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  1. A lot of arts, crafts, fort building, teaching moments, and cocaine. Mostly cocaine.
  2. I am with my children 16 hours a day. YOU COME ON MAN
  3. Tell me what to do. You’ve prolly read more than me!
  4. Alright folks, I don't have much invested here, so - vote smash
  5. I just discovered this, by accident. AFTER re-reading all SMC. sh*t The only way I can think of to quote is to follow the share this post in the 2nd screen capture
  6. Dude, if I pause the Pac trolling - and give you some realtalk. I came into the game where Smash was grandstanding to get 80 lynched. Felt like he was more clairvoyant than usual. Like the way the game becomes easier to see when you're 3rd party and can clearly see town vs. scum, with yourself a step removed.
  7. I could have been here 14 days, and you wouldn't have hammered him... you're the twat that cried wolf.
  8. Alright, well I've read through all of @SMC's scenes.... Several of them reference a "hooded justice impostor", but then there is one scene where it contemplates that it could really be him, or not, and after that point HJ is no longer referenced as impostor. So, with Smash claiming to be HJ, and the fact there are no more Kavalry in the game. I think the pragmatic thing to do is lynch the other killing role - to rule out SK. Other thoughts: I'm stuck on Veigt as 3rd party, because that's what I'd have done - this is not good form for play though - that said, I
  9. So, basically you can vote whoever we run up for you?
  10. Can you explain what you mean by conventional mafia? Thanks.
  11. Oy. Hard to piece all of this together when I've missed all the effin claiming, etc.
  12. Smash claimed the vig attempt that failed? Because that was by a FAKE hooded justice. Not the real one. If smash is claiming that one, then he's lying. Read the scene.
  13. This reads as though both an alliance formed: my guess here is that Trieu and Hooded Justice would have to band together and/or the exchange of goods was part of that connection. I dunno. Too easy to infer the wrong thing. Was there any significance to the person being "pulled out of the way"? It implies someone else protected the target.
  14. Actually, this scene reads as though there was a vig attempt BY Crusher, it failed, and then he was NKed on the same night.
  15. I'm doing a bit of a re-read. To be clear, nobody has claimed this vigilante attempt?
  16. Sorry guys, I barely read my first incarnation and am just jumping in. What are the claims and characters so far, please?
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