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  1. Where are you? Come home! Time to take your beating!

  2. I edited for you specifically. I corrected Forty yr to Forty years. misstype you know. I figured you wouldn't get it. FORTY YEARS. hehehehehe
  3. Play like a Jet? LMAO. Does that mean crap your pants? Miss the boat? Flounder? Fail? Flop? LAST 40 YEARS 0 Super Bowl wins = Play like a Jet = Falling Short 0 Conf. Championships = Play like a Jet = Choke Specialists 2 Div. Titles in FORTY YEARS = Play like a Jet = Perform Poorly Hold on I think my 2 year old just Played like a Jet. You know Crapped Her Pants. There are millions of people across the country Playing like Jets as I type. But there are only 11 Jets players at a time that will be doing it on National Telivision on Sunday. Ah the lucky few. LMAO Play LIke A Jet. HeHeHeHe
  4. Let me speak in language you might understand. I hope they run a reverse on Cromartie's side and Vollmer just clocks him into next week. Maybe then he will think he is still playing next week instead of sitting on his couch watching the game.
  5. Yall are so clueless and jealous. Have you ever heard a Welker press conference before? Probably not because if you did then you would realize the "put your best foot forward" is like Rex's "and stuff like that" or whatever it is that he always says. As for the rest of it I thought it was HILARIUS. Maybe he should have said **** CRomartie and "I hate that FN Edwards and his bushleague showboating" yea I mean the Dougie or whatever the hell that loser does in the endzone. Then you would all respect him eh?
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