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  1. No, he was fighting. I simply asked him to explain something. He flipped out. Then I trolled him. Make no mistake though, there was nothing to dispute. I love how hard he tries, but when he gets obstinate and hypocritical about personal stuff, I write him off as an asset and troll him. IDGAF, frankly.
  2. Smash was letting the Arsis claim ride. I mean, “SMC let me choose an alignment”? Guys. Shame on all of you. Stash wanted to lynch you. Eventually he’d have wanted to lynch/shoot me. The right thing happened. His noise and insistence that he get his way, rather than collaboration, was making it harder than it needed to be. It’s cool, I’ve been that guy many times. Sometimes you have to put a townie down. Instead of his weird post-game case to try and prove he didn’t go emo, he should be saying good game and happy his team won. Play nice with the other kids.
  3. Precisely why bringing me in to close was necessary. Smash was foaming at the mouth and directing traffic. Let’s face it, he went emo because it was time for him to go emo. It happens EVERY game.
  4. Dude, pac is the only person who cares about game length.
  5. You know what, buddy. **** it. You can convince yourself of whatever you need to. I don’t care. It’s pretty clear what actually happened. By responding to your nonsense all I’m doing is vindicating your bullsh*t. See you around. But actually, ignore feature please. My kids aren’t this exhausting with their emotions.
  6. I didn’t do anything out of anger. Just because you’re a combustible basket case of juvenile emotion, doesn’t mean we all are. I had my vote on Nyn when your meltdown began. I voted you and moved off you as I was getting settled in. I did a big re-read, even though I didn’t care, and had to sort out the known variables. Longest game I’ve seen on JN, and I cane in at the 11th hour. I deferred to those that were more invested out of respect for their time, but also because I wasn’t settled yet. I knew 80 was scum back in D1. In was trying to discern between jville and drums. Guessing jvill was scum, I voted him in hopes he’d NK me and die. He did. I was only in the game for a day or so, and would not have let 80 avoid lynch, but had the foresight to go after the next scum. At one point you cited logic. It wasn’t logic, it was smash nonsense. I asked you politely to explain. I didn’t understand. You have been bugging the **** out since. I was playing to win. You were on a tirade and spewing. Now you’re doing damage control with this revisionist history bull. Try shutting up and moving on. What the ever loving **** are you talking about? You’re so goddamn warped that you think this is reality? I was busy trying to win. You were acting like a jag off. I will always vote anyone who calls something nonsensical ‘logic’. I had my bearings. I saw the endgame, but your erratic reasoning was why I voted you. Why would I get emo in a game I just joined you delusional freak show? You don’t have the chops to make me angry. I think you need help, honestly. I’m mean, because it’s the easiest way to dispatch your constant ebb/flow oif emo. Do me a favor, shut up and put me in ignore if you’re going to continue this postgame puke fest.
  7. You were a lost puppy all game long, what are you talking about?
  8. It's okay, we combined to be the MVP. Without us, jville doesn't shoot his own face off. Smash derails the town into emo bolivian, and Arsis takes Pac into killing Hess. We, effectively saved the town... don't let anyone tell you otherwise, either.
  9. Top ten games played. I’ve only moderated 3. You’re interpreting it like something you’re big boned ass would say.
  10. Um, you and the other numbnuts thought of this, not me.
  11. @Pacpandering for props as a mod, after an incredibly modded game. The insecurity jokes write themselves. Also, none of Pacs games even come close to my top ten.
  12. All this, because I asked you to explain some logic. I am most definitely the problem.
  13. Voting you. Either way, I thought it was strategery. Glad it was the lolz instead.
  14. It was a great game. I’m grateful you gave me a shot to come back in and be helpful. My first go was bad timing. I couldn’t keep up. Plus, the whole Dandie/Ape thing was tiresome. Thanks @The Crusher.
  15. Do you know what the words ‘infuriated’ and ‘pissed off’ mean?
  16. Yea, I love this wrinkle. Last night after I logged off I realized how much it was being over thought with Arsis. Conventional simply means town vs non-town. No way his alignment would change, like I said tree day it messes up balance. So, for A guy who didn’t care I baited the last cavalry number Into shooting. Then, I stifled the emo fool who could have derailed us, then provided the logic to lynch the final non town whose claim had been working until I arrived. GFY
  17. How smash thinks he impacts game: How he actually impacts game:
  18. I baited him pretty good there, eh? For someone that didn’t care.
  19. Jeez, spare us all the ******* emo. For **** sake.
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