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  1. Magic is who I would consider, yes. Bird as well played the "Point Forward" style well before Pippen. The actual term originated from some guy with the Bucks in the early/mid 80s.
  2. For a franchise with a staggering amount of lows, "honoring" a team for ultimately doing nothing would be among the lowest.
  3. Pippen most certainly was not the original point forward. That's a myth I believe a lot use to elevate him by implying he was some transcendent unicorn that changed basketball.
  4. Yep. Well said. He's the best glue guy ever is my opinion. He is the best version of what people built up Draymond Green as. Just the absolute best version of that. There is nothing wrong with that. Very, very good player. I just don't think he's in the discussion as one of the best ever. Some folks do though. All a matter of opinion, but fun to discuss.
  5. I think an equally intriguing debate regarding this documentary is the legacy of Scottie Pippen. My friend and I have a very passionate back and forth going. I am of the belief that Pippen is vastly overrated and is probably the 7th or 8th best player of his era at best. My friend thinks Pippen is one of the top 25 best players to ever play the game.
  6. Maybe my viewpoint has changed in 8 days
  7. Yardage is such a sh** indicator. Jameis Winston lead the NFL in yardage last year. When it comes to yards per game, the top 5 were Winston, Stafford, Prescott, Ryan and Goff. To me, if Darnolds QB rating is in the vicinity of 95, his Int Rate is around 1.5% or lower, then he will have made a huge leap and I'd feel comfortable hitching the wagon to him for the forseable future.
  8. I think the only things that will likely prevent him from becoming a top level player are potential injuries, which no one can control, and his work ethic, which he certainly does. Obviously it's just a small window, but everything I've read about him the past 2-3 months indicate he has the desire and is not afraid to out in the work to be great.
  9. 5. Never Beat Iowa. Ain't that right @peebag old pal?
  10. 99.9% of the time this is my feeling as well. However, with this Monson guy from PFF, this seems like overly obnoxious and my gut tells me it's overly obnoxious because a few of the Jets OL publicly criticized his credentials and now he's butthurt and is going to take little potshots at the Jets whenever he can whether he believes it or not.
  11. Knowyourmeme.com Just a good old Google search does the trick too.
  12. I will admit I had never seen this before so I just went and watched. Lol is all I can say. Then I went down a 20 minutes rabbit hole about the history of the meme itself. This is my life these days
  13. How many reddish haired QBs is one team allowed to have? There has to be some sort of limit
  14. Hogan is all the connection, but a lot of it is scheme fit. A common theme for at least Desir, Wilson and Hairston is that all were decent to fairly good in 2017 under Chuck Pagano who has a similar philosophy as Williams. Then they switched over to Eberflus who is a pretty strict Tampa 2 coordinator, and their production/effectiveness dropped of big time. Hogan knows the players, they seemed at their best in a similar scheme and there you have it. Low risk moves that offer a more calculated chance of decent returns.
  15. I'm not sure why people would hate it. Any pick sucks if it doesn't pan out. What is more valuable to a football team, a good punter or a backup at a non specialists position?
  16. It's amazing how many people can't figure out what a credible Twitter account is.
  17. If Mims would have ended up with whoever else at the same draft slot, I'd be telling myself this is the guy in 2 years people are going to ask "how was he there at 59?" The Jets seemingly never get that guy though, so I'm guarded. He has all the tools and hopefully can put it all together.
  18. I agree on Doctson. I don't ever expect him to light the world on fire, but he was at least relatively useful when healthy. If one is a believer the advanced metrics like DVOA and DYAR, when he was healthy, he was about as valuable as Robby Anderson was the last two seasons. As you pointed out,can't really count on the health, but if we could get a nice chunk of the season of him healthy, he should contribute.
  19. I think it means your jacket smells like my high school art teachers jacket
  20. Edit:. I didn't realize this had already been closed for discussion on certain things.
  21. That's a very good point. I made a rather tongue in cheek comment in a thread about Michael Pittman about how it's just so coincidental that everyone from the McShay/Kiper/Jeremiahs of the world to the amateur draft "tape watchers" all have the exact same people rising and same people falling at the same time pre draft. Their film reviews must be done in unison.
  22. Normally I agree, but these are aggregate rankings of 60 individual sources, most not affiliated with the site that wrote this article. It's not perfect(obviously) but of all of these million grading articles, it's probably one of the least biased.
  23. 8th of 32 teams. My bad on the typo.

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