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  1. I traded my snack pack for a bag of mini muffins at lunch today. Talk about buyers remorse.
  2. Good to hear on Maye. I would think he has plenty enough time to get into shape by week 1.
  3. Ever had a smelling salt? That initial wallop is quite awesome.
  4. The Raiders are nearing their third city, Colts on their 2nd. Save it on the "history" stuff, drama queen. Those teams care so much about their history they switch cities. The Bears uniform has had several notable alterations since the 70s You know why those uniforms are seen as classic? Because they are clean and simplistic. The old jets uniforms were not. You like the old Jets uniforms. That is swell. It's because of nostalgia, and your post pretty much confirms that.
  5. I agree with this. I think it's a nostalgic connection with those uniforms. If those uniforms never existed and were unveiled as the new uniforms this season, I think they would have been universally panned.
  6. I don't know how many times I've heard this about the old uniforms. I won't question anyone's personal preference on if they like something or not, but from a "design" stand point, the old uniforms were the atrocity. Different stripe patterns in different areas of the uniform, busy sleeves, etc. The new uniforms from a design standpoint are very straightforward and simple. Especially compared to the old ones.
  7. He's legit bipolar right? Gotta be. I'm not poking fun of mental illness, but I would be shocked if he doesn't suffer from something along those lines.
  8. Joe DiMaggio was said to be pretty apathetic towards baseball and viewed it simply as a way to make money.
  9. Is he sick or something? Or did you just like him that much that seeing him makes you emotional? I'm not mocking, wondering if I'm missing something.
  10. I've sat through much worse seminars to obtain a free lunch. I'd say go for it. The rest of the stuff is just gravy.
  11. I think the most exciting part of all this to me is that our new high football IQ GM and head coach think enough of this roster that this move is worth making. Maybe they don't think they are as far off from competing than as others think they are.
  12. Crowder is good. Claiborne doesn't play the slot. Other than those two oversights, good thought
  13. And that means I can take them in Madden, which is the real important part
  14. Maybe I'm an optimist, but I like what I'm hearing early on Tru. Maybe he gets back on track this year. Might not ever live up to the contract, but we just need him to be solid.
  15. Do you know the name of the player? Just curious if he has positive tests in his past too
  16. The NFL can't have him do it before or after? Feels to me like they are purposely drawing attention to it, which is garbage.
  17. I can't say enough how glad I am that I don't have to waste energy anymore convincing myself that throws like this are just a miscommunication or "growing pains"
  18. Regarding Polite, on one hand it is slightly discouraging his name hasn't been mentioned yet. On the other hand, if there truly are/were work ethic and/or maturity concerns, making him scratch and claw up every rung of the depth chart is exactly how I would approach it as a coach, too.
  19. Thanks for the input. I hadn't thought of Google. I'm new to the internet.
  20. Has anyone found any places that have a variety of shirts available with the new logo and colors? I've looked on the team site and Fanatics site, but both seem to have the same merch, which isn't a very extensive selection. Wanting to get some shirts for myself and 2 young sons and assumed the new merch would be churned out at a massive rate. Maybe I should not have assumed

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