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  1. I listen to Tice and Mays often. I enjoy their show. I’m writing this specific post as listening. I just finished the Lawrence segment and will be moving onto Wilson in a minute. I’ll say this about Lawrence, for the most part they say he stunk, but everything was his surroundings fault and his biggest negative is he tried too much to elevate his crappy team. To be fair, they did say ALL of the QBs discussed outside of Jones played for very bad teams. That may be right, that may wrong, but I’ll be surprised if others get that treatment where the biggest blame is their surroundings. There is a weird protection of Lawrence for whatever reason. I could be wrong though. We shall see as I listen to the rest.
  2. Ah the belly button outtie stage of pregnancy. When the Mrs asks you if she stills looks beautiful around this time, do not mention how weird the outtie belly button is. Honesty has a price.
  3. One Jets Drive Come October:
  4. If Zach is even borderline effective, I’m talking Kirk Cousins peak level QB, he’ll have that city by the short and curlies.
  5. Per Carl Lawson. My favorite past time is Reading way to much into spring quotes.
  6. Who cleared this to be put on Twitter? This is what my mom thinks a good deep ball looks like
  7. The greatest trio since TLC, imho.
  8. That was my motto in college. Sometimes you just need some of that nasty.
  9. Body like Zeus. Voice of Michael Clark Duncan. Loner mentality of people I don’t want to meet. I just pee’d a little.
  10. I’m am now 100% convinced is going to be a draft day steal or the modern day Travis Bickle. No other possible outcomes.
  11. Suggs tore both his Achilles in the span of a few years and was already 30 when it happened the first time. The first 2 full seasons after his first injury he had monster years, on par with any 2 year stretch in his career. Even after the 2nd time he posted nearly 20 sacks combined the next two years, well into his 30s at that point. What a freak.
  12. He looks like the type of dude that regularly eats the huge slab of meat that tips over Fred Flinstone’s car during the credits of The Flinstones.
  13. Zach Wilson seems a lot more comfortable than the infamous picture of him on draft night. I’m a believer. Can’t wait to get my soul crushed.
  14. He’s from Saint Louis. I’m sure he’ll manage.
  15. The fan base. Everyone has been so nice here the last few days. It’s delightful.
  16. That’s exactly what they should be preparing for with Mims. 10-15 snaps or so a game with a very defined role built towards his strengths. Deep balls and red zone targets. See if he can build from there.
  17. He is us. We are him.
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