pass rusher, but he's a good "2nd guy" . As hard as it is to imagine, there is more to playing Outside LB than just pass rushing. Jenkins is overall an above average starter. He's not a star, but he's certainly not where people should point to for an "upgrade needed" Bart Scott needs to chill out. He's not the gatekeeper for NY Jets Defense.
  20. You know what Darnold stat I found interesting from this year? Albeit a small sample, 45 throws, Darnold had a 71% completion %, 408 yards, 2 TDs 0 INT and 113 QB rating when running no huddle. Much better than his "regular numbers". I spot checked about 6 other NFL QBs and all were either very similar or worse from the No Huddle. I have no what that means, if anything at all, but I found it interesting nonetheless.
  21. Totally missed it! Right on my man
  22. I think only a certain set of people will know this image and/or reference, but if you do, you are awesome.
  23. Here are some highlights of him playing basketball in high school. Rare athlete. He'll definitely be in the discussion at 11, if he makes it that far.
  24. Was it Jeremiah or McShay that was rumored at one point to be a potential hire for Douglas? Whichever one it was will be interesting to see their mock projections for the Jets. Guessing whatever they project will be the exact opposite of where the Jets actually want to go.

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