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  1. Wow. Well I guess now sign Paridis and Bell and draft Allen.
  2. Some of you folks need a starter course on legitame Twitter sources of information.
  3. Names don't win games? Players usually do though. Most of them have names.
  4. The report also says they were no were close in talks as of last night. Debver probably checked back in figuring he would have signed already. Maybe the market(the Jets) hasn't materialized like he thought. Or maybe the Jets knew the market would be thin and focused their initial efforts on the guys with many suitors.
  5. This is an ideal time of year to post personal opinion in a factual tone.
  6. I legitimately chuckled this morning reading my time line. Costello isn't even sneaky about it. His "source confirmed " within 20 minutes of the Rapsheet report. If he could confirm that quickly, why didn't you just break the news?
  7. Yeah I was thinking about the draft implications as well. Move back and target an OT or take the big swing on Metcalf would be my guess.
  8. That's some serious cash. I will let others worry about if he's worth it. The Jets have gotten A LOT better the last few days!
  9. Barr went straight into the NFL to a position he essentially never played before and become a 4 time Pro Browler. And people worry he won't have the acumen to return to his natural position because of layoff? You tell me which is the harder of those two scenarios? Not to mention he has an almost identical pass rush success rate as his teammate Hunter, who absolutely no one would question if he could rush the passer.
  10. So ny cap people, is it feasible they could still afford Bell, Paradis and Mosley?
  11. Boom! The new uniform buzz clearly paying dividends 😀
  12. Truth be told, I didn't read much of the thread before posting. Was just anticipating! I've been wrong before(countless times)
  13. Crowder is the type of player that Jets fans would be crushed if he signed with New England. Would be nothing but " he will kill it there" etc etc. Since he is a Jet though, he's not quite as good.
  14. I'm not a cap guru, so let's just pretend they Jets do sign Mosley for 16 a year and then release/trade Lee, what would be the net difference financially?
  15. Most just said on TV that if Miami cuts him, the Jets would be in play for him as a backup. Cant wait to see the responses here, but I actually think that makes a lot of sense for a few different reasons.
  16. Maybe in your eyes. His targets and targets per game say Tampa viewed him as their 2nd receiver.
  17. Am I the only one who has noticed unveiled has been misspelled in the title for like a week now?
  18. Give me the team with the lowest picks, but not Bears. I'm bit swamped but I can probably swing it.
  19. You know I'm a big fan of yours, but the vast majority of those are Free Safeties. Not necessarily disputing your overall point, although I am a big Adams fan.
  20. He said he'd make all the teams that passed on his regret it. Turns out the first team to have regrets about Rosen is his own. Funny.

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