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  1. I always kind of thought the hand wringing and over analysis of OTAs was silly, but I'd give just about anything right now for a tweet about how Darnold looks razor Sharpe, Becton moves like Ogden, and Mims looks like a steal already. Regardless of how baseless the statements would be. I'm gonna miss OTAs.
  2. If you lined up all 32 GMs and asked them who would be their pick to guide their franchise starting tomorrow and the only options were Darnold, Allen and Tua, I bet Darnold would have the most votes.
  3. You watch the Bills and come away thinking most of the time Allen looks very impressive? To each their own I suppose, but that is shocking to me. I'm not sure most Bills fans would say he's very impressive most of the time.
  4. So I'm watching this show on NBC replaying the a best plays in NFL playoffs history. Needless to say not a lot of Jets clips. Got me thinking though, what would you say is the ONE play you would say us your personalized favorite/best play in Jets history. I'll preface mine saying I'm in my mid 30s so my memory only extends back to the early 90s. My play is the David Harris pick and subsequent 60 yard rumble of Brady in the 2nd playoff run. I couldn't tell you why really, other than maybe the cloak of invincibility was finally lifted and it was a combination of adrenaline and hope that we could beat those MF'ers.
  5. Lots of folks act like the Jets had some iconic uniform before and by switching to these somehow went away from a uniform as timeless as the Yankees, Dodgers or Raiders. They weren't. The Jets old uniform was not especially pleasing to the eye and didn't represent anything except a memory for only a portion of the fanbase.
  6. Which I already explained in a previous post is not an eye opening revelation. You seem to be thinking these decisions or future plans are being made with assumptions that this thing is gone. I don't think that's the case. I think everyone is well aware this is going to be around for quite awhile yet. Just so it's clear, I'm not at all an "we must open up at all costs" type of person. I won't be going back into my office until July. My kids haven't been to school or daycare in months and won't be going back very soon. Those things don't limit my ability to see that whether I like it or not, things are going to open back up.
  7. What is silly is to assume there will be little to no spikes. Do you think the lockdown was meant to eradicate the virus? I think every single person that has been paying attention knows there will be spikes once things reopen. The question will be do given communities or states have the resources to handle them.
  8. This is the kind of post that irks me. You call people delusional in one sentence, then essentially say you "may not" improve in the next sentence, which implies you don't know either. So are you delusional making assumptions when you don't really know either?
  9. The MLB and NBA are both trending toward returning, which would happen prior to the NFL starting. If those things are true, which as of this morning they are, why would anyone assume the NFL wouldn't have a season?
  10. I too was a huge wrestling fan as a kid and this is the peak of my fandom. My favorite thing about watching it back is listening to the announcers call it as a legitimate contest. As a kid it made so much sense to me, the "strategy" the talked about. Even as I got older and realized it was all a work, I still enjoyed when announcers would call it as though there was legitimate strategy etc
  11. If this is true, the Jets D has some potential to be real....
  12. Serenity Now.
  13. The best football broadcast ABC/ESPN networks is the college game of the week crew with Chris Fowler and Herbstreit. For my money, they are the best crew period, any network, college or pro. I cant see ESPN trying to move Herbstreit, but you never know.
  14. If this is directed at my comment, which I believe it is, I clearly stated decisions had to be made with communities in mind.
  15. The constant bickering on the internet and social media about this situation is becoming nauseating. People flexing their "intellectual muscle" every chance they can get(I do it too). Both sides of it. The only thing that is probably certain at this time is the virus is not going away . We need to accept this reality, and eventually all of us will need to make informed risk management, risk acceptance, and risk transfer decisions for ourselves and for our communities.
  16. Hundreds of thousands of people die each year from Pneumonia in the U.S.? You sure about that?
  17. This thread appears to be a timestamp of various posters.
  18. Running more outside zone plays doesn't change the type of players he is. Besides that, Outside zone plays aren't predicated on speed. It's not a race to the edge. Vision and ability to cut are far more important than pure speed.
  19. It may have been mentioned already, but boy were we wrong on the type of RB Gase wants. While we may like speed on the outside, our roster is now stacked with tough, dependable, reliable, between the tackle runners that can catch passes.
  20. You called people sheep and implied they have low standards over something as arbitrary as whether or not they think Michael Jordan is likeable or not. Then you get butthurt when someone points out there are tons of people who take opposing viewpoints just to challenge the majority? God forbid. God forbid.
  21. Lots of people are contrarians for the sake of being contrarians, too.
  22. Man you are getting into my wheel house with some of these things. In my personal opinion, Rodman, not Pippen, was the 2nd most important player of the 2nd 3 peat. Most probably would disagree, but I don't think I could be swayed.
  23. That's an underrated point right there. He definitely had some of that, but as a Power Forward, which is even more insane. Young Barkley through Suns Barkley doesn't get the love he deserves. Most people now just love his personality. Dude could ball.
  24. I honestly cannot remember the name of the player. I heard it in an interview with Don Nelson once. It came to be because of an injury to Tiny Archibald. I remember it because I didn't know Archibald ever played for the Bucks(I'm in my mid 30s). But Nelson said Archibald got hurt and Player X who I can't remember was asked to start initiating the offense so he coined the phrase point forward. So that's at least the origin of the phrase.

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