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  1. So am I....... I just have a low threshhold for bloviating BS artists. Especially when they refuse to acknowledge their team's shortcomings while jealously dissing the AFC SB representative.
  2. If Curtis Martin is smart, he'll go in as a Patriot. Then he'll be remembered as a one time member of a team which had won 3 SBs during his career....even if he wasn't part of them.....rather than a loser organization who hasn t won a SB in almost 50 years...!
  3. Look for him (Silvestro) on Special Teams, filling in Gronkowski's usual spot, lamebrain..!
  4. LOL.... It's not surprising that anyone who's avatar is an image of the Big Bloviator himself, would put together such an ignorant comment. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid and believing that the Jests are heading in the right direction..!
  5. Just a hunch, but I bet you actually thought the Jests were SB bound....I mean, didn't Rex guarantee it, so why not..! Yet they finshed at what...8-8 or 9-7... I forget already, so memorable was their SB season..! Anyways, with those powers of prognostication, shouldn't you be posting about something, anything, other than predicting winners and losers..?
  6. I actually hate the Ginas more than the Jests, but as far as ignorant trash talking MFers go, I'd say it was pretty close. Though I do agree with the OP....Rex takes it to a whole new level. I wonder if Woody has sat him down yet and explained the 'problem' in terms Rex can understand..? If not, I would suggest one final approach, and just tell Rex "STFU and just coach..!"
  7. Actually, the really sad thing is that you fans believed The Round Mound of Sound.....and thought your team was going to the SB...! I tried to alert the fans over on the real Jets' Forum early this past season that their wasn't going to be any AFC East title in the Jets future, any time soon. In 2010, i said, the Jets lost the Division by three games, and comparing the additions and subtractions to both teams' roster, they could figure on sliding backwards from that 3 game difference..! I was derided as an idiot, of course. How'd all thst work out...?
  8. What...? You don't think Rex is skating on thin ice..?
  9. What do you think...? Miss the game where BB and Brady make history...? Yeah, right.
  10. Hey, it's a tough game, for tough guys. Underwood understands that.....even if you don't. Sometimes moves have to be made to help the team, and in the biggest game of the season, that's especially true. TU wasn't going to play anyway....You DO understand that, don't you..? I'm sure he did..! So he gets a free ticket to watch the game, and an opportunity to come back next season. Big freakin' deal. In case nobody clued you people from NY in.....Ocho is going to play the game of his life...finally....and help the Pats cruise. Also, look for big Vince Wilfork, coming out
  11. Manning to the Cowboys.....Romo to Jets, maybe. Jerry Jones has about had it with Romo. If Manning is available (likely), he will get in the hunt. Money no object for Jones, plus that brand new INDOOR venue....perfect for Stat Boy to run up his numbers. Will have to move Romo, and NY is Tony's kind of town.
  12. That in itself ought to tell you that he employs illegal tactics to accomplish his goals. Nobody is so "awesome" without holding and tugging. He's good, but he also gets some assistance with his tactics and the refs who seem to turn a blind eye to it, in general, rather than try to keep the game pure. Jets, as much as any other team, seems to coach their players to get that physical, knowing that the Refs won't call it on every play. That doesn't mean it doesn't occur on every play, though...just like the OL holding that only gets called a fraction of the time.
  13. Yes, & No. I've noticed that after he has been called for PI or holding, which he does on virtually every play (Jersey tug is his specialty), he backs off and doesn't hold for a couple of plays. That's when he gets fried, or at least, is at his worst. That could be what you are noticing too. It happened once against NE, where he was flagged and the next play he backed off for an easy completion t o Branch, I believe. He was flagged twice against SD or Buffalo, I can't recall, and after one of them, he got torched two times in a row. Now, I'm not going to claim Revis is th
  14. My personal favorite, from the NJJets.com "Jets will be going to the Super Bowl...!!" And they'll be sitting in Section 117..!
  15. I know the truth sometimes hurts.....but instead of being a dick, why don't you tell us where you disagree. And if not today, by the end of this season, 90 percent of Jets fans in America will probably agree with me.
  16. IMHO, his problems have NOTHING to do with his mechanics or his arm..! The problem is his head.
  17. Sanchez's biggest problem is he scared shatless.....not of the 350 lb DLmen bearing down on him every dropback, but of FAILING. Failing to live up to hype that big-mouth Ryan has burdened him with...! Way to go Rex.... you are reaping what you sowed, and have screwed the Jets' avid, fanatical, and loyal fans, six ways to Sunday..! I feel for all of you. I couldn't take it if my favorite team was coached by such a slow-witted clown. Someone....PLEASE tell Rex that you brag up your players and your organization AFTER Roger Goodell or whoever, hands you the Lombardi. Not before the st
  18. If McElroy hadn't gotten injured, he'd be next weeks starter, I believe. Watching him in preseason, I came to the conclusion that he is more poised even as a rookie than Sanchez is now and could win the starting job. I was dissed unmercifully on another jets forum for having the audacity to question Sanchez or Ryan's insufferable, overblown evaluation of his QB's worth.
  19. No...I think Peyton Manning threw more than that last year alone...! So, I guess you Homers can now proudly claim that "Sanchez is in Manning's class..!"
  20. Let me not to the marriage of true minds Admit impediments. Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends with the remover to remove: O no! it is an ever-fixed mark That looks on tempests and is never shaken; It is the star to every wandering bark, Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken. Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks Within his bending sickle's compass come: Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, But bears it out even to the edge of doom. If this be error and upon me proved, I never writ, nor no man
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